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J360 Jams#53: Fall Hijinks Voyage

The Party of All Parties is back for the 53rd tour! This time we’re saying goodbye to Summer and breaking out all of the Fall festivities.  Our line up of songs is pretty nifty and around the 40 track marking so this is going to be an amazing evening 

However keep in mind we’re on the cusp of the J360 Monster Fest, and it could be roaring itself through the episode as we speak. 

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Chorus1986You’ve got company
Chorus1986Lost Time
Jetfire PrimeFirst Swim
Jetfire PrimePool Cleaner
Georama, Wild EllieCosmos
Melanie S Jane2 Higher Lands
Melanie S JaneWas it a dream?
Montse TorresNeon Nights
Montse Torres ft. Juan SaurinSunset Road
Night Rider 87Among The Stars
Night Rider 87Digital Battleground
BlastpastRacer X
BlastpastCasa Cristo
Rogue FXWe Belong (Face To Face)
Rogue FXDon’t Talk To Strangers
Spaceman1981Drive Into The Sunset
Spaceman1981 ft. Torry KudrayvayaStrangers In The Night
Maestro EternalNecropolis
Maestro Eternal And Vengeance is Forever
LazerhawkNeuer Tag
NargathrondStrange Situation
NargathrondBloody Playground
Electron OdysseyMach 20
Electron OdysseyTurbocharged
FirkensteinIs It Just The Wind?
FirkensteinBleeding In The Woods
Ex-HyenaSight Unseen
Driver86 ft. Olivia ZulkeDust in Slow Motion
Driver86 ft. Olivia ZulkeThe Lost Signal
Daniel AdamThe Rain
Daniel AdamThe Night Stalker
Drop Beat EmpireMy World
Drop Beat EmpireAftermath
Ardenite End Of The World
ArdeniteFlowers Don’t Care
Celestial Molliwop Val’Thery’al
Celestial MolliwopSevvven

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The J-Man Show#266: Eggshells

This week J-Man talks opinions, false ideologues, idolization and how dangerous it can be.

He will also respond to a few things on the net about “Getting a job” and so much more while also pointing out while it is a good thing to get a job, sometimes you gotta factor to see how things work for you in the long run and to always be looking for new opportunities.

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J360 Jams#50: Jammaversary Finale Megamix

Here it is the episode to end Jammaversary, and close out season 2.

We’re holding back no expense on this episode as the JamFam and J-Man are rocking away the festivities. It’s been a terrific two years and we couldn’t have made it this far without the music, the moods, and you!

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FirkensteinStumbling round’ the block
FirkensteinTied Together by Time and Fear
BlastpastRacer X
BlastpastCasa Cristo
Iyes KeenVenom (Stuck In Space Version)
Iyes KeenEntanglement
Mike TemplarFar Away
Mike TemplarDreamwave
Fluvio Colasanto ft. Magenta SoulstarReach For Love
Fluvio Colasanto ft. Magenta SoulstarPsycho Beat
ItstheDreamChaserResurgence Of Hope
ItsTheDreamChaserLife Consumed
ArdeniteEnd Of The World
ArdeniteFlowers Don’t Care
Amethyst RainFly and Smile
Amethyst RainElectricity
OdderRandom Access
Resin SunNo Love
Resin SunHome
MikeXFmThe Prisma Advent
Montse TorresSynthetic Dreams
Montse TorresOrion
Neon Sweatsuit Tsunami
Neon Sweatsuit Battle Royale
Final ShiftDeath’s Very Emmisary
Final ShiftThe Corrupted Advance
KMXVIIEntrance to Nowhere
SpaceforceWatcher Of The Skies
SpaceforceRobot Love
Drop Beat EmpireForgotten
Drop Beat EmpireThe New Start
Love LazerNeon Lovers
Love LazerDark City
Summer Of MoonsDon’t Go
Summer Of MoonsCome Back to Me
Summer SleepHighest Hopes
Summer SleepAngel and Birds
WarpSektor It Is What It Is
WarpSektorGlimpse The Infinite
YuKnoWatt ft. ThreadMillLuxure
YuKnoWattFrom The Ashes
ZXSPFrom The Depths of Memory
ZXSP ft. Rob MooreUbertakten
LazerKrowNeuer Tag
Captain Ghostnote Ft. XandergeeG-Force
Captain Ghostnote Ft. XandergeeShimmer

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J360 JamsTV#1: Pilot Episode

J360 Jams has finally landed on YouTube! This countdown show will feature top 10 tracks and bring the Jammaversary greatness in a new medium for J360 TV. If you love who you’re listening to tonight, feel free to check the link under the artist’s name.

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Iyes KeenMoloch
Resin SunHome
SpaceforceRobot Love
ArdeniteFlowers Don’t Care
Precog ZeroWhen’s The Witches Sabbath
Elevate The Sky Ft. Dana Jane PhoenixThese Walls
Washed IncUndertow
Xelazed & Celina Initialization Complete
Claudia BlackstarLate at Night
Russell Nash (Bonus) Last Chance

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J360 Jams#48: Jammaversary 2022 Showcase

Here it is the first Jams of Jammaversary 2, and the crew is prime to send some more music directly to you. Led by J-Man, this is going to be one party you don’t want to miss and get ready to feel the full effect of the Jam Fam pulsating through the airwaves as they rock the night away.

If you like who you’re hearing tonight, click the artist’s name to see their pages and websites for merch, tour dates, musical releases and more.


Spaceforce ft. Neon Sweatsuit Through the Universe
SpaceforceWatcher Of The Skies
Summer Of MoonsHazy Days
Summer Of MoonsCity Nights
Montse TorresOrion
Montse TorresSynthetic Dreams
Neon SweatsuitPixels Plenty
Neon SweatsuitMicro Magic
Washed IncRed Eye
SpaceForce X Moosifer Champango x Washed IncMosh Bit
Nakatomi FreefallHurricane Girl
Nakatomi FreefallCan’t Stop
Claudia BlackstarFrom Shadows
Claudia BlackstarLate at Night
Vic KrugerMerciless Blade
Vic KrugerTomb Of The Pharaoh
Star Madman & EulalieSick House
Star Madman The Channel
ItsTheDreamChaserWe were once Prisoners of Earth
ItsTheDreamChaserNo More Human Volatility
FirkensteinBefore You Were Born and After You Die
FirkensteinSwimming through Pipes
GrandBlasterTop Down
Dimi KayeOnly The Strong
Dimi KayeViral Vector
Jetfire PrimeSundae Daydream
Jetfire PrimeMoon Lite
Xelazed & CelinaInitialization Complete
Jonny FalloutThe Pain and The Love (Forgotten)
Jonny FalloutI don’t want to be in love (Heartbreak)
ArdeniteEnd Of The World
ArdeniteFlowers Don’t Care
WarpSektorClown Town
WarpSektorEscape Velocity

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The J-Man Show#258: The Great Leap Backward

This week J-Man discusses the issues that have been surrounding us from Gun issue, Replacement Theory, and more insanity that seemed to follow us before and after 2 years of Lockdown.
He will also explain how the irony isn’t helping the cause and it’s in-fact making things worse not too mention other micro-triggers that have exploded into bigger issues but something must be done.

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J360 Jams#45: Blazing Blue Comeback

Hey it’s been at least 3 weeks but rest assured the small hiatus is no more!
It’s time for another lightning round of hits from the Jam Fam for another Party of all parties!

Tonight, we will be listening to at least 32 tracks and of course some wild insight from J-Man himself. This should be an excellent return to form because J360 Jams is back in full effect.

Note: If you like who you’re listening to tonight, please check out the links below the artist name as to Support their music by buying their merch or discography. More money = more magic and don’t forget to continue to listen to J360 Radio!!

All proceeds from Spaceforce’s music is going towards Mental Health Awareness:


AerowolfHigh Phi
Elevate The Sky Ascend
Elevate The Sky Race Against Time 2.0
Summer SleepKolkata Beach
Summer SleepNight Train
Firkenstein Streetwise
Firkenstein Undermine The Brainwaves
Second SolsticeUltima
Second SolsticeLingering Radiance
Jonny FalloutHuman (Logic)
Jonny FalloutIn The Midnight Air (Future Self Remix)
Topher False Gods
Topher Chaos
Neon SweatsuitCube Crisis
Neon SweatsuitFour
Melanie S JaneIf You need It
Melanie S JaneHigher Lands
SpaceforceRobot Love
SpaceforceRecord of a Spaceborn ( 8-Bit Version)
Kim LightyearDino
Kim LightyearHide and Seek
Thread Mill Retrace
Thread Mill Silence
Celestial Molliwop and Dark83The Swarm
Celestial Molliwop and Dark83Detatched
Toxxic ProjectMajestic
Toxxic ProjectSignals
WarpsektorSeparate Ways (Journey Cover)
Electric SolMy People
Electric SolLucky Day

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The J-Man Show#252: NFG or GTB

This week J-Man discusses building opportunities and running the race. He will mention why NFG is necessary especially when using GTB or going after what you want. Sometimes it can lead to making things count and gaining growth. He will also mention why you need control over it or sometimes it could backfire on you especially if you don’t check yourself.

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The J360 MiniBytes#128: You’re up to you

J-Man starts off the new week by reminding everyone that you’re capable of a lot but don’t expect it to be easy and it’s ok to ignore Celebrities while trying to reach for your gold. It’s also important to never tell your secrets all at once either.

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