The J360 MiniBytes#163: Flawed Requests

This week J-Man discusses handling some unfinished business with the J360 PowerPlay, The importance of Alternative Schedules, and cutting off requests from people who don’t understand protocol.

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The J360 MiniBytes#161: Still Upgrading

This week we’re running with the Alt.schedule, and there’s a good reason why. This week will still be filled with new activities and adventures while J-Man speaks about football fandumb, video game adaptations, and reviving some things for 2025.

Not too mention, hello February!

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Project Conference#1: Interview with Joe Moffett

While getting things prepared for a whole new series, J-Man decides to start with someone who really lives for the art of comedy, and is a content creator in his own right. The legendary Boss of Comedy himself, Joe Moffett! Come sit back and listen to wise words of wisdom and more as the two discuss careers, banter about football and you can learn how hard yet rewarding it is to be a comedian if you do it well.

Get in touch with Joe Moffett by (his site)

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Jam Fam Projects: SpaceForce End Of The Year Concert.

Caught up at Midnight hour, come and join us 8:00 PM EST twitch. End-of-year music event with Spaceforce and friends. Unleash you inner Rockstar with us as we celebrate the last party of 2022 together!

J360 Radio: Albums Of The Year 2022

Happy New Years Eve Everybody, as you’re getting ready to party and live it up while bringing in the new. We at J360 Productions are showcasing a spotlight on albums made by the Jam Fam throughout the year.

These are at least 10 albums that stood out to us this year and while not everyone in the fam has made the cut they’ve still made some pretty cool things too. So don’t be discouraged in making your art from this year to the next ones and beyond.

We’ve attached each album from the bandcamp pages of each respective artist, so if you like who you’re hearing please check them out.

It’s been a spectacular year, and we’re grateful to have shared it (and this posting) with so many people. It will only get better as we make an impact in 2023.

Happy New Years Everybody!!!

The J360 MiniBytes#156: Anticipation 2023

This time J-Man takes a bit of soul searching, discusses years end, and tries to roll out some new endeavors for 2023.

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The J-Man Show#277: Hour Long Nightmare Tales Special

It’s the fifth week of Monster Fest, and J-Man is bringing along an hour’s worth of Nightmare Tales. We will find out what sound waves can trigger monsters, what the devil within can cause you to do, how the most precious moment in your life can be your last, and finally how we the artists can make all of our innermost dreams and demons real.

Let’s make the fifth week of greatness count!!!

Hopefully the stories won’t be too scary as J-Man’s brand of humor usually offsets the tales.

Coming Up Short
By Charles Welch

100% Unfiltered Nightmare Fuel
By Tom Russell

A Trick Of The Light: Short Horror Stories (Nightmare Fuel)
By William Stuart

Amazon link:

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SOTA: Doctor Havoc

The Tecmo Bowl of telecommunication collaborations is back and there’s some things to discuss. Racial profiling in entertainment, STD spike in LA, cultural compliments, the Facebook scandal (another one), IG FOMO going global and a spoiler free Review of Venom: Let there Be Carnage. Hot takes abound to say the least, but please remember, these are just jokes and the crew is here to make you laugh… and think…? Nah, just laugh we hope.  Note: The views expressed are for satire purposes and comedic in nature. So just sit back and enjoy a good unfiltered laugh. You deserve it.

Note: The views expressed are for satire purposes and comedic in nature. So just sit back and enjoy a good unfiltered laugh. You deserve it.

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Moosifer: @Moosif3r
Mr. your moms Favorite/Washed Inc: Awfl Productions

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J360 One-Shots: Frightful Refrains Listening Party

Welcome to a Monster Fest special event to celebrate the release of Frightful Refrains, a special compilation album featuring the best music around the world focusing on the best time of the year known as Halloween. Sit back as the hosts J-Man and Firkenstein entertain you with groove awesome sounds throughout the entire night.

Jetfire PrimeScream Queen
FirkensteinVandalized Memory
VHS NightmaresThey’re Coming To Get You
ClaytronicLeave Something Witchy
CakeheadA Campfire Story
AerowolfZombie Shuffle
Black Snow on ChristmasSuicide Squats Feat. The Liar Choir
Daniel AdamBaying For Blood
Inhuman GenomeTale Of The Eternal Sea: Invitation
Washed IncVZK.INST.O.22
FirkensteinI wanna eat your brain
Ryan J. SmithI GOT(T)A Rock
LXNR & KawakuroTrick or Treat
Neon SweatsuitThe Haunting Of Spooky Manor
Graeme ThurmanCoffin Up
Myths and MonstersCecaelia
Hans KammererCandle Grey
Claudia BlackstarFrom Shadows
Sign of Crows & Star MadmanDark Side
Night Sky Body Ash Spirit
Fictional UniverseBackrooms
Inhuman GenomeTales Of The Eternal Sea: The Stranding
FirkensteinPast the Periphery
Inside The Albatross FactoryLittle Green Men
SpaceforceTenebris Intus
Sinitus TempoOpen The Hell Gates
Stric9visionTable for Two
Vulgate EmpressA Cold Hand
Summer of MoonsHaunt Me
Ana Oaks feat. FirkensteinLet Go
Claudia BlackstarMirage
Daniel Adam The Night Stalker
DozibrionThe Starmakr

You can purchase the album here:

Executive Producer – Firkenstein

Frightful Refrains (2022)

Special shoutouts and thank you to all artists involved and for Firkenstein in putting all of this together. 

Stand by for more in the J360 One-Shots Category

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