The J360 MiniBytes#102: Event Shuffle

This week J discusses some adjustments to the event schedule, and where the official community outpost for J360 Productions will be located. He will also discuss what this week’s lineup looks like.

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The J360 MiniBytes#97: Jammaversary End

This week J-Man discusses the plan for the last remaining days of the Jammaversary event, his plans for Jams season 2, and the J360 PowerPlay’s repackaging.

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Episode 98 is postponed until tomorrow at 8pm.

Hey J360 Legion, this is J.

Episode 98 of The J-Man Show will land this Thursday night at 8pm instead of Tonight. Life got in the way again but it’ll be worth the wait because we’re going to look into the original superhero genre of filmmaking. There were much more larger than life heroes that would battle creatures and men 2x their size and still try to get scandalously clad babes into their clutches.

That’s right! We will be looking into the Sword and Sorcery genre.

We’ll also be recording this episode live so you can come by to listen and send some messages through the chat box if you want to.

In the meantime, you check out the previous J-Man Show Episodes via the listing below.

Been awhile J360 Legion

Hey J360 Legion

It feels good to be back on the site again, I took some time off and was busy working on the next developments for J360 Radio, and J360 TV.   Like many things it’s been a process getting everything exactly where I would like it to be but since this has been the third year of J360 Radio.  I would like to let you know of some things that are going to remain permanent.

The official home of J360 Radio is on but you can hear it via different outlets like Google Podcasts (Google Play Music), Apple Podcasts (ITunes), and RadioPublic, Pocketcasts, and more.

You can check out all of our links listed here as well, and please help us by leaving reviews or subscribing to us on our various platforms.  They will all be updated often and contain the latest episode that is being produced.  Plenty of Episodes will be embedded here on our website

Now J360 TV will happen around the spring/summer season and has the J360 PowerPlay leading that division. Stay tuned for more results by checking our YouTube channel here.

Another feature that I’m bringing back to the website will be the Song Of The Day/Night and movie talks.  We have a lot to discuss since the long hiatus and I’m very glad to be bringing this content to your attention once more.   We got 10 more months in 2019 and we’re going to make them all count .

J360 Programming Update 03/21/17

Hey J360 Legion

I apologize for the muteness around J360 Productions lately.

I’m still working on the format of another J360 Property, and I am ironing out a few bugs in the works but you’re still getting content this week so here’s your alternative schedule.

Wednesday at 9pm: J360 Live#15
Thursday at 7pm: The J-Man Show Episode 17
Friday at 9pm: J360 Live#16

Believe me this new series is going to be pretty good, and it’s best I get it out of the way cause it will be on the J360 YT. Plus I’m also doing some maintenance on the J360 Channel right now as we speak to streamline a few things and keep things orderly.  So pretty much everything around here is maintenance week but it’ll be worth the wait and you are still getting great content.


The Retro Saga Update: A PowerPlay Story

It’s been awhile since my PlayStation 3 went kaput and to be honest I’m not missing it that badly.

The mission for the 2016 PowerPlay has been about going back in time to play PlayStation 2,  and encountering some of the old franchises that didn’t make into the seventh or eight generations. Franchises like Onimusha, Genji,  and Armored Core 3 have called me back and feel just as challenging as day 1.

Armored Core 3.jpgNot only does it feel great to play these classics again but by using my HD component cable, the visuals are still pretty neat on a PlayStation 2.

That is once your eyes adjust to the content being shown in 240 or 480p as it is being modified to an HD display, and again for a PowerPlay episode.

There have been a few times I had to adjust to old school gaming such as loading times and using external memory cards.  It goes to show how spoiled we can be when new technology came into the gaming market. So retro-gaming helps to relearn how far we’ve come and appreciate the hardware evolution. Regardless of the PS3 failure, going this route for the PowerPlay’s 2nd season is something I had in the books for awhile.

I’ve searched through my storage and found all of my Final Fantasy copies from My PS1 collection and FFX through FFXII so i’m pretty content if I’m to show you the RPG genres.  I also have plenty of fighters/Arcade collections from Capcom, SNK, and Sega. Just in case I need to grab some more material there’s always plenty of flea markets around I can visit.

I know in recent news, there are re-releases coming for some of these games (FFXII is supposed to get one for PS4) but right now it doesn’t matter, and plus you’ll see some of these original versions during this PowerPlay season. Similar to how the Cyclone has an print media feature, the J360 PowerPlay has one too, and believe it or not, you have seen examples of it as we’re growing our website.

Far as the YouTube series goes, wait until you get a load of the game after Genji, It won’t be something to miss. I know we have had a lot plot points to get through with Eps.31 through 34 but from Ep.35 and onwards, I think we’ll be able to defeat the Evil Samurai and bring peace back to war-torn Kyoto before I move onto the next adventure.

Have any questions about the PowerPlay’s progress?

Please feel free to leave a comment or talk at the twitter: @j360productions

The J360 PowerPlay#35 will be active by Thursday 10/06/16 at 5pm eastern.

J360 Reconstruction mission 2016-2017

Hello, J360 Legion! I’m preparing the PowerPlay series for its debut next month.

So far I have the systems prepared, and the material lined up with the new introduction.

In a way this 2nd series is being crafted along with the new direction I’m taking the brand. This rebranding  is being done with the other J360 series as well. Everything is in the process of being remade, and fortified just like when we made our move to WordPress. Some series won’t be returning this year but who knows what can happen down the road as we’re move from 2016 into 2017.J360 Series Box Art - JBrady.jpgFar as live presentations, I mentioned in March that we were going to start streaming our game plays on  Unfortunately we ran into some tech problems and scheduling issues, so it was a no-go this spring/summer season. There is hope in this however as we’re working on a format and testing out different functions for the twitch channel.   We’re also going to try to work on more viewer engagement as we get rolling and that includes something for facebook as well.

So you’ll have plenty to look forward to as we experiment with everything but until then we thank you for your patience as we rebuild.