J360 Monster Fest ratings!!!

The J360 MiniBytes#145: MonsterFest 22 is Coming

It’s almost time for the 2022 J360 Monster Fest, so J-Man is recapping what happened this past week and where we’re going so far to prep for the biggest J360 Event. He will also discuss Jams#53 and provide a call to action for all Musicians that want to take part in it, along with special projects taking place in the Monster Fest as well cause it’s not just J360 Radio this time.

J360TV will also be playing a role as well.

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The J-Man Show#268: Communication Issues (Lost Episode)

The following is a lost episode, it took place between 267 and 269 but it was just never aired so we’re picking up the slack and placing it right where it needs to be. – J

J-Man discusses Communication Issues, Being more Confident and Assertive, along with trying to figure how who the hell is making these new social rules? He will also discuss popular quotes he doesn’t agree with, not being too nice, and also having an issue with people who try to undermine how important Communication is.

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J360 JamsTV#1: Pilot Episode

J360 Jams has finally landed on YouTube! This countdown show will feature top 10 tracks and bring the Jammaversary greatness in a new medium for J360 TV. If you love who you’re listening to tonight, feel free to check the link under the artist’s name.

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Iyes KeenMoloch
Resin SunHome
SpaceforceRobot Love
ArdeniteFlowers Don’t Care
Precog ZeroWhen’s The Witches Sabbath
Elevate The Sky Ft. Dana Jane PhoenixThese Walls
Washed IncUndertow
Xelazed & Celina Initialization Complete
Claudia BlackstarLate at Night
Russell Nash (Bonus) Last Chance

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The J360 MiniBytes#133: R&D Month

Hey all! Happy Star Wars Day

This time on the MiniBytes, J-Man describes R&D Month and what that entails for the J360 Legion and the shows as a whole. It’s also Star Wars Day so J-Man will also show his appreciation for one of the greatest stories told for all time.

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The J360 MiniBytes#123: Valentines Upgrades

This week J-Man returns to the MiniBytes discusses the growth of the J360 programming. Where does The PowerPlay fit? And what will be the schedule from here?

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The J-Man Show#238: Withdrawal

Welcome to a surprise episode, this time J-Man discusses Celebrity withdrawal. From Joe Rogan to musicians withdrawing from spotify, people’s cancelation high, and how celebrities seemed to ruin the indie process. He will also talk about how Podcasting isn’t the problem and how if you’re in this, keep going and be about the art instead of the fame b/s.

He will also discuss The J360 Powerplay Marathon that had taken place and it’s reasoning.

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The J360 PowerPlay#29: Samurai DemonSlayer

The J-Man returns to the PowerPlay to battle against Demons and the Undead using the power of the Oni.

Let’s kick ass and have a good laugh tonight on the J360 PowerPlay!

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The J360 Mystery Box#1 (10/14/2021)

Step right up, Step right up!
Here is the J360 Mystery Box to decide what we’ll do tonight.

It’s a 1 out of 4 chance, tonight’s content could be an additional MiniByte, PowerPlay, or J-Man episode and then it could be nothing at all.

Let’s see what fate will decide for us.

Song: Carlsbad- Morbes

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Monster Fest Rating: Wishmaster 4/ The Prophecy Fulfilled

Monster Fest Rating: Wishmaster 4/The Prophecy Fullfilled

The Djinn’s back for a fourth time, and acquires the long awaited third wish but he falls in love with the main character instead of doing his job to add on more film time.

You can tell they had no idea where to go so instead of the Prophecy being fulfilled try declined.

I could say this movie was more insulting than Wishmaster 3 but at least this one has a Rating for  trying to build something but then gives it up after 40 minutes.

Btw you could make a drinking game out of how many times everyone says “sex” in the film, and pay attention as the Djinn seeks out love advice for the next two acts of the movie.

It could have been done in a clever way but…not if you’re lazy.

This film isn’t worth any more of my efforts.

1 Bloody Knuckle.