J360 Jams#53: Fall Hijinks Voyage

The Party of All Parties is back for the 53rd tour! This time we’re saying goodbye to Summer and breaking out all of the Fall festivities.  Our line up of songs is pretty nifty and around the 40 track marking so this is going to be an amazing evening 

However keep in mind we’re on the cusp of the J360 Monster Fest, and it could be roaring itself through the episode as we speak. 

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Chorus1986You’ve got company
Chorus1986Lost Time
Jetfire PrimeFirst Swim
Jetfire PrimePool Cleaner
Georama, Wild EllieCosmos
Melanie S Jane2 Higher Lands
Melanie S JaneWas it a dream?
Montse TorresNeon Nights
Montse Torres ft. Juan SaurinSunset Road
Night Rider 87Among The Stars
Night Rider 87Digital Battleground
BlastpastRacer X
BlastpastCasa Cristo
Rogue FXWe Belong (Face To Face)
Rogue FXDon’t Talk To Strangers
Spaceman1981Drive Into The Sunset
Spaceman1981 ft. Torry KudrayvayaStrangers In The Night
Maestro EternalNecropolis
Maestro Eternal And Vengeance is Forever
LazerhawkNeuer Tag
NargathrondStrange Situation
NargathrondBloody Playground
Electron OdysseyMach 20
Electron OdysseyTurbocharged
FirkensteinIs It Just The Wind?
FirkensteinBleeding In The Woods
Ex-HyenaSight Unseen
Driver86 ft. Olivia ZulkeDust in Slow Motion
Driver86 ft. Olivia ZulkeThe Lost Signal
Daniel AdamThe Rain
Daniel AdamThe Night Stalker
Drop Beat EmpireMy World
Drop Beat EmpireAftermath
Ardenite End Of The World
ArdeniteFlowers Don’t Care
Celestial Molliwop Val’Thery’al
Celestial MolliwopSevvven

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The J-Man Show#269: Let The Art Sell

This time J-Man takes the show on the road as he’s testing out the portable mode again. He will discuss The Little Mermaid, Disney Live Action films, the fight for an independent thought, and why words have meaning if you use em right.
Keep the opinions in check until the show premieres.

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J360 Jams TV#3: Blue Light Special

Fridays still belong to Jams as the JamsTV Special takes center stage once again featuring 10 music videos by wonderful creators worldwide and hosted by J-Man for a fantastic night.

Come enjoy yourself and experience the greatness of Jams for a third time. Show your love and support to all the artists by checking their name for more information, merch, tour dates, and of course music.

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Drop Beat Empire – The New Start

Chipriann ft. Ardenite – Wake Up

Rogue FX – Retrobution

MikeXFM – Weird Specie

Summer Sleep – Punching In a Dream

Amethyst Rain – The Rains of Castamere (Synth Cover)

Spaceforce & Chasing Neptune – Rainbow Sky

Chasing Neptune: https://open.spotify.com/artist/7jbVt1ZWXi1x8Rdg5yWmET

Ex-Hyena – Capture The Stills

Claudia Blackstar – Mirage

Firkenstein – Before You Were and After You Die

Mike Templar – Black Lodge (Bonus Video)

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The J-Man Show#262: Top 15 Jammaversary Countdown 3X

It’s time for another Top 15 Countdown for Jammaversary Month, and J-Man is ready to lead the pack. We have a good mix of old and new songs alike from the Jam Fam and it’s going to be one hell of a party to get you ready for the grand arrival of J360 Jams#49.

Come listen, laugh and have a great time.

If you like who you’re hearing tonight, feel free to click the artist’s name to see their work.


Mike TemplerInner Enemy (Bruce Lee Version)
Myths and MonstersEngines of Abundance
Captain Ghostnote & Adri VinchiraNota Fantasma
Sandor GavinDeja Vu
ScarletWhat it’s like to be a beast
SpaceforceRecord Of A Spaceborn
Summer Of MoonsPlayland
Thread MillShadows
Vic KrugerTomb Of The Pharoah
CyberwalkerUnknown Memories
Elevate The Sky & Star MadmanClose To You
MeteorWhat’s Left of Me

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The J-Man Show#257: Secret Top 10 Playlist

This time on the J-Man show, J’s getting ready for Jammaversary II in a big way, he started to gather songs from the Jam Fam to present in a mini party tonight. The following is a wonderful random selection of 10 classics that were heard on j360 Jams and of course some wild antics from the host himself tonight.

If you like who you’re listening to tonight, feel free to check out their links by clicking their names.

Top 10 Secret Playlist

Resin SunCity Of Files
Thread MillHaze
Iyes KeenMoloch
ZXSPLost Highway
Elevate The Sky & Star MadmanClose To You
Final ShiftThe Corrupted Advance
Neon Sweatsuit Double Diamond Deluxe
MikeXFMThe Prisma Advent
Spaceforce Spaceforce Anthem

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The J-Man Show#256: Project Shuffling Madness

This week J-Man discusses why things were a bit late for the show, how Jams#46 will be different, and what sort of other things are happening at the end of the week. Why getting lost in the process is actually part of the fun, and why other content creators need to lighten up about who does what.

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The J-Man Show#249: Person Of The Year

This week J-Man discusses his ideals for Person Of The Year, Redeeming Morbius, more Freelance work, and excitement for Sonic 2 and Dr. Strange 2. He will also say how good it feels to still be an independent creator in addition to working with other people to extend that legendary status.

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The J360 PowerPlay#29: Samurai DemonSlayer

The J-Man returns to the PowerPlay to battle against Demons and the Undead using the power of the Oni.

Let’s kick ass and have a good laugh tonight on the J360 PowerPlay!

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The J360 Hangouts#28: The Brothers Ride Again

This week J-Man teams up with Alan to discuss the football matches from last week, and along with some gaming stuff. The brothers reunite for a funny episode and talk about some of the craziness that surrounds them.

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J360 Jams#40: Grand Megamix

Crossing another Milestone Megamix, The J-Man and the Jam Fam are finally on the Grand 40.  To celebrate how awesome this occasion is there’s at over 50 tracks tonight celebrating the growth of the series thus far, with old favorites and new songs thrown into the mix. 

The party of all parties is celebrating the number 40 in style.

Let the Adventure begin!!!

If you love who you’re hearing tonight, feel free to check out the link by clicking their names.

Panoramic DuoPress Start
Panoramic DuoGlory Hallelujah
Adam Ford, IdeonTokyo City Lights
Adam FordReboot
ZXSPPrime Time
ZXSPSoftware Interface
SpaceForceWaves Of Time
SpaceForceZero Gravity
WarlockTonight We Ride
WarlockDisco Nebula
FirkensteinExigent Business
Omega WaveSpace Waves
Omega WaveWave Runner
Ankh WaveSpinning In The Sky
Ankh WaveJust Love Me
BlastpastHeat Death
Neon SweatsuitSax Maniac!
Neon SweatsuitFuzz In My Pocket
Acid ArcadeBack To Life
Acid ArcadeParadise
Star Madman & ManhattenTerms Of Endearment
Star Madman & ManhattenA Way
Iyes KeenNo Bliss
Iyes KeenMoloch
Final ShiftTime Flies but you’re the Pilot
Final ShiftThe Corrupted Advance
LouversHunt For The Truth
LouversWelcome Home
LavalletteSunset Baby
LavalletteNo Easy Way Out
Melanie S JaneMake The Move
Melanie S JaneCrystal Sounds
Survey ChannelSuper Sun Dissolve
Survey ChannelAahech
Emily ZuzikAlone
SP84 and Emily ZuzikPassion
TopherRed Nova
ResinSunSinking So Fast
AerowolfVoid Walker
WarpsektorSmashing The Future
Chasing NeptuneRepeat
Chasing NeptuneFuture Me
Summer SleepEscaping a Cult
Summer SleepMemories are gone forever
James PedenSpeed of Sound
James PedenProgress
A Dollar UnderwaterIn From The Rain
A Dollar UnderwaterThis is not an Exit

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