The J360 PowerPlay#15: Saturday Showdown!!

Tonight’s Game: Street Fighter 30th Anniversary Collection (XBOX One)

Recorded/Filmed: 02/20/2021

This is the start of a bi-weekly sub series/event for The J360 PowerPlay series featuring J-Man and different gamers battling it through multiple competitive games. We’re starting off the first episode with Street Fighter 30th Anniversary Collection

This particular event also features Washed Inc (Marco), Silent Wolf (SpaceForce), and MoneyShot (Vic)

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The J360 PowerPlay#12: Fight Fire with Fire!

Tonight’s Game: Bioshock 2 (Bioshock The Collection) (PS4)

Without further ado, welcome back to the J360 PowerPlay!

This time J-Man is battling through Ryan Amusements to gain access to Incinerate so he can melt the ice blocking the train. However the Splicers, and the Big Sister will not make this an easy affair. However considering that J-Man’s looking for a fight, this might be a blessing in disguise.

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The J360 PowerPlay#11: Casual B/S

Tonight’s Game: Halo – Master Chief Collection (XBOX One)

On this special PowerPlay episode, J-Man takes a break from Bioshock 2, and tests out a sub series called “Casual B/S” where he and his friends compete in different game modes and talk trash. It’s all about kicking back, relaxing and slaying through Halo MCC on the XBox one.

Joining J-Man on this are his good friends, Washed Inc, MoneyShot, and Silent Wolf.
Come for the gameplay, stay for the lulz! only on The J360 PowerPlay!!

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The J360 PowerPlay#10: Rise Delta Rise

Game: Bioshock 2

Synopsis: Taking place 10 years after the first Bioshock game, we step into the boots of Subject Delta and battle against the evils of Sophia Lamb to save someone connected to our past: Eleanor Lamb.

Let the games begin!Again! Here on The J360 Powerplay!!

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J360 TV On Twitch! (Live Streaming)

Tonight’s show: The J360 PowerPlay

Tonight’s Game (If PowerPlay): Bioshock

Synopsis: We’re battling through the undersea world of Rapture, and trying to uncover the mysteries beneath while battling splicers, big daddies, and probably wondering where exactly this is all going to lead to and this is a Marathon run.

Upcoming Events: This week’s production lineup (11/30/2020)

Evening J360 Legion

This is J-Man, just letting you all know what the show line up is for this week. We have a full load of three different J360 Radio shows coming and it starts with the J360 MiniBytes#69 and ends with J360 Jams#12!!

And for you J-Man fans out there, The J-Man Show is always active and ready to go! We’re only 20 Episodes from 200!!! YES!!!

Each show will be happening live via at 10pm EST. So don’t be shy, come by, enjoy the party and chat it up sometime.

The J360 MiniBytes#53: Moar Lunacy

This week the J-Man discusses Kanye West’s presidency goals, surviving the day job, diseases and what’s next regarding J360TV.

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Been awhile J360 Legion

Hey J360 Legion

It feels good to be back on the site again, I took some time off and was busy working on the next developments for J360 Radio, and J360 TV.   Like many things it’s been a process getting everything exactly where I would like it to be but since this has been the third year of J360 Radio.  I would like to let you know of some things that are going to remain permanent.

The official home of J360 Radio is on but you can hear it via different outlets like Google Podcasts (Google Play Music), Apple Podcasts (ITunes), and RadioPublic, Pocketcasts, and more.

You can check out all of our links listed here as well, and please help us by leaving reviews or subscribing to us on our various platforms.  They will all be updated often and contain the latest episode that is being produced.  Plenty of Episodes will be embedded here on our website

Now J360 TV will happen around the spring/summer season and has the J360 PowerPlay leading that division. Stay tuned for more results by checking our YouTube channel here.

Another feature that I’m bringing back to the website will be the Song Of The Day/Night and movie talks.  We have a lot to discuss since the long hiatus and I’m very glad to be bringing this content to your attention once more.   We got 10 more months in 2019 and we’re going to make them all count .