The J360 MiniBytes#169: Going too Far? You Damn Right

This time on the J360 MiniBytes, J-Man discusses leadership, loyalty, giving distance from those who are still in the same spot along with making it so others can walk with you too but don’t expect people to stay long as you have to carry on forward.

He will also talk about Social Media, providing a better way for communication and how real ones will be by your side no matter what.

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Project Conference#2: Interview with Neon Black Dreams

The J-Man starts a new endeavor of interviewing various content creators across the world, and this meetup is long overdue as he’s hanging with one of the best bands of all time: Neon Black Dreams. Come sit and listen to what the gentlemen discuss from the start of Neon Black Dreams, Future Goals, and music from Kiss of the Universe.


J.M.Brady as himself

J.J./Mr.NBD as himself

Yara as herself

Neon Black Dreams Music Videos

Dreams – Neon Black Dreams

Run – Neon Black Dreams

Eternity – Neon Black Dreams

Endlessly – Neon Black Dreams

Check out more from Neon Black Dreams at the following links






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Project Conference ©j360productons2023

Updates: Hangouts Revival and Project “Conference”

It’s been awhile hasn’t it? Well it’s for a good reason.

Things are changing around here at J360 Productions, and that includes the format of the shows. We never shy away from taking things to the next level around here and with 2023 on the rise, it’s time we brought something new.

Remember J360 Hangouts? You know the red-headed step child of the J360 Lineup?

J360 Hangouts Format on J360TV

Well it still exists and there are new episodes coming along with it, it has a hybrid connection with the rest of the original line, we’ve originally had it as a bi-weekly presentation to work in conjunction with J360 Jams to showcase creators across the world.

There were hangups in hangouts, and some of you were very shy or ignored the series I had to reinvent it into a team-series with Al and Marco. The panels and the humor are really cool and we have an awesome time being on the live presentation for you all, Hangouts isn’t in its final form yet but it’s shaping into something astonishing.

Needless to say it actually worked a lot better for the show and lives up to its name but some of you asked me when are more interviews coming? Or if I even did them anymore?

J360 JamsTV#4: House of Horror

JamsTV has been invaded by the Monster Fest, and with a good reason too, it’s time to party up seeing music videos from 12 of the greatest Jam fam artists along with comical insight and humor from J-Man. It’s also a grand way to celebrate J-Man’s birthday by listening to the best music across the dimensions and we couldn’t think of a nice wicked time to celebrate Halloween Weekend.

Please support the artists by checking out the links under their names and help keep things going full circle by subscribing to J360TV and following our shenanigans on J360 Radio ( as well.

Mike XCastlevania The III Curse
Rogue FXDon’t Talk To Strangers
Resin SunCity Of Flies
Iyes KeenWebs
CelinaPunks not Dead Concert
Firkenstein Smother No Other
Hans KammererCandle Grey
ZXSPThe Deep
Black Snow On ChristmasDead Time Waiting Hall
Aerowolf Zombie Shuffle
Dark83Blackened Heart
Claudia Blackstar and ArdeniteDiamond

Happy Halloween everyone, thanks for submitting these wonderful tracks and helping me put on a great show – J

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J360 Jams TV#3: Blue Light Special

Fridays still belong to Jams as the JamsTV Special takes center stage once again featuring 10 music videos by wonderful creators worldwide and hosted by J-Man for a fantastic night.

Come enjoy yourself and experience the greatness of Jams for a third time. Show your love and support to all the artists by checking their name for more information, merch, tour dates, and of course music.

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Drop Beat Empire – The New Start

Chipriann ft. Ardenite – Wake Up

Rogue FX – Retrobution

MikeXFM – Weird Specie

Summer Sleep – Punching In a Dream

Amethyst Rain – The Rains of Castamere (Synth Cover)

Spaceforce & Chasing Neptune – Rainbow Sky

Chasing Neptune:

Ex-Hyena – Capture The Stills

Claudia Blackstar – Mirage

Firkenstein – Before You Were and After You Die

Mike Templar – Black Lodge (Bonus Video)

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Spaceforce Summer Bash 2022: Day 2

Hello, welcome to the Spaceforce Summer Bash 2022! 

This is a joint production between J360 Productions, Spaceforce, JEQ Republic and assorted musicians celebrating the end of Summer.  This is part two of a two day event that was previously shown on Twitch and is now ready for its appearance on YouTube. 

Much like J360 Jams, J-Man is also hosting this event along with Spaceforce, and the same rules apply that if you like who you’re hearing tonight, check out the link under their names to help them grow, and see what they’re doing next. 

Day 2 Performances 

Neon Sweatsuit

Resin Sun

Agent Johnny Red

Electric Sol

Spaceman 1981


JREQ Republic:

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The J360 MiniBytes#138: Jammaversary Report

It’s time for another Jams report and some restructured scheduling here at J360productions. J-Man will discuss some follow-up plans for JamsTV, the albums of the week, and more.

J360TV links

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The J360 PowerPlay#30: Samurai DemonSlayer Pt.2

The J-Man is back and he’s fighting demons again, this time stepping into the shoes of Kaede while Saminosuke is held captive somewhere in the Death House. Lots of humor and fun in this one as we make our way through Onimusha Warlords.

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The J360 PowerPlay#5: Escape From Prometheus

Here we are, finally at the chapter where we’re going to face Andrew Ryan and give him the business. the battles are about to get rough but for some reason Atlas has been really comfortable lately.
I wonder why that is? Anyways let’s take the fight to Andrew Ryan!

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The J360 PowerPlay#3: Farmer’s Market Battle and Fort Frolic

Here we go again! This time the J-Man battles through the Farmer’s Market in order to gather much needed materials to escape from Arcadia and some how lands in the crazy world of Sandor Cohen’s Fort Frolic. The insanity of Rapture never ends does it? Meanwhile Atlas is starting to become more demanding and the plot seems to thicken. You can catch the action live on Twitch or right here on YouTube, please like, and subscribe to stay in touch with all new developments.

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