The J360 MiniBytes#127: Triple Play Initiated

This week J-Man decides to do something different as he finishes the restoration of J360 Productions. Since things were cut pretty close, he decides to push back Jams#43 to a week, and do something with The J-Man Show.

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The J-Man Show#242: Blazing Trails

This week J-Man talks about blazing trails, handling some more side hustles, Twitch issues, alternative channels, and staying focused on the original plan. He will also remind people about Discipline which is a bit bitter yet more full-filling than motivation.

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The J-Man Show#241: What a Mess…(Pay Attention)

After an excellent time on J360 Jams, J-Man returns back to the flagship show to discuss a few things. He will even attempt to keep spirits lift by bringing about some other moments while trying to remind people to calm down.

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The J360 MiniBytes#125: I’m back In The Game

After a weird night, and a painful headache.
J-Man returns to the mic to discuss the Alt.schedule, rebuilding the tribe, and giving things another strong go. He will also talk of why somethings are important, paying attention to what is in your social circle so you can adjust it, and where to go from here.

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The J360 MiniBytes#124: The JAMS initiative

This week J-Man discusses the oncoming arrival of Jammaversary, the PowerPlay, and the return of the Hangouts. He will even discuss a few boundaries and throw some upgrade information in the mix.

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The J360 Hangouts#27: Football Hall

The Storminess is affecting things here at the Hangouts outpost and this time the boys of the Legion Hall gather to talk about Sports, G4TV, and the Video Games of yesteryear. That is unless Al and J-Man quit trolling up the show as Moosifer mediates.

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The J360 Hangouts#26: Brothers Reunion 2022

For the 2nd Hangouts Of The New Year. J-Man is caught by surprise meeting up with Al to create an impromptu Hangouts episode. Lots of funniest to come and plenty of things to discuss on this one being that the episode wasn’t expected be a Hangouts.

Check out the State Of The Art Podcast featuring Marco, Moosifer, Al, and myself Here.

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The J-Man Show#234: Hello 2022, my reign has come

Well it’s the first show of 2022, and this time The J-Man discusses a few things dealing with Podcasting, Life, Art, people’s commentary, and why you should always hold out until you’re really done with things.

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The J-Man Show#231: Holiday Rambles

J-Man discusses Wil Wheaton and Dave Chappelle, also how it doesn’t even feel like Christmas, and working on just doing his own thing rather than following the trends around him. He will also talk about how things for the PowerPlay are on, and attempting to keep an optimistic look for 2022.

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J360 Jams#37: Holiday Jams 2021

It’s the most wonderful time of the year again and the Jam-Fam is back to rock the holidays. We’ll be kicking off a spectacular semi-event full of holiday hijinks and good will throughout the Month of December. All led by J-man this is going to be one entertaining epic night. Once again Fridays belong to Jams!

Plus if you’re able to, please help out a friend of mines who is currently going through hard times via this link below.

If you like the artist you’re listening to tonight feel free to check out their links and show your support.

SpaceForceSpaceForce Anthem
SpaceForce Ft. BlastpastVoyage 93
Neon SweatsuitWorlds Collide
Neon SweatsuitChristmo Inferno
MikeXFMZelda Medley (A Link to the NES)
MikeXFMUnexpected Achievements
Star MadmanSnow Day
Star MadmanOnce upon your dream
Victor RayCrystals & Fireflies
Victor RayRewind
Bunny XWho cares what they say
Bunny XBack to you
AeroviperSnow Angels
Jnatra ft. ThreadmillSpace and Time
FirkensteinHunger you can never sate
FirkensteinLost in Space (2021 Mix)
Helsinki ProjectHell’s Welcoming
Helsinki ProjectJourney North
Dark83The Plague
Dark83Left-Handed God
LouversWelcome Home
LouversHunt For The Truth
SnOmanInfinite Sunset
Panoramic DuoDrown
Panoramic DuoPress Start
WarpsketorThe Oncoming Storm
Warpsketor ft. NanoverseThe Final Boss
Electron Odyssey Ft. Megan McDuffeeAutumn Words
Electron OdysseyThe Way Forward
Woves1 am
Outshift ft. Alexandra EsakovaHold Me
OutshiftGlow Dreamer
CelinaKick It
Turbo HamsterThe Lords of the Rainy Day
Turbo HamsterThe Wicked Core
The last Days of NovemberDust in Slow Motion
The Last Days of NovemberLast Time
The Toxxic ProjectRose Days
The Toxxic ProjectNew Reality

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