J360 Jams#65: Super Emerald Mix

Top o the mornin or in this case evenin as Friday Belongs to Jams once again!

J-Man is bringing the band together for at least 32 awesome tracks. We’re being very festive for the evening as the green is adorn all throughout J360 Productions and we’re going to party it up and play it loud.

The bands are epic tonight, and so is J-Man’s razor sharp commentary!

This will be a Super Exciting Jams Fest!

Featuring music by: Aeroviper, Bunny X, Louvers, Car Machines, Precog Zero, Neaon, LXNR & Kawakuro, Aerowolf, Nakatomi Freefall, Elegize, Claudia Blackstar, Firkenstein, Mind Enemies, Marina Anselmo, Predator Technique, Toxxic Project, Electron Odyssey, and Megan McDuffee

AeroviperThe Gates to Paradise
AeroviperSky Temple
Bunny X w/ Sellorekt LA DreamsBreaking Away
Bunny XThe Forever War
Rogue FXAmerican Dream
Rogue FXFilofax (House Mix)
LouversBreaking Night (Lights In The Sky)
LouversOff In The Field
NeaonLights On The Highway
NeaonGave it All
Car MachinesReboot
Car MachinesLights In The Sky
Precog ZeroIn The Halls of Belasco House
Precog ZeroAn Occult Theory
LXNR & KawakuroSteprider
LXNR & KawakuroRazor
Nakatomi Freefall Feat. Claudia BlackstarDevil’s Night
Elegize feat. Claudia BlackstarShattered
FirkensteinWho Decides Reason
FirkensteinCrude Control
Mind EnemiesInto the Storm
Mind EnemiesDarkness
Marina AnselmoArp
Marina AnselmosonnetFalls
Predator TechniqueNostalgia
Predator TechniqueRevival
Toxxic ProjectSentinels
Toxxic ProjectDark Connection
Electron Odyssey feat. Megan McDuffeeThe Endless Shore
Electron OdysseyTo The Far Side

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The J-Man Show#286: I’m Alone But I’m Not Lonely

This week J-Man discusses why it’s ok to have those uncomfortable conversations, awkward moments, living single, and trying to make it to the Millionaires Circle.
He will also discuss why people often try to humiliate and be-little those who really had enough with the scumbag tactics society tries to throw onto them.

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J360 Jams#60: Milestone Megamix 60

Here we are, we’re finally on the level of another milestone. It’s 60 on J360!

Jams anyways and we have to celebrate this greatness with an incredible showcase featuring Jam Fam Music, and J-Man shenanigans. 

The Grid is stacked to the brim with incredible music, and as per the course in J360 Jams, if you like who you’re listening to tonight, please check out the link under their name. 

Continue to listen to J360 Radio, and help keep things growing full circle and never miss a beat by subscribing.


NeaonCity Of Dreams
NeaonStorm Racer
Neon Black DreamsAnother Day
Neon Black DreamsRun
Mark VeraFields of Oxygen
Mark VeraString Theory
LightRacerMisty Ride
LightRacerTitan’s Legacy
Rogue FXRetribution
Rogue FXFilofax
SAZERAces Collide
Washed IncDrunken Master
Washed IncThe Laughing Man
ZXSP (Feat. Meglamodas)Knochen
ZXSPFrom The Depths of Memory
Resin SunCity Of Files
Resin SunHome
BlastpastCasa Cristo
SpaceforceRobot Love
SpaceforceEnd Of The Year Medlay
Drop Beat EmpireThe New Start
Drop Beat EmpireMy World
Nakatomi Freefall (With Claudia Blackstar)Devil’s Night
Nakatomi FreefallThe Other Side
Precog ZeroBefore Nightfall in Haddonfield
Precog ZeroShadows over Misakonic County
FirkensteinPresent in the Pleasure
FirkensteinJust Floating
Electron OdysseyTo The Far Side
Electron OdysseyForever
Kawakuro and LXNRRazor
Kawakuro and LXNRSteprider
Marina AnselmoArp
Marina AnselmoSonnet Falls
Dark83The Pale Ones
Dark83Carcass of a Dead Star
Celestial MolliwopEncounter
Celestial MolliwopHighly Accelerated Region 1
Black Snow On ChristmasNeed New Words
Black Snow On ChristmasThe Beauty Of It All
CakeheadA Colour Never Seen
CakeheadWoodland Amble
Grand BlasterSlaughter Nights
Grand BlasterSkophobe Step

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The J-Man Show#285: New Year, Same Problems

This week J-Man reiterates on why we as a species can’t move forward on things because it’s always finger pointing, cherry picking reporting, and those acting holier than thou for clout. He will also discuss some of the latest movies don’t seem to be cutting it in terms of interest for him.

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J360 Jams#58: December Wave Party 22

Time for some holiday hooliganism with some fantastic music thrown in as J-Man and the Jam Fam deck the halls and bring about yuletide cheer with 32 tracks and crazy fun. 

It will be jolly, it will be unorthodox, and Fridays still belong to Jams!

If you like who you’re hearing tonight, please check out the link under the artist’s name and if you want to stay in the loop with J360 Radio feel free to subscribe. 

You can also download this and all of the other J360 Radio episodes or experience them on other podcast networks like Apple podcasts and Spotify. 


BlastpastRacer X
BlastpastCasa Cristo
Rogue FXDon’t Talk To Strangers
Rogue FXFilofax
UFO1982Fantasia (Deja Vu Noir Dark Days)
Driver86 feat. Olivia ZulkeDust In Slow Motion
Driver86 feat. Olivia ZulkeThe Lost Signal
MikeXFMChipStorm (The Lost Synths)
MikeXFMWeird Specie
I-SAAC x CelinaBlack Sun
Dark83The Pale Ones
Dark83Carcass Of a Dead Star
Electron OdysseyMach 20
Electron Odyssey feat. Meg McDuffeeThe Endless Shore
Claudia Blackstar feat. ArdeniteDiamond
Claudia BlackstarUpsidedown
Amethyst RainBeauty
Amethyst RainOne Dance In The Snow
Marina AnselmoDew
Marina AnselmoShiver
Spaceforce feat. Washed IncSpace Tourist (Final Flight)
SpaceforceWe Need a Hero
Neon SweatsuitLaser Beam Fever Dream
Neon Sweatsuit Mountain Sphere Ultimate
Neon Black DreamsReach For The Light
Neon Black DreamsDreams

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J360 Jams#55: Frightful Reunions (Monster Fest 2022)

It’s the fourth week of Monster Fest, and another Jams Voyage is rising from the grave to present over 2 hours of epic music made from the finest creators across the world.   This will be a unique episode as it reunites creators who appeared on the Halloween Contemplation album called “Frightful Refrains” made by Firkenstein and many others.  

This episode will serve as a sequel of sorts, along with J-Man returning to host so sit back and embrace one of the greatest jams episodes ever made.

If you enjoy who you’re listening to tonight, please check out the link under the artist(s) names below, thank you for supporting them and listening to J360 Radio!!!

Inhuman GenomeInvitation
Inhuman GenomeAnxiolysis
NargathrondBloody Playground
NargathrondStrange Situation
AerowolfZombie Shuffle
CakeheadWoodland Amble
CakeheadA Colour Never Seen
Ryan J. SmithRock & Roll
Ryan J. SmithDifferently
ClaytronicGonna Wait Till My Change Comes
Claytronic Memory Hole (Andy Jam)
GrandBlasterOver Your Shoulder
Maestro EternalBurn
Maestro EternalDeath Becomes You
Hans KammererEra I
Hans KammererCandle Grey
Black Snow On ChristmasThe Only Place To Hide
Black Snow on Christmas ft. The Liar ChoirSuicide Squats
FirkensteinEverything appears to be under control
FirkensteinPast The Periphery
Drop Beat EmpireMy World
Drop Beat EmpireAftermath (Instrumental)
Marina Anselmo Shiver
Marina AnselmoDew
LXNR ft. KawakuroTrick or Treat
LXNR ft. KawakuroC0NQU3R DE4TH
Ash ElectricVoices
Ash ElectricID
Celestial Molliwop Incursions
Celestial Molliwop Cyberorganic Blood Freak
Vincenzo Salvia Ghetto Spaghetto
Vincenzo SalviaMore Oregano Baby
Inside The Albatross FactoryCoalesce (Burst Transmission)
Inside The Albatross FactoryLittle Green Men

Check out the Frightful Refrains album here: https://firkenstein.bandcamp.com/album/frightful-refrains

Frightful Refrains Listening Party hosted by J-Man and Firkenstein:


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J360 Jams#52: 3rd Season Block Party

Welcome back to Jams, J360 Legion!

Tonight is all about the vibe and since we’re on the cusp of Labor Day weekend, it’s time to step it up and present at least 35 or so tracks bringing about the dance vibe.  We’ll be showcasing some new tracks for new albums, and a couple of artists making their Jams debut. 

If you like who you’re listening to tonight, please check the link under the name to buy their tracks and/or merch to show your support to keep them all in business.

Thanks for listening to J360 Jams and continue to enjoy J360 Radio!!! 

Dimi KayeDisco 21
Dimi KayeDance Through The Night
Ardenite Flowers Don’t Care
Chypriann ft. ArdeniteWake Up
OutshiftGlow Dreamer
Outshift ft. Alexandra EsakovaHold Me
Driver86If You Say Goodbye (Remix)
Panoramic DuoPress Start
Panoramic DuoRunaway
NeaonStorm The Castle
NeaonDreams of Return
SpaceforceTransmission To J360 Beacon (Skit)
SpaceforceSunset Sky (Cruise Mix)
SpaceforceSpace Tourist (Final Flight)
BlastpastRacer X
BlastpastCasa Cristo
Electron OdysseyEmpty Heart
Electron Odyssey ft. King ProteaRoller Rink Request
GeoramaHeart Of The Beat
GeoramaSpatial Geometry
Jetfire PrimeFirst Swim
Jetfire PrimePool Cleaner
PolytaemLeather Apron
Resin SunNo Love
Resin SunHome
Space ChimneyImmaculate Divinity
Space ChimneyMonochrome Euphoria
ElektroTerapiDiagnose Liebe
Ex-HyenaNightmare Pills
WalmindNo Words Could Tell
WalmindTime is over
Warlock ft. Julia SaoDisco Nebula
Warlock Stanotte
After DarkEclipse
After Dark The Edge of Destiny

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The J360 MiniBytes#142: Concert Week Aftermath

This week J-Man discusses the Spaceforce Summer Bash, replaying the show on the J360 YouTube, discussing why we’re allowed to do what we want as content creators, and discuss that it is Jams week again.

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The J360 MiniBytes#137: Jammaversary Facts

J-Man talks about recovery and striking back harder.
Even if you gotta do it all alone and give the people one hell of a party.

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The J-Man Show#259: Jammaversary 2022 Opening Ceremonies

Riding off the coattails of R&D Month, it’s officially Jammaversary again. For the next 30 days we’re giving independent music one amazing celebration.

All J360 Shows are stepping up because this was the month when J360 Jams was created and the Jam Fam is on standby with their many performances and tracks to take center stage.

The events are also beginning on the show that started the whole J360 Radio madness tonight so sit back and listen to at least 15 favorites from the Jam Fam throughout The J-Man Show.

If you like who you’re here tonight, click their names to find out more of their work.


Electric SolLucky Day
EtherdriveNo Fate
Bunny XYoung & In Love
FirkensteinUndermine The Brainwaves
NeaonStorm Racer
DreddbeatSummer Vices
Jonny FalloutHuman (Logic)
NanoverseStreets Of Desolation
LouversTales From The Coast
Spaceforce ft. BlastpastVoyage93
Summer Sleep Night Train
Celestial Molliwop and Dark 83The Swarm
Vincenzo SalviaSouvenir

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