The J-Man Show#199: Urban Legends Night (Uncut)

This time on the 199th J-Man episode, J discusses Urban Legends, with some stories too true to seem unreal and plenty of stories that could be clearly folklore but at the same time might not be entirely untrue themselves.

J-Man will be looking into passages from a Book called “Urban Legends, Bizarre Tales” that you won’t believe by James Proud.

You should definitely check it out, it’s one of my highly recommended books.

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The J-Man Show#198: Afternoon Talk

The J-Man is here in the afternoon discussing how he feels about Recasting in The movies, his plans for the next J-Man episode, relationship gurus, being mindful of other creators, and thoughts of Jams#20

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The J-Man Show#197: Sunday Special

The J-Man Show On a Sunday, yeah we’re just as shocked as you but from the ashes of 196 comes another Episode. J-Man discusses rebuilding the PowerPlay, Plans for another wild weekend, not apologizing for anything in this world, identifying toxic behavior patterns, and venturing on newer endeavors.

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J360 Jams#19: Cosmic Storm

This week J360 Jams is shifting through Dreams and Nightmares through a process called the Cosmic Storm. We’ll be listening to over 40 different from tracks from 20 great artists and having one awesome adventure. However will we climb through this storm with our dreams intact or will our Nightmares define our fates? Come Listen!


To find out more about the artist and locate their music, please click their name as it will lead to their their direct link for your enjoyment. Please support the artists by purchasing their tracks, merch and more because more money = more magic.

Neon SweatsuitTime Zone
Neon Sweatsuit Sweaty Pants Sweaty Dance
FirkensteinNeural Interference
FirkensteinMore Oiled than Diesel Train
Elevate The Sky Ft. Oceanside85Moving In The Shadows
Oceanside85 ft. Black NebulaI’ve Been Waiting For You
Survey ChannelAqualanes
Survey Channel Fexion Customs
WholefoodDungeon Crawler
WholefoodChocolate Hostage
Acid ArcadeRemember
Acid ArcadeParadise
Maestro EternalCurio
Maestro EternalEquuleus
ItsTheDreamChaserConstellation Scavengers
ItsTheDreamChaserLove Throughout The Great Void Above
Star MadmanOnce Upon Your Dream
Star MadmanWisdom
SpaceForceSpaceForce Anthem
SpaceForceRecord Of A Spaceborn
Synthwave JunkieGalactic Loop
Synthwave Junkie Cosmic
TopherThank God It’s Mittwoch!
Blake CarpenterHeads up
Blake CarpenterBefore Doomsday
EtherdriveThe Paradise We Lost
Chorus1986Another Day in Paradise
Chorus1986Gemini (Feat. Tarot Blood)
Dark83The Abyss
Dark83Dark Replicant
Dimi KayeShadow Run
Dimi KayeSunset Riders
CpektirYou don’t care to hear until you listen
CpektirYou’re alone while everyone makes babies
Future HolotapePurple Acid Factory
Future HolotapeCloak and Dagger
Final ShiftUprising
Final ShiftThe Corrupted Advance
Luck DragonHot Wires
Luck Dragon You Cruise You Lose
MoonmournerWar Machine
MoonmournerThe Witch’s Lair
ATC /Celestial Molliwop The Expedition (Celestial Molliwop Remix)
Celestial Molliwop Boiblixatiom 319

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The J-Man Show#194: Is that Moral?

Picking up from deep thoughts in Ep#193, The J-Man returns with another episode tonight dealing with story telling and morals. Come join him as he reads multiple fables and try to make sense of things in ways that only he can.

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J360 Jams#16: One More Night

Welcome to another night of great music from around the world featuring great independent artists. Once again hosted by J-Man you know that is is going to be a brilliant collection of 40 different tracks, some making their debut and others making more grooves to take you away from the world’s troubles.

Let’s get rid of January and go for one more night!


Dirty ChipGemwave
62Neon Sweatsuit
CommunicatorNeon Sweatsuit
Hyper ForceZXSP
Lost HighwayZXSP
Cyberbrain ViolationVoid Stare
Kanedas LamentVoid Stare
Restless NightsEndermen
Social DistanceEndermen
The ArchitectDespAIR Jordan
CathedralDespAIR Jordan
New Energy (Radio Edit)Shutdown
Only LoveShutdown
Wave Of TimesSpaceForce
SpaceForce AnthemSpaceForce
Slow BurnRaptorvania
Faded NightmaresRaptorvania
Lay DownThread Mill
The City SleepsThread Mill
Master KeyThe Fair Attempts
Father/MeDenial Waits
Don’t Come BackManhatten & Star Madman
One EndingManhatten
CoalesceThe Harmonic Oracle
Non BinaryThe Harmonic Oracle
Codes ReliableSurvey Channel
Sleep VersesSurvey Channel
PyramidGabriela Marcia
In The ExosphereGabriela Marcia
Engines Of AbundanceMyths and Monsters
Policed DivisionMyths and Monsters
LingerieDragon With Angel Wings
Cemetary OvercastDragon With Angel Wings
ShibuyaOne Ticket To The Moon
Revolution Denied Pt.1One Ticket To The Moon
Teleport DiscoCassetter
Till The EndCassetter, Maxthor

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The J-Man Show#181: Jingle Jingle!!

J-Man begins the Holiday Fest tonight but arriving to the show late and explaining certain untraditional things that are taking center stage tonight. He will also look at how some of the streaming networks don’t seem to have too many new Christmas specials outside of the usual. He will also talk about why it’s important to break some traditions and allow yourself to just party up instead of being a seasonal downer. Finally he’ll discuss some movies, give a few shout outs to important people and discuss some big plans for the next year on in.

The Delvin Cox Experience Link:–Q

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J-Man’s Greatest Crossovers#1: Horribly Awkward Podcast#119

Welcome to a new feature on J360 Productions everyone, this is all about giving back to those content creators whom helped me along the way to being a great creator in my own right. While sometimes it’s easy to travel alone and go far, it’s better to do it as part of a community and feels rewarding to meet new people. To this day I never thought I’d meet so many extraordinary people as I keep creating and well I sure hope I do them justice as I present this series to you.

Feel free to check out each show by the way, these people are awesome.

Crossover Date: Jan 25, 2018

A long time ago, I was just starting out in the podcasting field.

The J-Man Show was practically 2 years old and I was still working on defining my skill set as a host and trying to take it to the next level. I even made a few friends as a podcaster and was steadily gaining some listeners throughout every episode I did.

One day I received a message from someone on twitter and to my surprise it was from Shawn from the Horribly Awkward Podcast. I remember listening to his show and laughing at plenty of the discussions and hearing how he interviews the guests that were fortunate enough to appear on it. I never thought that I would be considered for a guest spot, and happily took his offer.

What came from it was an interesting presentation with lots of laughs, a cool friendship, and the honor of appearing on someone else’s show for the first time. He gave me a nickname as well “The King Of Rants” and you know I happily accepted it.

I would be eager to do reunion episode and it would definitely happen on J360 Hangouts.

What is the Horribly Awkward Podcast? (From his own description)

My name is Shawn and this is my horribly awkward, guest-driven, improvised, comedy, and fun-filled podcast. Take a ride with me on this journey with a new guest every week

Listen to the podcast! On iTunes, Stitcher Radio or at HORRIBLYAWKWARD.PODBEAN.COM

(You can click his picture for his Spotify link – J)

Horribly Awkward Podcast#119: J.M.Brady (J360 Productions)

Synopsis: Lots of energy on todays episode with The J-Man. This dude is a lot of fun. We talk podcasting, film making, random rants and much more. ENJOY

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The J-Man Show#178: Anniversary Road

Taking note of The J-Man Show reaching 5 years, J-Man knows it’s time to get back to work. So he’s gonna be discussing a few things to look into from 2020 going into 2021, and he’ll discuss the Sore Loser Parade Trump has going on, in addition to Mandalorian armor woes, and why it’s hard to build the community but he’ll do it anyways.

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The J-Man Show#176: J-Man’s Halloween Haunts

J-Man returns behind the mic for Halloween, he will be telling scary stories, and his ideals for haunting, how his birthday went and of course entertaining out of you for the night. It’s Monster Fest time again!!

The book is called Scary Stories to tell if you dare 3 by Joe Oliveto.

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