J360 Jams#60: Milestone Megamix 60

Here we are, we’re finally on the level of another milestone. It’s 60 on J360!

Jams anyways and we have to celebrate this greatness with an incredible showcase featuring Jam Fam Music, and J-Man shenanigans. 

The Grid is stacked to the brim with incredible music, and as per the course in J360 Jams, if you like who you’re listening to tonight, please check out the link under their name. 

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NeaonCity Of Dreams
NeaonStorm Racer
Neon Black DreamsAnother Day
Neon Black DreamsRun
Mark VeraFields of Oxygen
Mark VeraString Theory
LightRacerMisty Ride
LightRacerTitan’s Legacy
Rogue FXRetribution
Rogue FXFilofax
SAZERAces Collide
Washed IncDrunken Master
Washed IncThe Laughing Man
ZXSP (Feat. Meglamodas)Knochen
ZXSPFrom The Depths of Memory
Resin SunCity Of Files
Resin SunHome
BlastpastCasa Cristo
SpaceforceRobot Love
SpaceforceEnd Of The Year Medlay
Drop Beat EmpireThe New Start
Drop Beat EmpireMy World
Nakatomi Freefall (With Claudia Blackstar)Devil’s Night
Nakatomi FreefallThe Other Side
Precog ZeroBefore Nightfall in Haddonfield
Precog ZeroShadows over Misakonic County
FirkensteinPresent in the Pleasure
FirkensteinJust Floating
Electron OdysseyTo The Far Side
Electron OdysseyForever
Kawakuro and LXNRRazor
Kawakuro and LXNRSteprider
Marina AnselmoArp
Marina AnselmoSonnet Falls
Dark83The Pale Ones
Dark83Carcass of a Dead Star
Celestial MolliwopEncounter
Celestial MolliwopHighly Accelerated Region 1
Black Snow On ChristmasNeed New Words
Black Snow On ChristmasThe Beauty Of It All
CakeheadA Colour Never Seen
CakeheadWoodland Amble
Grand BlasterSlaughter Nights
Grand BlasterSkophobe Step

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The J360 MiniBytes#153: Stop it, you look bad.

This week J-Man discusses victim mindsets, triggering talks, and throwing those kind of people out.

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J360 One-Shots: Frightful Refrains Listening Party

Welcome to a Monster Fest special event to celebrate the release of Frightful Refrains, a special compilation album featuring the best music around the world focusing on the best time of the year known as Halloween. Sit back as the hosts J-Man and Firkenstein entertain you with groove awesome sounds throughout the entire night.

Jetfire PrimeScream Queen
FirkensteinVandalized Memory
VHS NightmaresThey’re Coming To Get You
ClaytronicLeave Something Witchy
CakeheadA Campfire Story
AerowolfZombie Shuffle
Black Snow on ChristmasSuicide Squats Feat. The Liar Choir
Daniel AdamBaying For Blood
Inhuman GenomeTale Of The Eternal Sea: Invitation
Washed IncVZK.INST.O.22
FirkensteinI wanna eat your brain
Ryan J. SmithI GOT(T)A Rock
LXNR & KawakuroTrick or Treat
Neon SweatsuitThe Haunting Of Spooky Manor
Graeme ThurmanCoffin Up
Myths and MonstersCecaelia
Hans KammererCandle Grey
Claudia BlackstarFrom Shadows
Sign of Crows & Star MadmanDark Side
Night Sky Body Ash Spirit
Fictional UniverseBackrooms
Inhuman GenomeTales Of The Eternal Sea: The Stranding
FirkensteinPast the Periphery
Inside The Albatross FactoryLittle Green Men
SpaceforceTenebris Intus
Sinitus TempoOpen The Hell Gates
Stric9visionTable for Two
Vulgate EmpressA Cold Hand
Summer of MoonsHaunt Me
Ana Oaks feat. FirkensteinLet Go
Claudia BlackstarMirage
Daniel Adam The Night Stalker
DozibrionThe Starmakr

You can purchase the album here: https://firkenstein.bandcamp.com/album/frightful-refrains

Executive Producer – Firkenstein

Frightful Refrains (2022)

Special shoutouts and thank you to all artists involved and for Firkenstein in putting all of this together. 

Stand by for more in the J360 One-Shots Category

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The J360 MiniBytes#136: R&D Month 2022 Final Week

The final full week of May is here, and J-Man still testing new things for J360 Productions and getting prepared for Jammaversary II.

This will be one exciting week, and we have newer J360TV stuff coming as well.

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The J360 MiniBytes#135: R&D Month to the 3rd Power

Staying busy but working steadily J-Man arrives on the eves of the Weekend Rush schedule to discuss what’s happening lately at J360 Productions. He will even drop some hints about Jammaversary II and why this month was really important.

Check out J360TV here: www.youtube.com/j360productions

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The J360 MiniBytes#128: You’re up to you

J-Man starts off the new week by reminding everyone that you’re capable of a lot but don’t expect it to be easy and it’s ok to ignore Celebrities while trying to reach for your gold. It’s also important to never tell your secrets all at once either.

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The J-Man Show#242: Blazing Trails

This week J-Man talks about blazing trails, handling some more side hustles, Twitch issues, alternative channels, and staying focused on the original plan. He will also remind people about Discipline which is a bit bitter yet more full-filling than motivation.

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The J-Man Show#240: Processing Through Life

This week J-Man discusses the idea of the Process, the structure, and the overall foundation of trying to build things. Is it fulfillment or a labor of love?

Why does it stay a constant factor amongst apathy and ignorance? Why are we so full-on criticizing but we’re afraid to create? Are we really afraid of success? yet we can’t take Failure.

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The J360 PowerPlay#31: Samurai DemonSlayer Pt.3

J-Man finishes up the last part of Onimusha Warlords. This time taking Kaede and Saminosuke straight into the heart of the evil Keep to do battle with the King Of Demons.

However J-Man decides to train Saminosuke by taking him to the Dark Realm Arena to gather more souls.

Hilarity ensues in this one.

Previously streamed on https://twitch.tv/j360tv.

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The J-Man Show#236: Reassessments

Moving forward from the MiniByte, J-Man discusses leveling the playfield for the J360 Programs, the restoration so far, life lessons, and XBOX stuff along with remembering the world he lives in.

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