Project Conference#5: Interview with Claudia Blackstar

Uniting the Tribe is getting better all the time and J-Man is ready for the next move this time taking him to Episode 5, and who better to interview for the new level other than the legendary Claudia Blackstar (@claudiablackstarofficial) She’s a rising musician whom has worked on many projects and is a vocalist of Drop Beat Empire and more. Let’s get to know more about Claudia Blackstar, watch her music videos, and see what magic she’ll brew next.



J.M.Brady as himself

Claudia Blackstar as Herself

Music Videos

Upside Down – Claudia Blackstar

Diamond – Claudia Blackstar and Ardenite

Shattered – Claudia Blackstar

Nyctophile – Claudia Blackstar

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J360 Jams TV#5: New Year Rockin

While it is the 3rd week of 2023, we’re bringing along another special presentation of J360 JamsTV. It’s been a long time coming but everyone is stepping up to present their best and brightest projects for the showcase, counting down 10 awesome music videos and of course it’s featuring J-Man as well the Jam Fam.

Let’s not delay any further because Friday belongs to Jams!!!

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NeaonCloser To The Stars
Neon Black DreamsEndlessly
Nakatomi FreefallThe Other Side
Hans KammererEra I
Black Snow on ChristmasThe Beauty Of It All
Mark VeraFields of Oxygen
Jeff BNostalgia Myalgia
Elevate the Sky We are The Dreamers

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The J360 PowerPlay#5: Escape From Prometheus

Here we are, finally at the chapter where we’re going to face Andrew Ryan and give him the business. the battles are about to get rough but for some reason Atlas has been really comfortable lately.
I wonder why that is? Anyways let’s take the fight to Andrew Ryan!

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J360 Radio Live#5: The Fifth Destination or Something Something Death (Uncensored) (07/05/19)

J360 Radio Live#5: The Fifth Destination or (Something Something “Death”) (Uncensored)

This week J and Alan discuss reviving Sitcoms, A little titbit on sports and the lakers fans feeling a bit bold about Kawhi Leonard, and finally speaking on certain accidents that happen in Filmmaking which cost us many actors in creating the craft.

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The J-Man Show#5: J’s Fireside Christmas (Explicit)

This episode J throws away the snarkiness to talk about the positives of the Holiday Season, why you shouldn’t hate it, and his top five favorite animated Christmas specials, and top five live action Christmas movies. This Episode is a bit different than the usual as it is all about having fun, speaking out against negative thinking, and enjoying the holiday season with the warmth of a nearby roasting fire.

Happy Holidays to everybody from J360 Productions.

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