The J360 MiniBytes#150: Monster Fest 5th Week and J-Man’s Birthday

This week J-Man discusses the 5th week of Monster Fest, His Birthday Week, The Reason For J360 Jams, Gratitude to the community, and moving forward with other things including what’s to come up this week.

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J360 Jams#54: Monster Fest Mode (Monster Fest 2022)

It’s finally Monster Fest season and J-Man and the JamFam are riding their way down the River Styx and bringing some awesome monstrous music with them.  It’s going to be a wicked night of grand adventures, hilarity and more. 

Not too mention some insight what is coming for JamsTV#4.

If you like who you’re hearing tonight, feel free to click the artist’s names to find their discography and to see what they’re working on next.  Keep the Support alive and keep everyone in business because more money equals more magic.

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Final ShiftThe Corrupted Advance
Final Shift Death’s Very Emissary
Iyes KeenMoloch
Iyes KeenIf It Kills Me
Nakatomi Freefall ft. Claudia BlackstarDevil’s Night
Claudia BlackstarMirage
Neon SweatsuitTransformers!
Neon Sweatsuit Laser Beam Fever Dream
Celina Frontline
Celina A Hero Born
Firkenstein Vandalized Memory
FirkensteinI Wanna Eat Your Brains
The RezonatorShadow Bender
The RezonatorVampiric Drifter
Maestro EternalBurn
Maestro EternalAll The Devils are here
Spaceforce ft. CybognUnreleased Song
SpaceforceBeautiful Escape
Dark83 & Celestial Molliwop Mystic
Dark83 & Celestial Molliwop Detached
Turbo Hamster Endless Night
Turbo HamsterFigments
TenebranNight Run
Raptorvania Nowhere Left To Run
Precog Zero Shadows Over Miskatonic County
Precog ZeroBefore Nightfall in Haddonfield
Turbo ViceHollow
Turbo ViceDerelict
WalmindNo Words Could Tell
WalmindTime Is Over
SunesisBroken Wings

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The J-Man Show#260: Jams From The Past (Jammaversary II)

While Jammaversary continues, J-Man presents another set of Top 15s for kick off an awesome weekend. Do you remember songs from long time Jam episodes? Well, if you don’t feel free to get a dose of it tonight.

We’re going to be looking back at 15 songs from multiple different J360 Jams episodes over time some of these artists may be fresh in your head and others you may be hearing for the first time.

Let the grand tour begin!

Feel free to check out the links by clicking each artist’s name if you love hearing them tonight!


A Dollar UnderwaterIn From The Rain
CelinaShadow Master
Chasing NeptuneRed Fire
Panoramic DuoPress Start
Montse TorresOrion
Myths and Monsters Engines of Abundance
DallicNight Drive
Null-O-Band ft. Deerevnia Nine Solar Systems Away
Gabriela MarciaPyramid
Splash 96CD City
SunesisGo On
ArdeniteEnd Of The World
Toxxic ProjectRose Days
Jetfire PrimeLeaving Everything

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J360 Jams#47: Experimental Jams

This week, J-Man and The Jam Fam end the R&D Month with a special episode that requires not only a change of pace but of production.  So J-Man uses a prototype portable device to host the program. 

Stand by for awesome music and hilarious J-Man hijinks.

Please show your support to the local or indie artists that you love hearing tonight by checking the link under their names. 


BlastpastRacer X
BlastpastCasa Cristo
Neon SweatsuitTsunami
Neon SweatsuitBattle Royale
NeaonStorm Racer
NeaonCity Of Dreams
ItsTheDreamChaserFloating in the vacuum of Space
JeffBNostalgia Myalgia
JeffBSoul Dance Digital
Resin SunNo Love
Resin SunHome
Ash ElectricOut of Time
Flashback81 ft.LBRS (Ash Electric Remix)Halo
GrandBlasterTaking our chances with Raw Energy
GrandBlasterNowhere to Hide
ZXSPFrom The Depths of Memory
Russell Nash Ft. Sleepless NightsMoonlit Highway
Russell Nash Resurrected
Spaceforce ft. CybognStorms are coming
SpaceforceRobot Love
ThreadMillLights Off (Rework)
Starlight FoundationBreath Of The Tiger
WarpsektorIt is what it is
WarpsektorShreddy Spaghetti
MeteorDark Side Of The Sun

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J360 Jams#46: R&D Generator Raid

This week J-Man and the Jam Fam present another great run of J360 Jams. This time showcasing the vibe of dreams and grooves that quake the universe, since the original station isn’t running right now J-Man uses the backup station to keep the show going!

Let’s see how this turns out on the R&D Special of J360 Jams.

If you like who you’re listening to tonight, feel free to click the artist’s name to check out their work.


Adam FordAstronaut
Adam FordAdventure
GemwaveDial Into The Void
GemwaveLate Nite Dialogue
ItsthedreamchaserSystems Free of Unity
ItsthedreamchaserWaves of Systems
Midnight VoidMegacorps
Midnight VoidBattleground
Maestro EternalPositronic Dreams
Maestro Eternal And Vengeance Is Forever
Neon SweatsuitCastles Of The Mind
Neon SweatsuitWheels of Infinity
UFO 1982Love Song (The Cure) (Synthwave Remix)
UFO 1982Smalltown Boy Remix
Ash ElectricElectrowave
Ash ElectricVoices
Bumpy103Why you want to do me like that
FirkensteinSince Time Immoerial
FirkensteinThere Are No Words
Turbo HamsterSaving Sirius
Turbo HamsterThere Are No Words
Adri Vinchira & Captain GhostnoteNota Fantasma
Captain GhostnoteMunatix’ Out Of My League RMX
Iyes KeenVenom (Stuck in Space Version)
Iyes KeenEntanglement
Topher Halo
MeteorDistant Worlds
MeteorWhat’s Left Of Me
TenebranNo Fight No Victory

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The J-Man Show#254: State Of Jams 2022

This time J-Man is starting The J-Man Show early to discuss the state of J360 Jams, from the eves of Jammaversary to where the show’s future lies and his concerns about the community and more.

It was just too much for a MiniBytes.

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J360 Jams#44: Warp Speed Orange

The Parties of All parties is back and filled to the brim with at least 40 of the best tracks worldwide from the greatest artists.  This will be one wild show and with J-Man leading the band, prepare for excellence and the following artists being showcased tonight are listed below.

All proceeds from Spaceforce’s earnings will be sent to Mental Health Research:

If you love who you’re hearing tonight check out their individual links by clicking their names and thanks for listening to J360 Radio!


Love LazerFlight Of The Navigator
Love LazerThe Road is Hard
OdderRandom Access
Resin SunSinking So Fast
Resin SunHome
SpaceforceDreaming Of That Moment
SpaceforceRobot Love
Power Rob & Elevate The SkyGloria
Elevate The Sky & Star MadmanClose To You
Victor RoyJingle Extravaganza
Victor RoyBohemia 86
WarpSektorReconstruction Echoes
WarpSektorMetal Sektor
A New HopeWelcoming To Night City
A New HopeExodus
FirkensteinNeural Interference
FirkensteinUnmoored from Reality
Iyes KeenMoloch
Iyes KeenWebs
ArdeniteEnd Of The World
Celestial MolliwopEclipse Induced Psychosis
Celestial MolliwopAccretion Disk Surfer
Dark83The Plague
Myths and MonstersCalaca
Myths and MonstersCecaelia
Vvmpyre & NightRazorBodies without blood
VvmpyreAnd all I could do was dance
Jonny FalloutWait for me (End Of Time)
Jonny FalloutWe’ll see it through (Anthem)

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The J360 Hangouts#25: Hangin with Scarlet

This week on the J360 Hangouts, J-Man is teaming up with Zondo from the Band called Scarlet discussing various topics but most importantly Scarlet’s background in music, how it was formed as a band and what’s next for the group in the new year along with some Jam Fam goals and information.
J-Man also throws in some wild life lessons as well.

Scarlet’s links

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J360 Jams#38: Intergalactic Yuletide Party

Here it is another grand Jams adventure as we rock out the halls and party it up Christmas around here.  It is an unorthodox way to celebrate Christmas but it’s a funny gateway of expressions, debuts, and of course humor between J-Man and the Jam Fam.

Ft. music from Outshift, Electron Odyssey, Lovelazer, Sn0man, SAZER, SpaceForce, Cybogn,Star Madman, Panoramic Duo, Neaon, VVMPYRE, Russell Nash, Grandblaster, .jacket, Neon Deflector, Sunwarper, Liquid Modern, Washed Inc, Firkenstein, Jonny Fallout, Aerowolf, KMX VII, Lazerkrow, MikeXFM, Warpsektor

If you like the music you’re hearing tonight, feel free to support the indie musicians by clicking their names.


OutshiftBadboy Funk
OutshiftEvening Gatherings
Electron OdysseyMeet The Horizon
Electron OdysseyShow Me The Way
LoveLazerAdventure Awaits
LoveLazerThe Courier
SAZERI’ll find you again
SpaceForceWaves Of Time
SpaceForce & CybognStorms are coming
Star MadmanFast Fashion
Star MadmanI Just Want More
Panoramic DuoPress Start
Panoramic DuoThe Getaway
NeaonNorth Storm Rises
NeaonSea Of Stars
VVMPYRE ft. NeaonYour Flesh is Calling
Russell NashMoonlit City
Russell NashLast Chance
GrandblasterOne On One
GrandblasterReal Cruel Number
.jacketAlive (YORU Remix)
.jacketSkyline Heart (Syst3m Giltch Remix)
Neon DeflectorOutpost X
Neon DeflectorSingularity
Liquid ModernFall In Spinning
Liquid ModernWalkin’ Feet
Washed IncWaves
Washed IncMolotov
FirkensteinFuture Futility
FirkensteinSmother No Other
Jonny FalloutDon’t Leave (When You’re Sad)
Jonny FalloutPhantom Heart
AerowolfVoid Walker
KMX VIIDown The Night
KMX VIIThe Quest
LazerkrowDying in Space
MikeXFMCarol Of The Bells
MikeXFMWe wish you a Merry Synthmas Remix 2021
WarpsektorMerry XMas Ya Filithy Animal
WarpsektorGlimpse The Infinite

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J360 Jams#34: Dimensional Vortex Voyage

The Monster Fest Rides Again this time haunting about on J360 Jams and in honor of this grand festival. J-Man’s hosting over 40 tracks and each one has a bit of that haunting flavor to keep the spooky season alive and well.   You’ll also hear some new musicians making their jams debut in addition to the veterans who are still making names for themselves.

If you love who you’re listening to tonight, please feel free to check out the link under the artist’s name.

Please support the artist (If you’re able) and help keep things going full circle.

ScarletWhat’s it like to be a Beast
ScarletFight This
Iyes KeenHalo
Iyes KeenNo Bliss
CelinaViolent Communication
DravenThe Origin Of Evil
DravenUnspeakable Horror
LazerMortisCrossing Over
LazerMortisThe Beast comes at Midnight
MagnavoltCruel Passions
MagnavoltHard Instincts
Rose ThalerFights Saved Me
Rose ThalerUnder My Skin
Null-O-BandNine Solar Systems Away
Null-O-BandThe Dream Millennium
Nereid3Little China at Night
Nereid3Y Si Te Quedas Conmigo
Acid ArcadeDark Side
Acid ArcadeShadowtopia
Dark83Neon Nightmare
Dark83Something Darker
Russell NashGhoulbashers
Russell NashLast Chance
MikeXFMCastlemania The 3rd Curse
Summer SleepIt’s a Shame to watch you fall
Summer SleepGood Luck
WarpSketorChildren Of The Night
WarpSketorGenerator Of Pain
NanoverseBlood For Blood
The RezonatorTerminate
The RezonatorJourney Off World
Dimi KayeInvoking The Halloween Spirits
Dimi KayeSoulKiller
One Ticket To The Moon Dark Sunrise
One Ticket To The MoonTime To Come Back Home

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