The J360 Hangouts#25: Hangin with Scarlet

This week on the J360 Hangouts, J-Man is teaming up with Zondo from the Band called Scarlet discussing various topics but most importantly Scarlet’s background in music, how it was formed as a band and what’s next for the group in the new year along with some Jam Fam goals and information.
J-Man also throws in some wild life lessons as well.

Scarlet’s links

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J360 Jams#38: Intergalactic Yuletide Party

Here it is another grand Jams adventure as we rock out the halls and party it up Christmas around here.  It is an unorthodox way to celebrate Christmas but it’s a funny gateway of expressions, debuts, and of course humor between J-Man and the Jam Fam.

Ft. music from Outshift, Electron Odyssey, Lovelazer, Sn0man, SAZER, SpaceForce, Cybogn,Star Madman, Panoramic Duo, Neaon, VVMPYRE, Russell Nash, Grandblaster, .jacket, Neon Deflector, Sunwarper, Liquid Modern, Washed Inc, Firkenstein, Jonny Fallout, Aerowolf, KMX VII, Lazerkrow, MikeXFM, Warpsektor

If you like the music you’re hearing tonight, feel free to support the indie musicians by clicking their names.


OutshiftBadboy Funk
OutshiftEvening Gatherings
Electron OdysseyMeet The Horizon
Electron OdysseyShow Me The Way
LoveLazerAdventure Awaits
LoveLazerThe Courier
SAZERI’ll find you again
SpaceForceWaves Of Time
SpaceForce & CybognStorms are coming
Star MadmanFast Fashion
Star MadmanI Just Want More
Panoramic DuoPress Start
Panoramic DuoThe Getaway
NeaonNorth Storm Rises
NeaonSea Of Stars
VVMPYRE ft. NeaonYour Flesh is Calling
Russell NashMoonlit City
Russell NashLast Chance
GrandblasterOne On One
GrandblasterReal Cruel Number
.jacketAlive (YORU Remix)
.jacketSkyline Heart (Syst3m Giltch Remix)
Neon DeflectorOutpost X
Neon DeflectorSingularity
Liquid ModernFall In Spinning
Liquid ModernWalkin’ Feet
Washed IncWaves
Washed IncMolotov
FirkensteinFuture Futility
FirkensteinSmother No Other
Jonny FalloutDon’t Leave (When You’re Sad)
Jonny FalloutPhantom Heart
AerowolfVoid Walker
KMX VIIDown The Night
KMX VIIThe Quest
LazerkrowDying in Space
MikeXFMCarol Of The Bells
MikeXFMWe wish you a Merry Synthmas Remix 2021
WarpsektorMerry XMas Ya Filithy Animal
WarpsektorGlimpse The Infinite

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J360 Jams#34: Dimensional Vortex Voyage

The Monster Fest Rides Again this time haunting about on J360 Jams and in honor of this grand festival. J-Man’s hosting over 40 tracks and each one has a bit of that haunting flavor to keep the spooky season alive and well.   You’ll also hear some new musicians making their jams debut in addition to the veterans who are still making names for themselves.

If you love who you’re listening to tonight, please feel free to check out the link under the artist’s name.

Please support the artist (If you’re able) and help keep things going full circle.

ScarletWhat’s it like to be a Beast
ScarletFight This
Iyes KeenHalo
Iyes KeenNo Bliss
CelinaViolent Communication
DravenThe Origin Of Evil
DravenUnspeakable Horror
LazerMortisCrossing Over
LazerMortisThe Beast comes at Midnight
MagnavoltCruel Passions
MagnavoltHard Instincts
Rose ThalerFights Saved Me
Rose ThalerUnder My Skin
Null-O-BandNine Solar Systems Away
Null-O-BandThe Dream Millennium
Nereid3Little China at Night
Nereid3Y Si Te Quedas Conmigo
Acid ArcadeDark Side
Acid ArcadeShadowtopia
Dark83Neon Nightmare
Dark83Something Darker
Russell NashGhoulbashers
Russell NashLast Chance
MikeXFMCastlemania The 3rd Curse
Summer SleepIt’s a Shame to watch you fall
Summer SleepGood Luck
WarpSketorChildren Of The Night
WarpSketorGenerator Of Pain
NanoverseBlood For Blood
The RezonatorTerminate
The RezonatorJourney Off World
Dimi KayeInvoking The Halloween Spirits
Dimi KayeSoulKiller
One Ticket To The Moon Dark Sunrise
One Ticket To The MoonTime To Come Back Home

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J360 Jams#33: Spooky Season Madness

The Monster Fest continues to ravage through the entire landscape of J360 Productions and it has acquired another Jams episode in its grasps. Join in with J-Man and the Jam Fam as they cruise through 48 different tracks, discuss multiple monsters in folklore and jam the night away riding the Hallow eve vibes with supernatural grooves.

If you love who you’re listening tonight, feel free to check the link under their names because it helps keep us going if you show your support behind us indie artists.

TerrordyneThe Vanishing
SpaceForce & CybognStorms are Coming
SpaceForceThe Robot King Pt.II Worlds Collide
FirkensteinBleeding In The Woods
FirkensteinIs it just the wind?
Neon SweatsuitDouble Diamond Deluxe
Neon SweatsuitThe Outer Levels
Null-o-band ft. DeerevniaNine Solar Systems Away
Null-o-bandAmong The Stars
CelinaCilux Delta
MoonmournerSoul System 004
MoonmournerWar Machine
WraithwalkerSoul Extractor
BloodpanicParadise Waiting Room
Venom ElevenAnalogue Dreams
Venom ElevenQuicksand
Celestial MolliwopAnthropomorphic Figures
Celestial MolliwopInterstellar Message Composition
Montse TorresNeon Nights
Montse TorresOrion
Midnight VoidUnder Cement Skies
Midnight VoidNightride
KizunautHunter’s Moon
Jonny FalloutPerpetual Drift
Jonny FalloutSlow Burn
Sign Of Crows & Star MadmanDark Side
Drew Knight & Star MadmanKeep Moving
WholefoodSolitude (Candlemass cover)
WholefoodTake it
Survey ChannelStrawberry Point
Survey ChannelPale Future
WarpsektorVanta Limina
Summer SleepThe Ocean Never Ends
Summer SleepIt’s a shame to watch you fall
Void StareKaneda’s Theme
Void Stare & CyberthingWintermute
Ex-HyenaNightmare Pills
Ex-HyenaCocktails at Dawn

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Monster Fest Showcase#2: No Bliss by Iyes Keen

Oh yes it is officially October 1st and the Monster Fest is in full swing with more powerful content coming to you from all over the world that we of J360 Productions are happy to showcase.

An incredible array of talent is always coming from the Jam Fam.

So we’re letting everyone be a part of this feature we call the Monster Fest showcase.

Tonight you’re going to see a great music video from another legendary musician whom recently made her debut on J360 Jams#32.

Presenting “No Bliss” by Iyes Keen.

Keep up with Iyes Keen via the links below!

Iyes Keen’s Music:

Iyes Keen’s Videos:–rBDn7LV7RvXh2mIbOKyQ

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J360 Jams#31: Starward Journey

This week J-Man and the Jam Fam are sending off summer in a big way by having another Jamtastic party in the cosmos and the darkness.  Being that this episode is one of the last ones before the J360 Monster Fest takes over, lots of transitions are going to be taking place as they take another epic voyage through the spacewaves with lots of great songs on the playlist.

Please support indie artists, if you like who you’re listening to tonight, click the link below their name to find out more information and if possible buy the merch or music.

Gabriela MarciaArtificial Intelligence
Gabriela MarciaStar Dust
LV-380Star Cruiser
LV-380Waves Of Europa
Jnatra & ThreadmillSpace and Time
Neon SweatsuitBody Slam (Rough)
Neon SweatsuitCrystal Cobra F
GeoramaAurelia ’79
Georama & Wild EllieEllie’s Delight
WarpSketorFichael J. Cruizin (USA)
WarpSketorNot The Bees!!
Resin SunGlow
Resin SunCity Of Flies
SunwarperBlue Sky Emissary
Soundphaser Ft. SunwarperProcess
Survey ChannelVitamin Mind
Survey ChannelRed Sugars
Lavallette ft. Knight Wolf 1981Summer Keys
LavalletteSunset Baby
DreddbeatIn The Name Of Love
DreddbeatSummer Vices
Manhatten & Star MadmanTerms Of Endearment
Manhatten & Star MadmanDon’t Come Back
Firkenstein Ft. ClaytronicCoffee, Toast, & Peanut Butter
FirkensteinDeath Is Not The Greatest Loss
Maxx HeadroomWho’s The Killer
Maxx Headroom Ft. H3llyGhost
A Dollar UnderwaterIn From The Rain
A Dollar Underwater ft Andy ThorntonThe Perfect Dark
NanoverseUntil You Are Dead
Dark83Summertime Massacre
Dark83Something Darker
CelinaShadow Master
ForerunnerXHexx Mecha
ForerunnerXHyper Siphon
Renegade_UserMoonlight Desires
Renegade_UserWomen before The Internet
Summer SleepI Can’t Lie To You
Summer SleepPunching in a Dream
SunesisCity Of Sirens
SunesisSave My Love

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J360 Jams#29: Universe Expansion

Back by popular demand and not a moment too soon is J360 Jams, we’re continuing on the 2nd season with another wave of great music. This time bringing along 40-50 tracks featuring classic favorites of the Jam Fam and New Recruits expanding the brigade.

The Jam Fam’s evolution never ceases to amaze and this time you’re going to see the results.

Never forget the phrase “Jam Fam Forever!!!”

Featuring music by: SpaceForce, Blastpast, Celina, Spaceman1981, Alexandra Esakova, Denial Waits, Aerowolf, Firkenstein, Lavallette, Louvers, ZXSP, Nereid3, Jnny Cobra, Infra Violet, Neon Deflector, Thorrison, Headband, Fox In The Core, WarpSketor, YuKnoWatt, Emily Zuzik, Woves, Ghostech, Nargothrond, Maestro Eternal,Ex-Hyena, LV-380

If you like who you’re listening to tonight, please check out the link below the artist’s name.

Please support all artists that you’re enjoying tonight! Click their names to check out more of their work.


SpaceForce & BlastpastThrough the Universe
CelinaGet Ready
CelinaPrototype Rising
Spaceman1981 ft. Alexandra EsakovaFlashlights
Spaceman1981 ft. Alexandra EsakovaFlying
Denial WaitsMy Dark Road
Denial WaitsEntwined
FirkensteinThe Sour Suite
FirkensteinHow will I know (Whitney Vocals Edition)
LavalletteBreaking Night
LavalletteHigher Ground
LouversBreaking Night
LouversMoto Fury
ZXSPHyper Force
ZXSPLost Highway
Nereid3Little China at Night
Nereid3Tonight (I will drive to you)
Jnny CobraWe have come
Jnny CobraOverload
Neon DeflectorOutpost X
Neon DeflectorStar Dreamer
Horizons1982 ft. Nathan MadsenWalking Irrevocable
Hedband ft. ThorissonIn For The Win
Fox In The CoreThe Fly
Fox In The CoreThe Core
WarpSketorSweating with Mr. D
Emily ZuzikAlone
Will Pharoah ft. Emily ZuzikPerfect Mistake
GhostechMass Phobia
NargothrondBeyond Neon Streets
NargothrondPure Fucking Darkness
Maestro EternalA Fool’s Paradise
Maestro EternalPunch Dance
Summer Of MoonsOut Of My Mind (For You)
Summer Of MoonsNoctivagant Lovers
Ex-HyenaNight Scenes
LV-380Radio Galaxy
LV-380Hyper Drive 2079

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The J360 Hangouts#14: Hangin with Etherdrive

This time J-Man hangs with Etherdrive discussing music, catching up on great times, plans for the future and of course showcasing some epic tracks.

It’s a funny and exciting episode that fits in with the whole Jam Fam Experience.


Forged II
The Paradise We Lost
No Fate (Bonus Track)

Etherdrive’s music links
Bandcamp: Https://

Etherdrive’s Social links
Twitter: @Etherdrivemusic
Instagram: @Etherdrivemusic

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The J360 Hangouts#13: Hangin with Resin Sun (Uncut)

Continuing the Hangouts Double Special, this time J-Man is teaming up with the great pioneers of Rivetwave known as ResinSun. This duo composed of Cass and Will are creating unique music filled with industrial sounds and deep vibes along with making excellent artwork. These two are also strong members within the Jam Fam from J360 Jams. Come sit back and listen to some epic music and hearing awesome stories from an incredible band tonight on J360 Hangouts.

Resin Sun’s Track listing

City Of Flies

Sinking So Fast


Fade Into You (Mazzy Star Cover)

ResinSun Sites

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Song Of The Night: 06/13/21 (Jammaversary Mode!!) ft. “Tryst” by Star Madman and Dragon with Angel Wings

Happy Jammaversary J360 Legion

We have another special treat tonight this time coming from the baddest woman in the cosmos. The one that has madman in her name. Yep Star Madman is taking center stage and that track we have from her tonight is called “Tryst.” She made this song in association with Dragon with Angel Wings, another prominent member of the Jam Fam and a grand musician in his own right.

Star has been there from the beginning and she shines bright through every track she makes, and I can only imagine what other adventures she’ll bring as she keeps making music.

Keep going strong and stay wild Madman!

If you like who you’re listening to tonight, please show some love and support via her links below.

Star Madman’s links

Bandcamp: Https://

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