The J-Man Show#209: Jams History II (Jammaversary Month)

Picking up from where Ep#208 left off, this time J-Man decides to showcase others in the Jam Fam that have been there for a long time, attempting to bring the replay and spotlight around full circle.

With the exception of one, almost everyone here tonight is from the earlier days of J360 Jams before it’s complete transformation before what it is now.

So what better way to showcase them other then presenting them on the show that started it all! The J-Man Show in Jammaversary Mode!


Adam Ford ft. IdeonTokyo City Lights
Neon SweatsuitSweaty Pants, Sweaty Dance
MoonmournerWar Machine
The RezonatorShadow Bender
MikeXFMThe Prisma Advent
Dimi KayePedal to The Metal
Driver86 ft. Oceanside85Not Like Us
Espen KraftHot Pursuit
Night Rider 87Galactic Realms
Gabriela MarciaPyramid
Lavallette ft. Sophia SorrentinoWasted Love
Elevate The Sky Anthem (Hear The Voice)
Chasing NeptuneRed Fire
Synthwave JunkieHighway Chase
Future HolotapeIndoctrinated
Void StareCyberbrain Violation
Cassetter ft. MaxthorTill The End
Rat King Heavy Headed

if you love what you’re hearing tonight, please check out each artists via the link by clicking their names!

A special shoutout and a thank you to everyone involved, you guys are great. Please keep making music.

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Welcome to Jammaversary 2021!

Greetings J360 Legion! The following is a grand announcement!!

J360 Jams is turning 1 this month so we’re gonna celebrate it in style! Lots of focus on indie music this month, the Jam fam, and latest episodes all over the entire month. 

All of the other shows are getting into the action, and those of you that have only one track aren’t left out this time either! 

More will be revealed tonight on the J360 MiniBytes, and I think we’re gonna have a grand time!! 
If you haven’t experienced Jams yet, here’s the main link: 

Song Of The Night: 03/21/18 Wildcard Wednesday

Hey J360 Legion

It’s time for another random encounter on the J360 Playlist and this time it found us something great.  Living the Wildcard life is always something great in J360 Productions and tonight’s song seems to be perfect for the entry tonight.

It’s always a wandering adventure across the stratosphere for me, and there are times that the right music often pushes me for my journey.

Tonight’s song is called “Time” by Sequencer feat. Straplocked and Icarus

I always look forward to this entry in the Song of The Night lineup as it allows me to discover new artist and widen the talent pool.  There’s plenty of you creatives out there that I haven’t had the pleasure of meeting yet and I’m eager to change that.

Sequencer has a good line up of tracks, and if you would like to hear more of them, feel free to check out his Soundcloud here.

This song resonates well to me as there’s been a lot of ups and downs when it came to building J360 or just going through life in general.  However I always refuse to give up and choose to go out swinging in doing the best I can to make things happen.  It always feels good to reflect on things good or bad so that you can remember why you started your process in the first place.

Time is our most important commodity and it’s crucial that we use it well.

Song Of The Day: 11/20/17 Monday Motivation

Hey J360 Legion

We’re bringing in the Song of The Day Morning feature again after riding the heels of a superb weekend.  From Justice League and The Punisher’s debut on their respective programs to the great Eagles win against the Cowboys on Sunday.  There’s so much to discuss and in the end you try to figure out where to begin but last weekend was incredible.  Now since it’s Monday we have to start the grind week anew and in doing so we need to let the joys of the past days fuel our ignition.

If you are on the other side of the spectrum however a Song of The day can’t hurt either and today we’re going to honor a fallen legend. He was one of the hardest working artists in the height of the Pop genre, and created subsequent hit albums until an unfortunate scandal crumbled his base. Now depending on if you believed what happened or not you cannot deny that this man created some fine music and is still a legend to those who love his art.

So let’s kick those weekend blues aside!

Today’s song is called “Bad” by Michael Jackson.

Gone but not forgotten, We miss you Michael.

Now in honor of today’s fight song, J360 Legion get out there and pull a win!


Song Of The Night: 07/28/17 Friday Night Fever 

Hey J360 Legion

Friday Night came in a flash this week eh? I knew it would go by quick and soon enough Summer will be over and we’ll be out in the fall time discussing about Football, Halloween and splurging money for Christmas. It’s beautiful how time moves forward and we need to stay in sync with it so we can keep progressing ourselves.  The best thing is the advancement of the music scene and the technology used to produce it.

I’ve found a new music group called “Alizyan and the Drives” creating in the Synth-Pop/Alt Music genre and they have a unique sound. So for Friday Night Fever we’ll be listening to two of their tracks tonight.

The first track is called “Jupiter”

Next up is “Chinatown.”

The grooves are strong within this group, and they’re always posting daily content on their Tumblr giving some insight to what they’re up to next.  So this group is definitely an important one to keep an eye on and if you love the sound you’re hearing from them, check out their Soundcloud here.


Song Of The Day: 11/30/16 Wild Wednesday 

Hey J360 Legion

It’s is finally here, the 30th of November, and starting tomorrow it will be December. Where we will all battle though the grind to buy stuff that we may not use at all in our lifetime.  That was a small joke but that’s all it is, the holidays are a special time of the year and as long as you take it day by day, you’ll be fine. Never get too carried away in the hustle and bustle that follows it, always remain humble and safe in your endeavors. Plus you may need to listen a special song of the day to stay out of crazy thoughts.  Time to think of yourselves as heroes of your destinies and deep down that isn’t far from the truth.  Since today is Wildcard Wednesday I’ll pick something random from the line-up in tone but accurate in terms of today’s theme which is heroism.

Today’s track is called “Heroes” by Retro Thunder

Doesn’t the vibe invigorate your spirit and renew your mindset for the journey ahead?

If you love the sounds of Retro Thunder, feel free to follow his Soundcloud here.

It’s time to take control of your destiny, Legion.  Keep making those results and never bow down to excuses or lackluster ways to get by.  The motivation must burn and remain strong in you every day regardless of what events are out there, and how difficult the path becomes. We must each face different obstacles and conditions but in the end you are enough to handle everything that comes your way.   Don’t give into the chaos, stay firm and strong willed amongst it, and if possible you can let it empower you as you strive.   You are all heroes (unsung or renown) in your lives and possibly to other people so keep leading by your example. You never know when your time to shine will be and it will show at the most random moments and what can be more random than the holiday season?

Keep fighting the good fight.

Song of The Day: 09/21/16 Weird Wednesday

Hey J360 Legion!

It is time for another song of the day.

This time we’re looking into something to give you that extra push this morning, and I think we’ve found it in today’s song.

This track comes from the legendary group Oingo Boingo called “Weird Science”, from the film of the same name.

Would you believe that the front man for this band is actually Danny Elfman?

Just like what the man says keep conducting experiments, create new things, and stay weird.