The J-Man Show#246: Jams Lite

Since Jams#43 is delayed until Next Week, J-Man puts together an awesome lineup for single tracks here on The J-Man Show. If anything, it’s like how Jams was originally supposed to be and how it helps celebrate Jams during Jamaversary.

Since that’s not too far away it’s the perfect time to relax and vibe with the 20 or so tracks present on tonight’s list.

If you like who you’re listening to tonight, feel free to click the artists name to check out their page for support and keep listening to J360 Radio.

Panoramic DuoPress Start
OutshiftEvening Gatherings
ZXSPHyper Force
GrandblasterOne On One
LouversHunt For The Truth
Bunny XDiamonds
LavalletteNo Easy Way Out
SpaceForce x xChampangox x Washed IncMosh Bit
Odder Damage
Drew Knight & Star MadmanKeep Moving
Null-O-Band ft. DeerevniaNine Solar Systems Away
Topher Kickdown
Electron OdysseyThe Way Forward
ArdeniteEnd Of The World
We are Magnoia (Void Stare Remix)Synthwave Is Dead
Celestial MolliwopGod Tier
Thread Mill Haze
Aerowolf Voidwalker
WarpsektorTill The End
Iyes KeenMoloch
Alvin EightiesTime To Leave Earth

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J360 Jams#42: Remix Vortex

They say the meaning of Life is 42, and it can be filled with various remixes and that’s what we’re having tonight on this episode of J360 Jams.  The Jam Fam are bringing their best and brightest renditions to the party of all parties and remixes help keep things funky fresh.  J-Man is also happy to host tonight’s special with over 40 tracks on the line-up and each one just as stellar as the last.

We may even find a few new faces joining the Jam Fam.

If you like who you’re listening to tonight, feel free to check out the link under their names.

Russell NashResurrected
Russell NashInfiltration
Omega WaveFar Away
Omega WaveTransitions Pt.2
Neon SweatsuitSome People Call me a Synth Cowboy
Neon SweatsuitTsunami
Oceanside85Werk (Dendru Remix)
Oceanside85Watch Out (ZXSP Remix)
Melanie S JaneCrystal Sounds
Melanie S JaneIf You Need It
BlastpastHeat Death
Toxxic ProjectVoid
Toxxic ProjectPrototype
Electric SolCity Tonight (Toxxic Project Vibe)
Electric SolCloser Girl
GeoramaFunky Logic
KMX.VIIMidnight Driver
KMX.VIIDisturbed Reality
Deltal PhaxrayPlanetary Vista ft. Electric Seagulls
Deltal PhaxrayWaiting Until Sunset
(Odder) Daniel Lanois – Sioux Lookout (odder remix)
(Odder)Azelia Banks -Chasing Time (Odder Remix)
Mike XAuTumMatic
Mike XUnexpected Achievements
Neon Time TravelTracker 8 – Tunnel Chase Music
Neon Time TravelVector Dragon Intro theme
Washed IncRed Eye
Washed Inc x Moosifer Champango X SpaceForceMosh Bit
Resin Sun & SpaceforceSinking So fast (Spaceforce Remix)
Spaceforce & Survey ChannelSpace Tourist (Survey Channel Remix)
FirkensteinHow Will I know? (Firkenstein Mix)
FirkensteinDrunk In The Tub (You Spend Me Round Vox Version)
The ForgottenThe Forgotten
The ForgottenEren Jaeger (Attack on Titan)
CassetterUnwanted Guest
CassetterVirtual Desert
VVMPYREYour Flesh Is Calling (Draven Remix)
VVMPYREOffering (ESA Remix)
WarpsektorSuper Inhale Brothers Kart 64
Driver86 Ft. Millennium FalckRomance Noir (Bronster Bridige Remix)
Driver86 – Nightfall1986 (VHS Remix)NightFall 1986 (VHS Remix)

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The J360 MiniBytes#124: The JAMS initiative

This week J-Man discusses the oncoming arrival of Jammaversary, the PowerPlay, and the return of the Hangouts. He will even discuss a few boundaries and throw some upgrade information in the mix.

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J360 Jams#40: Grand Megamix

Crossing another Milestone Megamix, The J-Man and the Jam Fam are finally on the Grand 40.  To celebrate how awesome this occasion is there’s at over 50 tracks tonight celebrating the growth of the series thus far, with old favorites and new songs thrown into the mix. 

The party of all parties is celebrating the number 40 in style.

Let the Adventure begin!!!

If you love who you’re hearing tonight, feel free to check out the link by clicking their names.

Panoramic DuoPress Start
Panoramic DuoGlory Hallelujah
Adam Ford, IdeonTokyo City Lights
Adam FordReboot
ZXSPPrime Time
ZXSPSoftware Interface
SpaceForceWaves Of Time
SpaceForceZero Gravity
WarlockTonight We Ride
WarlockDisco Nebula
FirkensteinExigent Business
Omega WaveSpace Waves
Omega WaveWave Runner
Ankh WaveSpinning In The Sky
Ankh WaveJust Love Me
BlastpastHeat Death
Neon SweatsuitSax Maniac!
Neon SweatsuitFuzz In My Pocket
Acid ArcadeBack To Life
Acid ArcadeParadise
Star Madman & ManhattenTerms Of Endearment
Star Madman & ManhattenA Way
Iyes KeenNo Bliss
Iyes KeenMoloch
Final ShiftTime Flies but you’re the Pilot
Final ShiftThe Corrupted Advance
LouversHunt For The Truth
LouversWelcome Home
LavalletteSunset Baby
LavalletteNo Easy Way Out
Melanie S JaneMake The Move
Melanie S JaneCrystal Sounds
Survey ChannelSuper Sun Dissolve
Survey ChannelAahech
Emily ZuzikAlone
SP84 and Emily ZuzikPassion
TopherRed Nova
ResinSunSinking So Fast
AerowolfVoid Walker
WarpsektorSmashing The Future
Chasing NeptuneRepeat
Chasing NeptuneFuture Me
Summer SleepEscaping a Cult
Summer SleepMemories are gone forever
James PedenSpeed of Sound
James PedenProgress
A Dollar UnderwaterIn From The Rain
A Dollar UnderwaterThis is not an Exit

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J360 Jams#39: 2021 Year End Showcase

Lots of achievements are coming our way tonight, it’s the final night of 2021 along with the last Jams because 2022 is upon us we’re going to be rocking the entire way through the time streams.  The Jam Fam is ready, J-Man’s ready and it’s time to party up!!!!

If you love who you’re hearing tonight, please click their name to see what they’re all about, and invest in them if you can.

WarpsektorThe Oncoming Storm
WarpsektorGlimpse The Infinite
LouversBreaking Nights (Lights in The Sky)
Cat TemperCastronauts Are Go
Cat TemperTelepurrtation
ZXSPSoftware Interface
ZXSP ft. Phoenix Van Der WeydenSuperbia
Decisive Koala and Star MadmanFuture Roads
Star Madman and ManhattenA Way
Nanoverse & VinnyThaBone (VVMPYRE Remix)Devil’s Night
Elyxir & Neilio (VVMPYRE REMIX)Mother Mania
Dark SaintsRitual
Dark Saints ft. EM BEThe Demon (Vocal Version)
Liquid ModernJ’aime L’automne
Liquid ModernWalkin’ Feet
Neon SweatsuitHappy 360 Holidays (J360 Jams Special Mix)
Neon SweatsuitQuest Of The Keyholder
SpaceForceSpace Tourist Second Flight
SpaceForceDreaming Of That Moment
ThorrisonRise Up
YuknoWatt & Thread MillLuxure
Thread MillHaze
WovesChristmas Time is Here
Woves1 am
AGNISAll I want for Christmas (Mariah Carey Cover)
AGNISLight and Fire
Firkenstein Sleeping on the porch
FirkensteinA New Relationship with Time
Turbo HamsterCyber Mediator
Turbo HamsterSilver Mirage
Survey ChannelLilyboat
Survey ChannelTungsten Pillow
Electron OdysseyMeet The Horizon
Electron OdysseyShow Me The Way
Bunny XDiamonds
Bunny XUnknown Places (Cassetter Remix)
Maestro EternalPunch Dance
Maestro EternalPositronic Dreams

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J360 Jams#36: Musical Medley

It’s time for another grand slam of great music presented on the party of all parties: J360 Jams!!

Here for Episode 36 we’re giving a nice medlay of great indie music produced across the dimensions of space and time.  It will have a mixture of summer rushes, fall flavor and hijinks presented from the Jam Fam and filled with hilarity by J-Man himself.

So what are you waiting for? Come get your fix!

If you like who you’re hearing tonight, you can check out their pages by clicking their name.

Summer Of MoonsCity Nights
Summer Of MoonsOut Of My Mind (For you)
Electric SolWhy Do We Dance
Electric SolGotta Know
Iyes KeenHalo
Iyes KeenNo Bliss
Gabriela MarciaPyramid
Gabriela MarciaUtopian City
Jonny FalloutI see it in your eyes (Galaxies)
Jonny FalloutMagic Love (Flux)
Weland ft. Chris Cron, Astra VegaWeightless
Weland ft. Chris Cron, Claus SepstrupSuperpower
Neon SweatsuitButton Beach
Neon SweatsuitCoin Flip Time Trip
Scarless Arms & Star MadmanEndlich
Survey Channel & Star MadmanDecisions
WarpsketorAssimilate This (Jon Luck Pickard Edition)
ZXSPHyper Force
ZXSPLost Highway
Kim LightyearSummer Of Our Lives
Kim LightyearSomewhere Out There
Maestro EternalLucky Break
Maestro EternalPunch Dance
GeoramaCormatismo (2nd Coming)
GeoramaNeorama (Bellavista Version)
FirkensteinTwilight Reverie
FirkensteinNo Man Needs Nothing
Turbo HamsterNo Rest For The Voyagers
Turbo HamsterThey Might Be Space Wolves
SpaceForceWatcher Of The Skies
SpaceForceSpace Tourist Second Flight
Bunny XHead Rush
Bunny XDiamonds
Celestial MolliwopBoots’n’Pants (Vocal Mix)
Celestial MolliwopMass Acceleration
ScarletFight This
ScarletMoving On
The Last Days Of NovemberDust In Slow Motion

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J360 Jams#35: Mad Monster Mash

Welcome back to another supernatural J360 Jams episode celebrating the last week of the Monster Fest.  The Jam Fam and I are pulling no punches again as finish off the fest in style with at least 40 tracks of excellent music from across the airwaves.   There will also be some wild stories and horror facts to help accompany tonight’s performances and dare I say you might find the festivities to be wild and wicked.

If you love who you’re listening to tonight, please support the artist by checking out their links beneath their names to see what else they’re up to. from Terrordyne, Jonny Fallout, Acid Arcade, ZXSP, Firkenstein, LV380, Dark83,Final Shift, Maestro Eternal, Nargathrond, Nanoverse, Star Madman, Denial Waits, Rose Thaler, Neon Sweatsuit, YuKnoWatt, Warpsketor, Midnight Void, SpaceForce, Ankhwave, Survey Channel, and Electric Sol.

If you love who you’re hearing tonight, feel free to show your support by checking out their by clicking their name.

Jonny FalloutHypnotized
Jonny FalloutForever
Acid ArcadeMind Control
Acid ArcadeStay Home
ZXSPThe Deep
ZXSPShadow Vision
FirkensteinHunting at Night
FirkensteinDeath is not the greatest loss
LV-380Termination Shock
LV-380The Parasite
Dark83Super Neurotic
Dark83Night Time Occupation
Final ShiftThe Corrupted Advance
Final ShiftSomebody’s watching me
Maestro EternalChildren Of The Night
Maestro EternalNail In The Coffin
Nargathrond ft. Johnny DeathShadowPoison In The Heart
Rose ThalerBlood For Blood
Rose ThalerFirmament
Neon SweatsuitBloody Thunder
Neon SweatsuitRemember Me
YuKnoWatt ft. Thread MillLuxure
YuKnoWattViolent Shadows
WarpsketorPhantom Code
WarpsketorOccams Ripper
Midnight VoidTheme for a killteam
Midnight VoidNightride
Scarless Arms and Star MadmanEndlich (Dead End and Beyond Version)
Denial WaitsAshtray
Ankh WaveDance Of The Night Creatures
Ankh WaveJust Love Me
SpaceForce and Survey ChannelSpace Tourist (Survey Channel Remix)
SpaceForceSpace Tourist Second Flight
Electric SolCity Tonight
Electric SolLet The Music In

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The J360 Hangouts#21: Hangin with Nanoverse

This week on J360 Hangouts, J-Man returns to the interview format to talk with Nanoverse. A new member of the Jam Fam and an incredible musician. They will discuss horror movies, the movie industry and Nanoverse’s beginnings in music and where he’s going to next.

This episode is filled with lots of humor, great music and enjoyment all around.

Track Playlist
4)Blood For Blood (Latest track)

Check out more of Nanoverse’s work via the links below

Bandcamp: Https://
Twitter: @Nanoverse

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J360 Jams#34: Dimensional Vortex Voyage

The Monster Fest Rides Again this time haunting about on J360 Jams and in honor of this grand festival. J-Man’s hosting over 40 tracks and each one has a bit of that haunting flavor to keep the spooky season alive and well.   You’ll also hear some new musicians making their jams debut in addition to the veterans who are still making names for themselves.

If you love who you’re listening to tonight, please feel free to check out the link under the artist’s name.

Please support the artist (If you’re able) and help keep things going full circle.

ScarletWhat’s it like to be a Beast
ScarletFight This
Iyes KeenHalo
Iyes KeenNo Bliss
CelinaViolent Communication
DravenThe Origin Of Evil
DravenUnspeakable Horror
LazerMortisCrossing Over
LazerMortisThe Beast comes at Midnight
MagnavoltCruel Passions
MagnavoltHard Instincts
Rose ThalerFights Saved Me
Rose ThalerUnder My Skin
Null-O-BandNine Solar Systems Away
Null-O-BandThe Dream Millennium
Nereid3Little China at Night
Nereid3Y Si Te Quedas Conmigo
Acid ArcadeDark Side
Acid ArcadeShadowtopia
Dark83Neon Nightmare
Dark83Something Darker
Russell NashGhoulbashers
Russell NashLast Chance
MikeXFMCastlemania The 3rd Curse
Summer SleepIt’s a Shame to watch you fall
Summer SleepGood Luck
WarpSketorChildren Of The Night
WarpSketorGenerator Of Pain
NanoverseBlood For Blood
The RezonatorTerminate
The RezonatorJourney Off World
Dimi KayeInvoking The Halloween Spirits
Dimi KayeSoulKiller
One Ticket To The Moon Dark Sunrise
One Ticket To The MoonTime To Come Back Home

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Monster Fest Showcase: “Nightmare Pills” by Ex-Hyena

Hey J360 Legion!

We have another special presentation coming from the Jam Fam for the Monster Fest.

This time Ex-Hyena is showcasing their music video for their latest single “Nightmare Pills.”

We’re gonna be in for one awesome experience, and please show your support to these great artists if you can.

You can keep up with Ex-Hyena using the following links

Ex-Hyena’s links

YouTube Channel:



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