Liked on YouTube: NPC – Ice Cap Zone (Sonic 3 Remix)

NPC – Ice Cap Zone (Sonic 3 Remix)

░▒▓A part of SUPERSONIC, by Gamelark Records!▓▒░
seventeen really awesome sonic the hedgehog remixes, by a bunch of really rad dudes! available on loudr, google play, amazon music, and spotify! go do it now!

free album of my most recent 14 remixes! all conveniently bundled into one package! here you go!

ice cap zone is one of those sonic songs that i’m pretty sure every fan of sonic loves. it’s a fun, dancy, energetic track that’s been covered and remixed a million times over, but i wanted to try my hand at it regardless. i’m pretty happy with the result!

i’m also happy that it’s a part of SUPERSONIC, by gamelark records! i already talked about that up top, though, and in the video, so uhh. yeah. go listen to the rest of the album, it’s spectacular!

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