Upcoming Events: This week’s production lineup (11/30/2020)

Evening J360 Legion

This is J-Man, just letting you all know what the show line up is for this week. We have a full load of three different J360 Radio shows coming and it starts with the J360 MiniBytes#69 and ends with J360 Jams#12!!

And for you J-Man fans out there, The J-Man Show is always active and ready to go! We’re only 20 Episodes from 200!!! YES!!!

Each show will be happening live via Spreaker.com/J360radio at 10pm EST. So don’t be shy, come by, enjoy the party and chat it up sometime.

Liked on YouTube: The Cyclone#6: WTF is going on?!

The Cyclone#6: WTF is going on?!
The Cyclone is back! This time while analyzing Game 4 of the Eastern Conference Finals J, Al, and Dev attempt to discuss what happened in Game 2, and the unexpected win of Game 3. We attempt to read what’s going on in Lebron’s mind during all of this. Is he trolling or bored of the game?

Dev analyzes what makes a quintessential player in the NBA, and all of them attempt to discuss what could be next for the Celtics in the Off-Season. You wouldn’t want to miss it and we already know that the Cavs won game 4 (by the skin of their teeth).
via YouTube https://youtu.be/Pk3H_uebmV4

Liked on YouTube: So Relaxing, ASMR Role Play [Ear Cleaning]Gentle Mouth Sounds

So Relaxing, ASMR Role Play [Ear Cleaning]Gentle Mouth Sounds
This is an emergency ear cleaning, with gentle mouth sounds. Tonight I will be cleaning your ears, while gently speaking into them for a veryr relaxing experience. I hope you enjoy.
I have requests coming up, so if you made one, stay tuned. If your new to my channel, please feel free to join our kingdom. Like, comment, subscribe~~
via YouTube https://youtu.be/j47SFZ0bzuM