Song Of The Day: 09/30/16 Enter Dark Synthwave 

Hey J360 Legion

Another Friday has arrived and guess what?

We’ve got another song of the day waiting for you all.

Last time we’ve had you dive into both synthwave, and electro swing.  Today should be a good day for you all to embrace a deeper version. Since after today we’re leaving September behind for the month of horrors, it’s the perfect time to introduce dark synthwave in our lineup.

I’d say you’d need something with some pulse, and chaotic rhythm to give you that extra motivation like you’re running for dear life.

Today’s track is called “Her Bloody Getaway” by Megahammer, and is shared courtesy of NewRetroWave.

If you love this track and want to hear more of Megahammer’s work, check out his soundcloud right here.

Keep pursuing your goals, and don’t do a getaway similar to what the female in the song may be doing.


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