Venom: Let There Be Carnage trailer

Oh wow! The trailer for Venom: Let There Be Carnage is released.

You can check it out right here if you haven’t!

J-Man’s Thoughts

I’m excited to see how everything goes in this movie.

How about you? What are your thoughts?

The J-Man Show#204: Godzilla vs Kong Revisited

This week J goes back to the WB’s successful Monsterverse and discusses his thoughts on Godzilla vs Kong from the films strengths, the reason we went to see it, and some disappointments.  He will also take the time to call out some b/s publications written about the Monsters and then he’ll talk about his overall rating of the film.

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The J360 Hangouts#89: True Love’s Kiss Angst

This week J-Man discusses May 4th, The Snow White Kiss Debacle, Hindsight Explanations, and J360 Jams#23

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The J-Man Show#203: Mortal Monday

This week as part of a voting poll, the chosen winner was Mortal Kombat (2021) a polarizing film that is based on the epic video game franchise of the same name.  However since some people haven’t seen this yet, J-Man decides to bounce around the movie talking about its strengths, its weaknesses, and overall what he thinks about it.

He will also discuss Warner Bros’s weak reliance on trying to make a teaser film instead of a complete one and why all movies really don’t need to do a trilogy route.

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The J360 Hangouts#1: Dynamic Duo!! J-Man and Moosifer (UNCUT)

Disclaimer: The Following is an uncut show which means plenty of cursing, swearing, and color ways of expression so if you can’ take it, this isn’t the show for you!


In this revival of the J360 Radio Live Uncut series, J is actually sociable and hanging out with a long time friend Moosifer!

Come listen to their wild takes on various things like OnlyFans, and more.

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The J-Man Show#89: Friday Feedback

The J-Man returns for another episode this week by talking about Smollett’s bond, R.Kelly’s surrender, The Michael Jackson Documentary, and Captain Marvel mischief. He will even display the latest voicemails and feedback from the J360 Hotline.

You can call or leave messages on The J360 Hotline: 240-903-1634 or by emailing

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Friday Feedback Event happening this week!

We have something big happening this week for all who interact with our series. We’re going to play back your vms and read your emails on special Friday format.

This could lead to something excellent, all we ask is that you keep it clean in context, and the deadline is Thursdays at 8pm est for consideration.

The first Friday Feedback happens at 7pm this week.

Songs Of The Night 10/03/17 Triple Tuesday

Hey J360 Legion

It’s been awhile since this feature was showing up again but as you know life gets in the way and I had to handle that so it wouldn’t cause too much of a hiatus.   However now that we’re coming into October, it’s time to kick things up a notch and flow into the night vibes.

Since you didn’t get an entry for Sunday or Monday, today’s the perfect time to bring in a triple play feature.

Our first track tonight is called “Night Dreamer” by Kalax.

Next track is called “Intertwine” by William Henley Ft. JJ Mist.

The third and final track of the evening is called “Won’t give you up” by Beat Plastic.

If you love the sounds of each artist presented in this article tonight, feel free to check out their soundcloud pages via the list below.

  1.  Kalax
  2.  William Henley
  3.  JJ Mist
  4. Beat Plastic

The Sounds of the night are always calling for new adventures and it’s up to us to make the moves to that we can meet up to every challenge.  Don’t delay in your improvement for anything, think of how much your drive is willing to take you on our journey.

The J-Man Show#35 has landed

The J-Man Show#35: Retrogaming with NFG

Synopsis:  This week as part of a J-Man Double Special, J takes a look into the Jemele Hill Debacle facing Donald Trump and decides to venture into retrogaming while designing the new PowerPlay Reboot. He begins to look into a favorite pro wrestling game of his while discussing fond memories of the legendary gaming companies: SNK and Capcom.

Plenty of reminiscing is happening in this episode, so you won’t want to miss out.

Production Notes: Do to lack of time, Episode 36 will be uploaded tomorrow afternoon.