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Liked on YouTube: Captain America – Hawk’s theme cover

Captain America – Hawk’s theme cover
My guitar cover on the new sound card Jili@ with Amplitube 3
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Liked on YouTube: The Cyclone#6: WTF is going on?!

The Cyclone#6: WTF is going on?!
The Cyclone is back! This time while analyzing Game 4 of the Eastern Conference Finals J, Al, and Dev attempt to discuss what happened in Game 2, and the unexpected win of Game 3. We attempt to read what’s going on in Lebron’s mind during all of this. Is he trolling or bored of the game?

Dev analyzes what makes a quintessential player in the NBA, and all of them attempt to discuss what could be next for the Celtics in the Off-Season. You wouldn’t want to miss it and we already know that the Cavs won game 4 (by the skin of their teeth).
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Liked on YouTube: So Relaxing, ASMR Role Play [Ear Cleaning]Gentle Mouth Sounds

So Relaxing, ASMR Role Play [Ear Cleaning]Gentle Mouth Sounds
This is an emergency ear cleaning, with gentle mouth sounds. Tonight I will be cleaning your ears, while gently speaking into them for a veryr relaxing experience. I hope you enjoy.
I have requests coming up, so if you made one, stay tuned. If your new to my channel, please feel free to join our kingdom. Like, comment, subscribe~~
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Star Wars: The Last Jedi Official Teaser
Star Wars: The Last Jedi. Arriving in your galaxy December 15.

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Liked on YouTube: Mark & Margo – Fuck Authority (Pennywise Cover)

Mark & Margo – Fuck Authority (Pennywise Cover)

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Liked on YouTube: Mark & Margo – My Heart Your Weapon

Mark & Margo – My Heart Your Weapon
from a gig at 1984 (Wilmington, DE) on 4/8/17
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Liked on YouTube: How To Transition From Short Films To An Award Winning Feature

How To Transition From Short Films To An Award Winning Feature

Tony Germinario is a writer and indie film director, born and raised in NJ. Tony went to school at Fairfield University where he initially began his screenwriting career. Since then, he has always been involved in creative outlets. At first, he focused on music and became one of the lead songwriters for a touring band called Jel, but then turned his writing skills from songs back to scripts roughly eight years ago.

Since focusing on film, Tony has written 9 feature scripts, several shorts, and has experienced increasing levels of success with his film-making. His first feature film “Wingman, Inc.”, starring Kristopher Turner, Erin Cahill, and Reid Ewing was picked up by Lion’s Gate/Grindstone and was released in April 2015.

Additionally, he has completed three short films, that each had success on the festival circuit. “Séance” won the Gold Kahuna at the Hawaii Film Awards and was a featured selection at the Shriekfest Film Festival. “Selling It” was named an Official Selection at the Long Island International Film Expo and the SENE and New Filmmakers Film Festivals, and “In the Mourning” was selected by the Hoboken and Roxbury MA International Film Festivals and also won an Award of Merit from The Indie Fest.

Tony’s latest feature film Bad Frank, featuring Kevin Interdonato and Tom Sizemore has people talking. It’s won 11 awards on the film festival circuit and recently picked up a distribution deal with Gravitas Ventures. We learned a lot from Tony this week about transitioning from short films to creating feature films. The devil’s in the details and preparation can be the difference between success and failure. Surrounding yourself with a team you can trust is also the key to making big things happen on small budgets in the indie film world.

Keep up with Tony Germinario and Bad Frank

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Liked on YouTube: Spider-Man: Homecoming – Trailer 2

Spider-Man: Homecoming – Trailer 2
Does the suit make the man? Watch the all-new #SpiderManHomecoming trailer now and make sure to see it in theaters July 7.

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Liked on YouTube: Epic Film Guys Fantastic Four RANTVIEW!

Epic Film Guys Fantastic Four RANTVIEW!
Justin here with my rather energized rant/review of Josh Trank’s Fantastic Four reboot.

Please chime in with your thoughts this really is one for the ages.
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