The J-Man Show#270: Event building, Shadow bans, and More

This week J-Man discusses the event filming, building the 2022 Monster Fest, Instagram/Facebook issues, and striving for more in a world that wants you down and out.

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The J360 MiniBytes#140: The Validation Journey

Ah being a content creator has many wins, losses, and madness but it never stopped J-Man before but he will also take the time to mention value and validation. Why one is a trap and the other is best used by you.

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Bad Movie Review: Friended to Death.

Been watching some indie movies on Social Media…very interesting takes…there was one where a man faked his death to see how many people would actually turn up at his funeral.

The movie’s title is “Friended to Death.”

Just putting this out there, If anyone I know even thinks  doing something this low and dumb, consider your friendship/association with me voided.  I would say it is just a movie but I also wouldn’t be surprised if some poor idiot is attempting that “gag” as I’m typing this.

The direction of the movie was semi-decent but the characterizations were spot on regarding the action of the main character and his unwilling associate pulled into the con.   The other characters were kinda meh…like the “best friend” he was trying to impress, and the hipster roommate who functioned as the main antagonist.  There is another antagonist played by the Movie’s director who was a female carrying a grudge against the main character.  It was alright until you realized that the stakes were too outlandish even for a comedy movie.

My suspense of disbelief did die a little by the 3rd Act, but things got better and the message of real friends vs “net” friends  or Social Media superiority is not real superiority came through pretty well as soon as you get through the hell that occurs in the 2nd Act where it comes across as snarky and gross.

Other than that I’m looking to see more work comes from that production company, and I think the next movie I’ll watch is Unfriended.

Check it out for yourself and see if you like it.

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