The J-Man Show#208: Jams History (Jammaversary Month)

This week on The J-Man Show, J-Man sits back and discusses stories on how J360 Jams came about, and begins to share a secret playlist he built during his time running the series.

Keep in mind, he has millions of them that you don’t know about, let’s see who’s on it?

Spaceforce Ft. Neon SweatsuitThrough The Universe
Star MadmanD.G.A.F.
Maestro EternalLucky Break
The One ft. EclypseQuarantine Chronicles
Washed IncUndertow
Final ShiftDeath’s Very Emissary
Survey Channel Red Sugars
NeaonDestination X
Celestial MolliwopInfinity Nomad
ThorissonRise Up
Resin Sun City Of Flies
Thread MillHaze
Dark83In The Eye Of The Machine
EtherdriveThe paradise we lost
DreddBeatSave Me
ZXSPLost Highway
MikeXFMUnexpected Achievements
Toxxic ProjectNew Reality
Sandor Gavin Euphoria

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The J-Man Show#207: Urban Legends Rise Again

J-Man takes you on another trip through Urban Legends stories and discuss some of them whether they’re plausible or not. Some of these stories are brutal, others humorous and of course you’ll have a great time.

Book: Urban Legends, Bizarre Tales by James Proud

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The J-Man Show#202: Repeating Cycle

This week on The J-Man Show, J-Man finds that there’s plans for a Commissioner Gordan series that takes place in the same world as Robert Pattinson’s Batman Show coming in addition to a Rock Em/Sock Em Robots movie, along with an overall feeling of Deja Vu. Whatever happened to giving the same but different, and he will also talk about how replaying a bunch of PS2 games for the same appeal and finds duplicates in each of his console games.

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The J-Man Show#197: Sunday Special

The J-Man Show On a Sunday, yeah we’re just as shocked as you but from the ashes of 196 comes another Episode. J-Man discusses rebuilding the PowerPlay, Plans for another wild weekend, not apologizing for anything in this world, identifying toxic behavior patterns, and venturing on newer endeavors.

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The J-Man Show#196: Our Narrative Today (Uncut)

This week J-Man comes back to discuss the Snyder Cut, The arguments of Cancel Culture, Where we stand on the identity narratives and how it’s destroying things instead of helping. J will also try to present some insight on things from the past that could be helpful.

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The J-Man Show#182: Holiday Rations

This week J discusses some fun moments while gathering rations during the Holidays, noticing people acting foolish, and lining up movies to discuss during the Holiday Fest. He will also be making some last minute adjustments to the rules and may discuss a few Christmas specials.

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The J-Man Show#180: Call to action!

This week J discusses the coming of 2021, an uprising of new content, staying away of seasonal depression, and volatile people. He will discusses issues on the Day Job during the holidays and standing tall against adversity and bring about a new way to celebrate Christmas cheer regardless of where you currently are, and aim for something better.

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J360 Radio has landed on Amazon Music and Podcasts

Guess who landed on Amazon Music and Podcasts?!

J360 Radio!! Each show is on the system now and here’s the links listed below! Come listen!!

The J-Man Show:

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The J360 Hangouts:

It’s never too late to listen and show your support 😉 we appreciate all of our fans and hope to grow more!

The J-Man Show#138: V-Day’s Revenge

Oh snap Valentine’s Day is upon us, and it’s gained weekend status (sorta). No worries tho J will help you through it all by discussing a few things you could do, and improve your dating life a bit.

Keep in mind, J runs on NFG, and results vary!

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The J-Man Show#126: 3rd Anniversary Season!

The J-Man Show is back and in celebrating 3 years of production, J discusses Disney Plus, The Impeachment Hearing, and tying up some loose ends.

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