The J-Man Show#291: #Belikeme

This week J-Man discusses and reminds people exactly how J360 Radio works. He also discusses an insane way to try to save grub by bringing back the Bagged Lunch, He mentions why people shouldn’t get so worked up over the DKOldies nonsense, and he will also mention what the Chris Rock comedy special meant to him.

It’s also international womens day and J-Man shows his appreciation J360 Style

Let’s get to 300 episodes and make history!

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The J360 MiniBytes#162: Three Week Ago

This time coming back strong once again is J-Man back from another production week. Sit back as he tells you what happened, and what is going to happen.

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The J-Man Show#290: What a Time To Be Alive

Retrogaming, Dilbert’s Creator is Racist, Dating woes, and more insane inane nonsense polluting the world, not too mention Misinformation is at all time high, and in the end we still have go to work in the morning.

J-Man’s back!

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J360 Jams#63: Short and Sweet Symphony II

It’s that time again, another Friday, another Jams and this time J-Man is bringing the band together for at least 24 awesome tracks. It’s Short and Sweet but no worries the grooves will leave an outstanding impact along with J-Man’s comedy.

Featuring music by: Turbo Hamster, WashedInc, Firkenstein, Claudia Blackstar, Elegize, Drop Beat Empire, Valkira Synth, Marina Anselmo, Goudzoker, Michael Oakley, Mind Enemies, Lowdy Trail, Pat Anthony, DJ Trillz, and Ardenite.

Turbo HamsterNameless Being
Turbo HamsterAltered Mind
Washed IncUndertow
Washed IncWelcome to Heartbreak (Cover)
FirkensteinAction Without Friction
FirkensteinWhen we first kissed
Claudia BlackstarFrom Shadows
Elegize Feat Claudia BlackstarShattered
Valkiria Synth Feat. Drop Beat EmpireEntity
Drop Beat EmpireRight or Wrong
Marina AnselmoArp
Marina AnselmoLinen
Michael Oakley Rabbit In The Headlights
Michael OakleyIs There Anybody Out There (Jon Campbell Radio Edit)
Mind EnemiesInto The Storm
Mind EnemiesMy Time Gone
Lowdy TrailFinesse
Lowdy Trail ft. Pat AnthonyDazed
JD TrillzEccentric (Misa)
JD TrillzRare Stoner Muzik
ArdeniteYou’re so Dumb
ArdeniteDon’t wanna be friends

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J360 Jams#62: Another Vault Dive

Oh wow, since things were in a bit of a rush this week J-Man decides to take another trip through the music vault and bring about music from the Jam Fam to celebrate the oncoming of February with another party. Plenty of these tracks are classics but there may be some that are exclusives or about to make their premiere.

You’ll just have to find out by listening!

If you like who you’re listening to tonight, feel free to check out the artists via the links under their names and of course keep listening to J360 Radio.

Featuring music by Predator Technique, A New Hope, Elevate The SKy, Spaceforce, Neon Sweatsuit, Chasing Neptune, Amethyst Rain, Marina Anselmo, Isidor, Elegize, Claudia Blackstar, Ardenite, Driver86, Olivia Zulke, Oceanside85, KMXVII, Firkenstein, RogueFX, Dr.Chrispy, Toxic Driver, SAZER, Turbo Hamster, Mark Vera, Faraday Fusion, Alphabot, Neon Black Dreams

Predator TechniquePower Up
Predator TechniqueSuperhero
A New HopeWelcome To Night City
A New HopeEchoes
Elevate The SkyRace Against Time
Elevate The SkyWild Hearts
Spaceforce Feat. Neon SweatsuitThough the Universe
Spaceforce and Chasing NeptuneRainbow Sky
Chorus1986Lost Love
Chorus1986Streets of Temperley
Amethyst RainSome Kind Of Magic
Amethyst RainBeauty
Marina AnselmoCrest
Marina AnselmoArdor
IsidorCyber Funk
IsidorCommanders In Arms
Mercury MachineSecond Life
Mercury MachineRemember
Elegize feat. Claudia BlackstarShattered
Claudia Blackstar and ArdeniteDiamond
ArdeniteYou’re so Dumb
Driver86 feat. Olivia ZulkeDust In Slow Motion
Driver feat. Oceanside85Just a phone call away
KMXVIIFalling Down
KMXVIIThe Tempest
FirkensteinUnmoored From Reality
FirkensteinUndermine The Brainwaves
Rogue FX V. Dr. Chrispy(Because) We Belong
Rogue FX and Toxic DriverDomino
SAZERKessel Run 2.0
Turbo HamsterBloodlust
Turbo HamsterThe Grim Star
Mark VeraChange of Heart
Faraday FusionSuperdoll
Neon Black DreamsNever Give Up
Neon Black DreamsAnother Day

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J360 JamsTV#4: House of Horror

JamsTV has been invaded by the Monster Fest, and with a good reason too, it’s time to party up seeing music videos from 12 of the greatest Jam fam artists along with comical insight and humor from J-Man. It’s also a grand way to celebrate J-Man’s birthday by listening to the best music across the dimensions and we couldn’t think of a nice wicked time to celebrate Halloween Weekend.

Please support the artists by checking out the links under their names and help keep things going full circle by subscribing to J360TV and following our shenanigans on J360 Radio ( as well.

Mike XCastlevania The III Curse
Rogue FXDon’t Talk To Strangers
Resin SunCity Of Flies
Iyes KeenWebs
CelinaPunks not Dead Concert
Firkenstein Smother No Other
Hans KammererCandle Grey
ZXSPThe Deep
Black Snow On ChristmasDead Time Waiting Hall
Aerowolf Zombie Shuffle
Dark83Blackened Heart
Claudia Blackstar and ArdeniteDiamond

Happy Halloween everyone, thanks for submitting these wonderful tracks and helping me put on a great show – J

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J360 Jams#55: Frightful Reunions (Monster Fest 2022)

It’s the fourth week of Monster Fest, and another Jams Voyage is rising from the grave to present over 2 hours of epic music made from the finest creators across the world.   This will be a unique episode as it reunites creators who appeared on the Halloween Contemplation album called “Frightful Refrains” made by Firkenstein and many others.  

This episode will serve as a sequel of sorts, along with J-Man returning to host so sit back and embrace one of the greatest jams episodes ever made.

If you enjoy who you’re listening to tonight, please check out the link under the artist(s) names below, thank you for supporting them and listening to J360 Radio!!!

Inhuman GenomeInvitation
Inhuman GenomeAnxiolysis
NargathrondBloody Playground
NargathrondStrange Situation
AerowolfZombie Shuffle
CakeheadWoodland Amble
CakeheadA Colour Never Seen
Ryan J. SmithRock & Roll
Ryan J. SmithDifferently
ClaytronicGonna Wait Till My Change Comes
Claytronic Memory Hole (Andy Jam)
GrandBlasterOver Your Shoulder
Maestro EternalBurn
Maestro EternalDeath Becomes You
Hans KammererEra I
Hans KammererCandle Grey
Black Snow On ChristmasThe Only Place To Hide
Black Snow on Christmas ft. The Liar ChoirSuicide Squats
FirkensteinEverything appears to be under control
FirkensteinPast The Periphery
Drop Beat EmpireMy World
Drop Beat EmpireAftermath (Instrumental)
Marina Anselmo Shiver
Marina AnselmoDew
LXNR ft. KawakuroTrick or Treat
LXNR ft. KawakuroC0NQU3R DE4TH
Ash ElectricVoices
Ash ElectricID
Celestial Molliwop Incursions
Celestial Molliwop Cyberorganic Blood Freak
Vincenzo Salvia Ghetto Spaghetto
Vincenzo SalviaMore Oregano Baby
Inside The Albatross FactoryCoalesce (Burst Transmission)
Inside The Albatross FactoryLittle Green Men

Check out the Frightful Refrains album here:

Frightful Refrains Listening Party hosted by J-Man and Firkenstein:

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The J-Man Show#245: New Nightmare Tales

Continuing on the Monster Fest traditions there’s more Nightmare Tales from J-Man as he recites some of the creepiest stories to placed onto the event so far. He will attempt to offset the vibes using his riffing and snarky attitude but at the same time it should make a frightful entertaining impact on you all.

The stories are excerpts from three different books this year, and the links are underneath the titles if you want to look them up on Amazon.

Freaky Briefs – Jeff Strand

Under Your Bed – Blair Daniels

Urban Legends: Myths, Legends, and Bizarre Tales – James Proud

Please show your support behind these great writers.

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The J-Man Show#274: Cryptids and “Real” Monsters

This week on the J-Man Show, J-Man takes the time to discuss real Monsters that are alleged to exist in various states, he will also discuss some movies that appeared on the fest, and tell people about Jams#55, and what’s really scary in the world.

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