The J-Man Show#276: Monster Fest Triple Pack

Upon the fourth week of Monster Fest, and because you the fans demanded it, J-Man reads three more nightmare tales to you all in a triple pack format. He will also remind you that not all monsters are inherently evil, Jams is coming on Friday, his plans for a Monster Free-For-All, and casting a spotlight on a new book he’s reading called “A Trick Of The Light” by William Stuart.

Hopefully the stories won’t be too scary as J-Man’s brand of humor usually offsets the tales.

A Trick Of The Light: Short Horror Stories (Nightmare Fuel)
By William Stuart
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The J360 MiniBytes#132: Jams is still alive

This week J-Man discusses where we’re going to go and that Jams isn’t going to end with what was said in Episode#254.

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The J360 MiniBytes#130: Promotional Scams

This week on the J360 MiniBytes, J-Man outlines and delves into how to be aware of promotional scams. He will point how anyone will try to corner or sucker you into “great deals” to promote your content, only to let you down and possibly rob you of credibility.

Considering this is the internet, it isn’t hard to come by but in a way he will tell you to remember that sometimes the best promotion is the one that you create for yourself and know who or what exactly you’re going into business with.

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The J-Man Show#247: Next Level Climb

More climbing ahead in this endeavor, J-Man renews the Station, reminisces about the podcast journey, discusses opening the gates for newer artists or artists that want to come back, and has big news for the remainder of the week.

He will even talk about why it doesn’t matter where you are as a creator, as long as you’re having fun and making an impact.

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The J-Man Show#88: Stalkers In The Night Pt.2

J and Stacey Jayne from the Panophobia Podcast continue to discuss the psychology and issues of Stalkers who ruin the game for everyone. They try to answer why people choose to do such a thing. Stalking can become such a problem, it can affect not only your love life but your professional life as well. So buckle up as we look into stalking issues in the workplace.

This is part 2/conclusion of a special two-part episode.

To read up on stalkers and how you could protect yourself check out these links below.…-mind-stalker…ing-help-040513…-torment-someone#1

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