Song Of The Day: 10/12/16 Wicked Wednesday 

Hey J360 Legion

It’s time to get the day rolling with another Song Of The Day.

This time we’re going to be listening to some epic dark synthwave to give you that extra push and inspire you to handle everything that comes your way. We’re still a third day or so in the grind week and you have to keep faith in yourself to keep going.

Today’s track is called “Keep Faith” from Confrontational feat. Helene’ De Thoury. The song is a dark ballad  from his latest dark wave album called Kingdom of Night. It feels like a mixture of Fright Night with a hint of Lost Boys and the vocals are inspirational mixed within the dark tones.

If you like the sounds from Confrontational, check out his soundcloud here. The whole Kingdom of Night album is deep, rhythmic, and enjoyable to the ears.

Strive for greatness by doing the best you can.

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