Monster Fest Showcase: “Nightmare Pills” by Ex-Hyena

Hey J360 Legion!

We have another special presentation coming from the Jam Fam for the Monster Fest.

This time Ex-Hyena is showcasing their music video for their latest single “Nightmare Pills.”

We’re gonna be in for one awesome experience, and please show your support to these great artists if you can.

You can keep up with Ex-Hyena using the following links

Ex-Hyena’s links

YouTube Channel:



Social Media (J360 Productions)

Twitter: @j360productions


Song Of The Night (06/08/2021) Jammaversy Mode: An Evening with Resin Sun (Unplugged)

Happy Jammaversary!! J360 Legion!!

I’m back with another Song Of The Night and this one is so nice we’re gonna give double it twice, which seems a bit redundant in some cases but not in this one! (Puns)

It sounds a bit funnier when you don’t think about it but tonight’s guests are very special and important to the Jam Fam, they have a unique art and sound that harkens back the early 90s style and vibe. The classic rivetwave that lives on from every song they compose and it’s an honor to play their music on Jams every time.

I’m talking about the one and only: Resin Sun!!

An Epic band comprised of Cass and Will, two awesome people who know how to jam the night away and present a beautiful mix.

They’re always evolving their style and sound to the point where they created an unplugged concert not too long ago on Instagram. So we will be giving them their due tonight by listening to a couple of tracks from that same concert not too long ago.

The first track we will hear from them tonight is called “Sinking So Fast”

Our second song and final song of the evening is called “City Of Flies”

A special shoutout to both of them again for creating incredible music, keep going forward Cass and Will!

If you like what you’re hearing tonight please check out their links below and show your support.

Resin Sun links (Official site)

Soundcloud Page

Social Media (J360 Productions)

Twitter: @j360productions


Song Of The Night: 02/21/18 Wildcard Wednesday

The J360 playlist has stumbled upon some new sounds tonight.

While hanging around on the night shift, I have a fondness for the dark synthwave this band is creating.

their band name is Elay Arson, comprised of two artists named Daniel David Larson and Devin Harrison. As per usual with new artists we find. We’ll listen to two tracks from his library to give us an impression of their stock.

The first track is called “Cheveyo.”

Great vibes eh? Next up is called “Mescalero Prophecy”

Both tracks are pre-order previews from the duo’s upcoming album called “Spirit/Death.” In my opinion so far the album is on point in its direction and I can’t wait to hear the rest.

If you’re feeling the same way, show your support and check out more of their music here.

The adventure continues J360 Legion, and I will see you all again tomorrow night for the next entry.

Song Of The Day: 10/24/16 Monster Monday 

Hey J360 Legion

The weekly grind is back and so are we with a new Song of the Day, and staying in step with our horror event the J360 Monster Fest, we’re going to kick off the week with some music from our old friends in the Dark synthwave line-up, Dance with the Dead.   Now don’t go to pieces worrying about it being Monday, and thinking  it’s time to do the same old again, it’s a different day to make new opportunities. This song will really amp you up and help you pull yourselves together as you face similar ghouls on the way to work today.

Today’s track is called “Stitch” by Dance with the Dead.

If you love the sounds from Dance with the Dead, feel free to check out their soundcloud here.

Now that you’re all patched up, handle your business and keep striving for greatness.

Song Of The Day: 10/18/16 Terrified Tuesday

Hey J360 Legion

Time to get back into the spirit of the season, unlock the dark chambers, and unleash the ghosts and ghouls. We need something with horror in our lives, and getting the dark vibes is a good way to handle the grind.

At least for terrified Tuesday, and today’s track is called “Thrasher” from Dance With The Dead.

If you love the sounds from Dance with the Dead, check out their soundcloud here.

Now don’t just give into your desires to rest in your grave, embrace the grind and keep striving for greatness.  You can sleep later.

Song Of The Day: 10/12/16 Wicked Wednesday 

Hey J360 Legion

It’s time to get the day rolling with another Song Of The Day.

This time we’re going to be listening to some epic dark synthwave to give you that extra push and inspire you to handle everything that comes your way. We’re still a third day or so in the grind week and you have to keep faith in yourself to keep going.

Today’s track is called “Keep Faith” from Confrontational feat. Helene’ De Thoury. The song is a dark ballad  from his latest dark wave album called Kingdom of Night. It feels like a mixture of Fright Night with a hint of Lost Boys and the vocals are inspirational mixed within the dark tones.

If you like the sounds from Confrontational, check out his soundcloud here. The whole Kingdom of Night album is deep, rhythmic, and enjoyable to the ears.

Strive for greatness by doing the best you can.