Song Of The Day: 05/09/17 Turbo Tuesday 

Hey J360 Legion

I hope you did the best you could to ride the wave into this grind week. If it hasn’t been a good adjustment for any of you, don’t worry about it. Tuesday is here now, and it is the perfect time to rebound and go for the gold again. Especially with today being filled with the turbocharged momentum to aid you.

That gas will come in the form of today’s song. You’ll need to coast through today in a zone called lightspeed and this track has it within levels.  So refocus your energy and direct it to this vibe.

Today’s song is called “Hyperspeed’ by Cleeve Morris feat. Deep Melody on Guitar

If you love the sounds of Cleeve Morris, and Deep Melody check out their music on links below.

1) Cleeve Morris 

2) Deep Melody 

Dust off the ashes of your past, and fight for a new future.

Restarting takes time but it can be possible under the right circumstances and mindset.

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