The J-Man Show#234: Hello 2022, my reign has come

Well it’s the first show of 2022, and this time The J-Man discusses a few things dealing with Podcasting, Life, Art, people’s commentary, and why you should always hold out until you’re really done with things.

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The J360 MiniBytes#85: Re-ignited Motives

This week J discusses his disappearance last week, and his goals for this week along with his motivation with J360 TV, his thoughts on springtime, new changes ahead for the process regarding The J-Man Show playing music for Ep#200, And his thoughts on Mainstream Media’s obsessive tendencies to exploit cultures.

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J-Man’s Greatest Crossovers#5: Random Ramblings w/Rob (3RShow)

During my travels across the interwebs I managed to meet a lot of interesting people from podcasts, short films, talent shows and so on. So this feature is my way of giving back to them, welcome back to J-Man’s greatest crossovers.

This particular one was an adventure long overdue, I actually met this guy through my meetings with other podcasters, along with producing The J-Man Show in its 2nd season. For the longest time he actually tried to have me on his show and for awhile I was too busy working on the various other programs but I always knew we would do an epic team up sometime and this particular episode is the result.

So this is a shout out to B-Rob in TX, the random man himself and true to form, his programs don’t disappoint at all. You should definitely check out his material and really look out for whomever he has guest appearing or gaming live streams he has done.

For you wrestling fans or those interested, you should check out his other show: Wrestling is Trash

What is the 3RShow?

Podcaster?, RETIRED Service Member, Video Game lover, & Wrestling Fan. Jack…Ass of all Trades, Master of None. Join me as I try to figure out this podcast thing (From B-Rob’s Description)

Episode Synopsis: J.M. Brady on Everything (Oct 18,2020)

Joining me on this edition of #3RShow is J.M. Brady, man of a thousand podcasts. Listen as he busts my chops all episode & some of his plans for the future of his brand Sponsored By


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The J-Man Show#195: Taking a break works but quitting doesn’t

This week on The J-Man Show, J discusses disillusionment, social media tiredness, and overall fatigue with things. He also discuss while letting it linger will cause you to feel disgust with things. He will also discuss how it’s an indication of pacing yourself, taking your time, focus on R&D, and get going further planning now.

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The J360 MiniBytes#75: It’s only January

This week on the MiniBytes, J discusses the Capitol arrests, the aftermath of Trump, New developments for J360 TV, and info that this show will be turning 2 years old soon.

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The J-Man Show#178: Anniversary Road

Taking note of The J-Man Show reaching 5 years, J-Man knows it’s time to get back to work. So he’s gonna be discussing a few things to look into from 2020 going into 2021, and he’ll discuss the Sore Loser Parade Trump has going on, in addition to Mandalorian armor woes, and why it’s hard to build the community but he’ll do it anyways.

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The J360 MiniBytes#65: Completion is Key!

The J-Man is back, and this time he’s discussing how insurmountable odds, and tests are essential for content creators, how his time with this year’s Monster Fest has been, and his thoughts for 2021.

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The J-Man Show#165: Restructuring Part Deux

This week, it’s still all about maintenance as J-Man discusses staying stubborn for what you want but also using it to be driven about doing things regardless if you feel like it or not. He’ll also discuss how great it is for sports to come back but why two of his favorite teams losing streaks don’t bother him. Another thing he’ll look into his upgrades for everything in this company so far.

Plus he’ll also talk about other people’s opinions and why if anything you should go for what you want regardless.

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The J-Man Show#32: Mass Dysfunction (Black Label/Explicit)

The J-Man Show Returns with Episode 32, and this week J discusses the latest happenings in J360 Productions, The 45th Retrograde’s North Korea Debacle, The Mass Dysfunction happening in Society, the Generation gap, and the Workforce. He’ll also try to provide his insight on how we can all recover from it and why not to fear the vicious cycle happening in our social climate as we brave the storm day by day.

Production Notes: This is a Black Label J-Man Episode which focuses on more real talk than humor but if you are an adult trying to make it, you might want to have some words to live by.

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Song Of The Day: 05/09/17 Turbo Tuesday 

Hey J360 Legion

I hope you did the best you could to ride the wave into this grind week. If it hasn’t been a good adjustment for any of you, don’t worry about it. Tuesday is here now, and it is the perfect time to rebound and go for the gold again. Especially with today being filled with the turbocharged momentum to aid you.

That gas will come in the form of today’s song. You’ll need to coast through today in a zone called lightspeed and this track has it within levels.  So refocus your energy and direct it to this vibe.

Today’s song is called “Hyperspeed’ by Cleeve Morris feat. Deep Melody on Guitar

If you love the sounds of Cleeve Morris, and Deep Melody check out their music on links below.

1) Cleeve Morris 

2) Deep Melody 

Dust off the ashes of your past, and fight for a new future.

Restarting takes time but it can be possible under the right circumstances and mindset.