Song Of The Day: 01/23/17 Turbo Tuesday 

Hey J360 Legion

I hope your motivation suited you well by going back into the good fight.  We’ve got to keep it going as we cruise through Tuesday and let’s just make this week count no matter what.  I think today’s a good day for all of us to kick the notch to eleven.  It is the overdrive turbo day after all and I found the right song on the playlist to get that ignition going.   You never should stop in your elevation especially when your mind and spirit command you to keep going.

Today’s song is called “Infinite Chase” by Star Traveler

Star Traveler is another composer who is essential to the Synthwave scene, and the music presented here is good but there’s other tracks you should check out.  So if you love the sounds of Star Traveler feel free to check out his Soundcloud here.  I’m sure he’s still out there composing the next big hit for his library.

Just like his song states there’s always an infinite chase in creating, rebuilding, and striving for your goals.   Our goals are going to change over time and so is the manner in which we pursue them.  Never let anyone say that your dreams are foolish and you’re not good enough. Your goals are eternal just like your dreams and as we go for them, it will be much better than living a life full of regrets and what ifs.

So never quit, it is the worse thing than failing ever could be.


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