Song Of The Day: 01/25/17 Wildcard Wednesday 

Hey J360 Legion

Since it’s Wednesday we’ve got another adventure to start and it’s time to make things amazing despite the overcomb in office.  We’ve got to maintain and push for better because we’re still on the grind, it will never stop.  I’m have more projects to produce and you all have to do same regardless what obstacles are in our ways.  To aid in keeping things stable and move us forward we’re going to listen to something amazing from the Playlist.  Since it’s Wildcard Wednesday, it could be a random mix, a different genre, a new singer, and so on, Matter a fact I have the program on shuffle so I really don’t know what it is right off unlike the other entries.   Let’s take a good listen at what the song of the day is, shall we?

Today’s track is called “Maximum” by Betamaxx.

This song is a unique track. It gives me feeling of hope as I’m working  on a few big projects right now. In this uncertain times we need all the inspiration and help we can get.  If this song gives you the same feeling it does me, try to take that hope and turn it into something powerful just like the song that Betamaxx made here.   From what I’ve heard of Betamaxx’s latest, he has an LP called “Archaic Science” coming soon.  If you love the sounds of Betamaxx and which to hear his other tracks, feel free to check out his Soundcloud here

The adventure isn’t over until you make it so J360 Legion, embrace the grind, and keep fighting the good fight. .

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