J360 Jams#49: Jammaversary Mix 2.0

The Party of all parties is back for another night of Jammaversary Greatness this time filled with at least 34 tracks of powerful grooves and ballads across the world from the best group of musicians known as the Jam-Fam. Lead by J-Man this will be one party you do not want to miss out on.

Come for the music, stay for the laughs and be immortalized in history!!


Summer Of MoonsSummertime Love
Summer Of MoonsPlayland
TenebranFacing Darkness
Mike Templer (Ft. The West View)Dream Within a Dream
Mike TemplerWaves
Summer Sleep Angels and Birds
Summer Sleep Highest Hopes
Marvel83 (Ft. Neaon)Timeless
Amethyst RainSome kind of Magic
Blue NagoonThe Pull Of The Stars
Blue NagoonHinterlands
Daniel AdamCan’t let you see me like this
Daniel AdamThe Hangman
Driver86 feat Oceanside85Not Like Us
Driver86 Stranger Things Around Me
FinalShiftReplicants Rise
FinalShiftTime Flies, But you’re the Pilo
ItsTheDreamChaserLove along an ocean of Emptiness
ItsTheDreamChaserTerraforming Planets
Lavallette Thunder in Paradise
Lavallette Waking on the Beach
Nakatomi Freefall & Claudia BlackstarDevil’s Night
Drop Beat EmpireThe New Start
Neon SweatsuitBattle Royale
Neon Sweatsuit Every Button Counts
Odder Damage
Odder Vampire’s Vendetta
Sinuhe Navarrete x CelinaPayback
Spaceman1981(Ft. Alexandra Esakova)Feel
Spaceman1981 (Ft. The Safety Word)Nice to be in Orbit

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