Songs Of The Night: 06/01/17 Two for Thursday 

Hey J360 Legion

Ready to go for doubles?

It’s the most important night to finish strong for the week because for some out there, Thursday is the make or break day.

You’ll hear two epic songs to lead you to victory if you’re working night shift like me.  No one in the legion faces a monster like Thursday without the right armor and mindset. Let’s start it all up with help from the J360 playlist.

I managed to locate a great performer called AWITW and tonight we’re spending some downtime with him as we listen to some night vibes.

The first track is called “Forever One” by AWITW

The 2nd track is called “Sunset Cocktail” by AWITW.

If you like the sounds of AWITW, feel free to check out more of his work via Soundcloud here.

Day or night there’s always room to celebrate when you hear great vibes from excellent composers and you never know what they will inspire you to do.  The future is very real and we can make it an incredible one by starting to build something amazing in the present.  Let the strifes and creations of the artists presented in these postings push you into achieving your limitless potential.

Songs Of The Day: 04/06/17 Two for Thursday 

Hey J360 Legion

Time to roll a few doubles, and get things back on track.  The J360 Playlist has found a couple of great songs (and excellent composers) to add some fire to your morning tasks because those jingles you hear at work just don’t cut it.  Since it’s almost grind time, let’s get this day started right!

A bit of Synth and motivation never harmed anyone especially from Robotron 1982, and Maya.  So we’re going to take a trip through examples of their discography right now.

Our first track is called “Arcade Vision” by Robotron 1982.

The title track from his EP of the same name released Last April.

I hope to hear more material from him as time goes on, and next up is a a new artist I’ve had the pleasure of stumbling upon when setting the playlist to random.

The 2nd track is called “Running to you” by Maya.

Maya also has an EP coming soon called Dangerously Hot.

Here’s the teaser for it, just to give you all an earful.

If you love the sounds from both musicians, feel free to check out more via their Soundcloud links below.

  1. Robotron 1982
  2. Maya

Amazing grooves from both artists today. I hope the music you heard is giving you the motivation you’ll need. The grind is never easy but the results we can pull from it can be a helpful experience. Make it all count by embracing, and learning from challenges to strengthen you.

Songs Of The Day: 03/30/17 Two for Thursday 

Hey J360 Legion

Double day is here, and were going to give Thursday the love it needs. I know everyone gets excited about Friday but there’s no rule that says we can’t party today either. So let’s make it happen right now with two excellent songs from the J360 playlist. You all need some inspiration to handle your grinds for today as well. You’re not at the end of your ropes yet we’ve only just begun to fight.

The 1st track is called “Vortex” by MoTER from his latest EP “Wave Transmissions.”

The 2nd track is called “Vigilante Driver” by Matt Mason.

Lots of heroic vibes coming from this track, and it should inspire you like the first one to handle business today in achieving your goals.  I don’t have any doubts just by listening to these excellent tracks, I feel as though I can take on the world.

If you enjoy the sounds from both composers, feel free to check out their Soundcloud pages via the list below.

  1. MoTER
  2. Matt Mason

Whatever you wish to do in your lives, make moves now. Set up what you’ll need to make everything feasible in your lifetime. No matter what day it is or obstacles in front of you, take charge of the present.

Songs Of The Day: 03/16/17 Two for Thursday 

Hey J360 Legion

“Happy Stone Cold Day, If you’re about Stone Cold Steve Austin and the Attitude era.”

“Give me a hell yeah!”

Heh I had to do that for a little bit after all it is 3/16 and it is also Thursday so that means we’re going to have double the fun like we did yesterday regarding the morning playlist.  It’s time to make things happen again and take advantage of the adventure ahead.   While we usually share two songs from multiple artists for this entry. Today we’re focusing the spotlight on two tracks from one composer.  His name is Simon Jones and He’s created some great material over the years I think you’ll love.  So buckle up we’re blasting off into the Synthwave sub-genre called Space Rock.

The first track is called “White Space” by Simon Jones Music.

Since we’re currently in orbit we’re going to venture through the galaxy with a 2nd track from Mr Jones before we have to return to the grind.

The 2nd track is called “Rush into the Red” by Simon Jones Music.

Actually why stop at two tracks since we have to return to Earth?

Why not listen to another track to bring some additional excitement to our day?

The third track is called “Elements” by Simon Jones Music.

If you love the sounds from Simon Jones, feel free to check out his Soundcloud page here.

Remember only you can make the changes necessary to make your dreams into reality.  Nothing can stop you in your motivation or elevation but your thoughts and the best music we can hear each morning or so can inspire us to take chances and create great material.  Everything you do is all about planning and drive, sure you’ll stumble along the way but if you maintain, you’ll eventually find your stable ground and make a difference. Everything you do will be leading to a great end result so never doubt yourself as you go to the grind, embrace and fight on.

Songs Of The Night: 03/09/17 Two for Thursday 

Hey J360 Legion

Ready to go for Doubles?

It’s the right time for it, we’ve got plenty of new content coming soon, and I know we did a bit of a shift to PM style this week too. I’ve been handling quite a lot of other materials on the morning shift so that’s why we have another Song of The Night special for you all happening right now.   However the feature must go on as always and luckily the double presentation for the PM Shift is just as formidable as its morning counterpart.  The Playlist is just flowing with some great tracks by terrific artists that are just waiting for their moment to shine.  So let’s start it all just right with listening to two excellent Songs for the Double Trouble special.

Our first track is called “Hyperthrust” by Matt Mason.

The 2nd one is called “Degenerate” by Murkula.

Two great tracks made by astounding artists, and both of them could use the love for the material they’ve created for all of us to enjoy.  So if you love the sounds of both Matt Mason and Murkula feel free to check out their Soundcloud pages via the list below.

  1. Matt Mason
  2. Murkula

I think things are going to be back up to speed for next week regarding the AM Shift but for now the rest of the entries this week are for the night shift.  It’s all good though because I know you all love the Batman Shifts as much as I do. Since Daylight Savings is on the Rise I wonder if that means I’ll have to move this feature to 8pm now, haha.  Something to cheek out later but for now I hope all of you are staying focused and making your goals happen regardless of what shift you’re on or where you’re at in life.   You should always be taking notes and striving to make your best impact happen.  If you need any inspiration look no further than those who composed these great songs we get to hear daily.

Songs Of The Night: 03/02/17 Two for Thursday 

Hey J360 Legion

It’s that special time of the week with a double impact of songs. Some people don’t tend to give Thursdays much love due to it being a day away from Friday and every one knows why Friday is excellent. Not in this company because we’re all about using and living each day to the fullest. Thursday is all about the double track special which can lead to 3, and more considering whose been releasing some epic tracks lately. This special event stretches into the PM shift as well because deep tones and dark synthwave need love too. So if you’re a musician out there that needs that extra push, feel free to email us at [email protected]

So without any further delays let’s bring on the two songs of the night.

Tonight’s 1st track is called “Bodyglove”by Nightboat.

I love those jazzy vibes from this track, and Nightboat has plenty more from where that came from so you can hear that chill vibe.

Our 2nd track is called”Without You” by Sunglasses Kid feat. JJ Mist.

Such a beautiful uplifting song from Sunglasses Kid, and I can’t get enough of JJ Mist’s vocals.

If you love the sounds from all of the composers tonight, feel free to check out their Soundcloud pages via the links listed below.

  1. Nightboat
  2. Sunglasses Kid
  3. JJ Mist 

It’s been a busy day here at J360 Productions but that’s why it’s so much fun when you have to burn the night oil to still get things done.  If you’re like me at least we can always listen to the Song of The Night to keep the motivation running strong as I’m finishing up the projects I have laying around here.   Not too mention getting the inspiration for new ones to keep the workflow running strong.   Always embrace your grind and keep making results instead of excuses J360 Legion.  Since I’ll be on the PM Shift for the rest of this week we’ll be coming at you again with another SOTN tomorrow night.

Songs Of The Day: 02/16/17 Two for Thursday 

Hey J360 Legion

We’re almost through the week. Now if you’ve been getting the stuffings kicked out of you this week due to Valentine’s Day or Cold/Flu Season (The latter for me). Well let’s not dawdle in the past, it’s time to go for greatness and finish strong. Luckily we’re going to have two songs to ignite that power inside of us all again and handle much needed business.  The grind can be unbearable enough when we do give a damn, so let’s not start getting creative with the process now.  Two for Thursday is here and that’s when you all get multiple songs to fulfill those needs of empowering because sometimes one track isn’t enough so let’s do it.

Our 1st track today is called “This Way” by Chaconne.

Our 2nd and final track for the day is “High Stakes” by Vampire Step-Dad.

If you love the sounds from both composers presented today feel free to check out their Soundcloud pages via the links below.

  1. Chaconne
  2. Vampire Step-Dad

Let’s get out there and stand up 8 because we’ve already fallen down 7. You can’t win lying down in the ground with your own self-doubt.  Everyone in the J360 Legion are contenders even those of you that wander behind, We just don’t stop standing our ground as we make our mark on this new world in front of us. So rise up as I take a cough drop and let’s fight the good fight before us now because we move onwards and never backwards.  We do have to prove our worth to not only the world around us but also to ourselves.



Songs Of The Night: 01/12/17 Thursday Night Triple Trouble

Hey J360 Legion

It’s that special time of the week, well close it’s not exactly Friday Night but let’s go ahead and jam out to two awesome songs in the PM.  While I’m still toiling away in the night shift, I manage to locate some awesome grooves for the playlist today.  These sounds are enough to inspire some more scripts and storylines I need to prepare for the oncoming weeks.  Nothing like the right music to set the tone and give that push and drive you’ll need in order to set off the momentum.   So without any further delays let’s start up our musical mix for the evening.

Our first track is “City Lights” by Electric Runner.

The 2nd Track is “Automatic Love” by Tape Loader feat. JJ Mist.

Since we’ve had a double feature on Wednesday, tonight’s feature needs to go for three as a bonus.  So our third track is called “Leave with Us” by 20SixHundred.

If you love the grooves presented to you, feel free to follow each artist’s Soundcloud page as the the links to each one is listed below.

Soundcloud Links

Electric Runner

Tape Loader

JJ Mist


Major thanks and shoutouts to these great artists for creating these superb tracks, I hope to see more innovations coming as we make it through 2017, and that also extends to you out there in the J360 Legion.  The future is now, and it’s time for us to shape it in the best adventure we can live for and leave a strong legacy for others to follow as well.  Let’s become Icons this year and stay that way for lifetimes on end.  The quest continues no matter what and nothing is over unless you say it is J360 Legion.  You must remember this and if you’re down and out, you can always count on the Song of the Night and the composers featured to brighten your outlook.



Songs Of The Night: 12/15/16 Two for Thursday Night

Hey J360 Legion

I’m doing another experiment for the Song Of The Night feature on the website, I purposely skipped on the presentation for this morning. So good evening to all of you and I’m sorry for the trickery but hey at least I managed to get quite bit of things I had to do out of the way for the morning grind.   I hope your grind went as well (if not better) than mines did, and now we can just enjoy the December night along with a couple of great songs.  Some of you out there are also going into a night grind so this feature will be important for all of you as well. Keep your head up and work yourself through the grind with guts, glory and self-respect.

Our first track is “Into the Void” by Red Marker.


Our second track is  “Heroes” by Retro Thunder.

If you enjoy the sounds of Red Marker, and Retro Thunder tonight, feel free to check out their Soundcloud pages provided in the links below.

Soundcloud Links

Red Marker

Retro Thunder

Keep striving hard no matter Legion, rest for now for some of you, and the others keep making things happen you midnight warriors aren’t forgotten as we make it through these days. Always embrace the grind, keep hustling and making your marks.  Night or Day we’re all on an adventure and have a mission to accomplish.

Songs Of The Day: 12/01/16 Two for Thursday 

Hey J360 Legion

Welcome to the last month of the year. It’s great to see that we’re starting this adventure with The Two for Thursday special. As you know we’re keeping the momentum going by sharing two excellent hits. If you find yourself in the dreaded 4/5 work week rut then you will need to hear these two the most. The grind isn’t always welcoming but it is a blessing in disguise, and you will need to utilize all of your strength and abilities to maintain your focus. Don’t cave into those negative thoughts like you’re not going anywhere, you are actually moving each time you suit up to go do your daily tasks.

Now let’s get those songs of the day ready for you.


The first track is called “Sitting Pretty” by Iconique

If you love the sounds of Iconique, feel free to follow their Soundcloud here.

The 2nd track is called “Chronostasis” by Starforce

If you love the sounds of Starforce, feel free to follow their Soundcloud here.

These two groups always take me on a trip whenever I am facing a task that seems to be mundane.  I need a reminder that I am on a pathway that’s going to take me far and wide while being on my own or with the team.  So when I get lost in the music presented to me, it helps adding to my strength and my inspirations because the adventure never ends and it will never get easier.   So never attempt to let things get easy for you, push yourself and challenge every day even if the task seems out of place or mundane, that’s where most of your challenges come from.   Much like these two bands we’ve listened to today, we can only imagine the daily obstacles they face.  We have to keep pushing just like them to better ourselves and reach our destinations.