Song Of The Night: 4/18/19 Two For Thursday

Welcome back J360 Legion, we’re going to take this feature to the top by listening to two great songs from different artists tonight.

Our first song tonight is called “Charon Security” by Megan McDuffee from her new video game based album called “Hostile Takeover.”

I enjoyed her work since her collaboration with ALEX, and Ms.McDuffee is getting better at every track so far. I cannot wait to see and hear how her career progresses more.

Now it’s time for our second track which is called “Dysprosium” by the Billy Mays Band.

Excellent track eh? I love how it gets you pumping yet remains smooth on every rhythmic change. This one is perfect on going on an adventure through a dystopian city and trying to find your place in the world. I’m eager to seeing some newer tracks from this band as I keep writing this feature.

If you love what you’re hearing right now, please do support the artists and check out their soundcloud pages via the links below.

  1. Megan McDuffee
  2. Billy Mays Band

Song Of The Night: 05/24/18 Two for Thursday

Ah Thursday, It’s that special time of the week again J360 Legion.

This is the day (or night) where we listen to two great songs from the playlist.  From time to time there could be three or four entries but just to get things rolling on the right foot again we’re going to stick to two.

We’ve got some awesome material to hear tonight, so let’s get things started!

First track is called “Limit” by Emil Rottmayer from his latest EP called “Descend.”

Our 2nd track of the evening is called “On The Nightway” by ADMO.

  1. Emil Rottmayer
  2. ADMO