The J-Man Show#261: Top 15 Jammaversary Mash Up!!

Riding into the 2nd Week of Jammaversary, J-Man presents another sweet mix of songs featuring the Jam Fam doing what they do best, making dope music! Lots of these songs are instant classics from Jams History being rediscovered while others are preparing for the upcoming arrival of Jams#48.

If you like who you’re hearing tonight, check out the link under the Artist’s names and give them that full support if you can.


Rose ThalerSelf Control
ZXSP ft. MeglamodasKnochen
Neaon Storm Racer
Iyes KeenVenom (Stuck In Space Version)
Blastpast Casa Cristo
Washed IncRed Eye
Maestro EternalChildren Of The Night
Night Rider 87Team
Thread MillShadows
MeteorDark Side Of The Sun
Ash Electric Voices
JeffBNostalgia Myalgia
WarpSektorIt Is What it Is

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The J-Man Show#260: Jams From The Past (Jammaversary II)

While Jammaversary continues, J-Man presents another set of Top 15s for kick off an awesome weekend. Do you remember songs from long time Jam episodes? Well, if you don’t feel free to get a dose of it tonight.

We’re going to be looking back at 15 songs from multiple different J360 Jams episodes over time some of these artists may be fresh in your head and others you may be hearing for the first time.

Let the grand tour begin!

Feel free to check out the links by clicking each artist’s name if you love hearing them tonight!


A Dollar UnderwaterIn From The Rain
CelinaShadow Master
Chasing NeptuneRed Fire
Panoramic DuoPress Start
Montse TorresOrion
Myths and Monsters Engines of Abundance
DallicNight Drive
Null-O-Band ft. Deerevnia Nine Solar Systems Away
Gabriela MarciaPyramid
Splash 96CD City
SunesisGo On
ArdeniteEnd Of The World
Toxxic ProjectRose Days
Jetfire PrimeLeaving Everything

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