Song Of The Night: 03/04/17 Saturday Night Swingin 

Hey J360 Legion

I know I’m supposed to be a small break from production duties but I couldn’t leave you guys without sharing a Song of The Night for you all to chill out too.  Tonight’s song may not fit the Saturday night swingin title entirely  but it is worthy of being on this musical feature.  It’s a relaxing song for those chilling night vibes you may need when you’re deciding your next adventure.  We’re always on a state of evolution no matter how many times other people try to say otherwise and sometimes music is the key to that growth. I’ve much to do in one lifetime but I know I’m getting closer whenever I’m putting effort into the grind.  You should think about it whenever you feel as though the grind isn’t worth the gamble.  It’s all worth it as it’s leading you into doing different things and showing you different directions.

Let tonight’s track take you on that reflective journey.

This song is called “Transmissions” by The TCR, and it comes from his new 2017 EP of the same name.

If you love the vibes from The TCR, feel free to check out his Soundcloud here.

Never doubt yourself in anything you do, always keep learning and moving forward in your efforts.  It’s always about being consistent and staying focus in anything you do so maintain your momentum because everyday is always a new adventure.  We can make this happen and in the end it’s all up to us so carry the right mindset.   Now I’m going back onto my break so you all take it easy because next week is going to be another path to walk.



Song Of The Day: 02/07/17 Turbo Tuesday 

Hey J360 Legion

It’s time to make Tuesday count, and for some of you out there who hated the Patriots are probably still feeling the burn from your loss.  If so, don’t pay that message any mind (just a little humor) but let’s move on and make things happen today.   If you didn’t make your mark on Monday, there’s nothing wrong with a little Tuesday motivation where you can kick things into overdrive and show what you’re made of.   Whether it’s working out, creating a new project, going for that nifty new job or pay raise, you have to start somewhere and it is never too late.   You will need a bit of help and the best music can provide that jumpstart so let’s share a Song Of The Day from the J360 playlist.

Today’s Song is called “Speed of Sound” by The TCR, from his “Snake + Dragon 2” EP.

Epic track to start an adventure with eh?

If you love the sounds of the TCR, feel free to check out his Soundcloud here.

This is the new day people, let the vibes of this song and others created by various composers get you to where you need to go.   We can make this day count to change from our humdrum lifestyles and add more excitement.  Nothing in this world can stop you from achieving what you want except for self doubt and low level thinking, so always elevate.  Keep striving and you will become the best unlike what many have ever seen before.