The J-Man Show#223: Nightmare Tales Redux 2021

This time J discusses real life monsters in cancel culture, urban legends, strange stories from Maryland and more weird stories to continue on The Monster Fest.

Book: Urban Legends Of The USA: Maine, Maryland, Massachusetts, Michigan by Susan Hill.

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The J360 MiniBytes#109: Harrowing Hijinks

The Monsters fest continues this week J-Man discusses some more movies from Valentine and Urban Legends. This week is featuring a long amount of content and J-Man delivers it to you with something interesting from the J360 Hangouts.

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J360 Jams#33: Spooky Season Madness

The Monster Fest continues to ravage through the entire landscape of J360 Productions and it has acquired another Jams episode in its grasps. Join in with J-Man and the Jam Fam as they cruise through 48 different tracks, discuss multiple monsters in folklore and jam the night away riding the Hallow eve vibes with supernatural grooves.

If you love who you’re listening tonight, feel free to check the link under their names because it helps keep us going if you show your support behind us indie artists.

TerrordyneThe Vanishing
SpaceForce & CybognStorms are Coming
SpaceForceThe Robot King Pt.II Worlds Collide
FirkensteinBleeding In The Woods
FirkensteinIs it just the wind?
Neon SweatsuitDouble Diamond Deluxe
Neon SweatsuitThe Outer Levels
Null-o-band ft. DeerevniaNine Solar Systems Away
Null-o-bandAmong The Stars
CelinaCilux Delta
MoonmournerSoul System 004
MoonmournerWar Machine
WraithwalkerSoul Extractor
BloodpanicParadise Waiting Room
Venom ElevenAnalogue Dreams
Venom ElevenQuicksand
Celestial MolliwopAnthropomorphic Figures
Celestial MolliwopInterstellar Message Composition
Montse TorresNeon Nights
Montse TorresOrion
Midnight VoidUnder Cement Skies
Midnight VoidNightride
KizunautHunter’s Moon
Jonny FalloutPerpetual Drift
Jonny FalloutSlow Burn
Sign Of Crows & Star MadmanDark Side
Drew Knight & Star MadmanKeep Moving
WholefoodSolitude (Candlemass cover)
WholefoodTake it
Survey ChannelStrawberry Point
Survey ChannelPale Future
WarpsektorVanta Limina
Summer SleepThe Ocean Never Ends
Summer SleepIt’s a shame to watch you fall
Void StareKaneda’s Theme
Void Stare & CyberthingWintermute
Ex-HyenaNightmare Pills
Ex-HyenaCocktails at Dawn

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The J-Man Show#221: Nightmare Tales 2021

This week picking up on where last year ended, J-Man is reading more Nightmare Tales along with dropping some Folklore Files. Should make for a fascinating run on the Monster Fest tonight.

Check out the book: Urban Legends: Bizarre Tales You Won’t Believe by James Proud for more stories.

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2021 Monster Fest Movie Rating: House Of Frankenstein

The House Of Frankenstein.

The collection of universal monsters in one movie? Sounds epic right?

Well it is and it isn’t, it plays as a special swan song for the Universal line by combining each franchise. However the only one with a viable story arc is The Wolf Man, Dracula is dispatched earlier and we eventually see the dramatic conclusion with Frankenstein’s Monster coming back to life.

Connecting us to each Monster is Boris Karloff himself playing the central mad doctor whom along with a hunchback side kick are off to use Frankenstein’s notes to gain revenge. It’s fascinating to see Karloff interact with each monster as he’s playing Dr. Frankenstein without the name.

I’d go further but I rather you see this movie, it’s a delight but only if you’re a fan of these classics.

I rate it 3 bloody knuckles

J360 Jams#10: Monster Fest Endgame

Tonight on J360 Jams, we’re giving the Monster Fest the best send off we can regardless of the real horror story surrounding us right now in terms of the Election.

This adventure is going to be full of beautiful dark synthwaves and vibes that our artists tonight can offer us and some are actually making their debuts as well.

Welcome to the Monster Fest Endgame!

Please support indie music, if you like what you’re hearing tonight feel free to check out every artist’s bandcamp page by clicking their name.


1)Digital DreadThe Rezonator
2)Evil CircuitryThe Rezonator
3)Wicked City Void Stare
4)PreacherVoid Stare
5)No Sky For DaysWarlock
6)Tonight We RideWarlock
7)In The Eye of the MachineDark83
8)Synthetic Heart Dark83
9)Digital SurvivorWraithwalker
10)Blood Moon Wraithwalker
11)Open EyesStar Madman
12)ScreamStar Madman
13)Army of The DeadGlitch Black
14)Blood & Rust Glitch Black
15)D.N.RMaestro Eternal
16)Memento MoriMaestro Eternal
17)Supernatural Maverick
18)Night SteamMaverick
19)IndoctrinatedFuture Holotape
20)Scream to the MoonFuture Holotape
21)Berserk ModeMagnavolt
22)Road RageMagnavolt
23)Nowhere Left To Run Raptorvania
24)Shredded Raptorvania
25)Vectogram Shadowrunner
27)No WorriesMoonmourner
28)And to New HorizonsMoonmourner
29)Columbus 2077Cybogn
30)6 FootCybogn
31)In the name of LoveDreddbeat
32)Save MeDreddbeat
33)In BattleDaniel Adam
34)A New FrontierDaniel Adam
35)Thunder Road Dark Smoke Signal
36) Afterlife Dark Smoke Signal

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The J-Man Show#177: The Real Horror

For the final week of The J360 Monster Fest, J-Man discusses the real horrors that we as a people are usually afraid of, and what it serves for storytelling. He will also discuss what the Election is doing to people right now too.

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The J360 MiniBytes#66: Birthday Week

This week J celebrates his birthday, and discusses some loose ends to the Monster Fest this year. From making fun of the election, throwing a real story about our society at you, and discussing some new plans this week.

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J360 Jams#9: Monster Megamix

In honor of the Monster Fest, and we’re being near the J-Man’s birthday. We’re going to be listening to well over 32 tracks of awesome synthwave music. Ranging from the Dark to the vibrant, and the groove to some songs that make you think.

All while the J-Man provides on some comical yet informative insight throughout it all.

By the way if you like what you’re hearing tonight, feel free to show your support to the artist via their social page, or purchasing through their bandcamp links (click their names).

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1)The Pineapple Pizza SlayerVincenzo Salvia
2)DieselgateVincenzo Salvia
4)Dead or AliveMagnavolt
5)Neuromancer’s CallVoid Stare
6)Wicked CityVoid Stare
8)In the Eye of The MachineDark83
9)Polaris Shadowrunner, Danny Kemp
11)On Sour GroundThe Rezonator
12)OmniforceThe Rezonator
13)Panzer Wolf DivisionDark Smoke Signal
14)Priest RunnerDark Smoke Signal
16)Visions Wraithwalker
18)Slayers From HellBloodpanic
19)Mystery 1Maestro Eternal
20)Mystery 2 Maestro Eternal
21)Night ShadeFuture Holotape
22)The DisrupterFuture Holotape
23)Dark SideSign of Crows & Star Madman
24)AloneStar Madman
26)Neurolink TerrorDyne
27)A Windswept HillDaniel Adam
28)Forever GoneDaniel Adam
29)Hard To Like YouDreddbeat
30)Save MeDreddbeat
31)Viral VectorDimi Kaye
32)Mechanical PsycheDimi Kaye

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The J-Man Show#174: Nightmare Tales

This week on the J-Man Show, we’re doing something a little different.
In honor of the Monster Fest, and the horror genre in general. we’re going to be discussing and hearing a few Scary Stories tonight read by J-Man.

This stories are excerpts from books that the J-Man has been reading for a little while and loves the chill factor that they give. I hope you all will be entertained and inspired as I am by each and every bit of folklore that’s presented in these stories.

The link for the books are as follows

Book#1: Urban Legends: Bizarre Tales You won’t Believe by James Proud

Book#2: Scary Stories to Read if You dare by Joe Oliveto

(I highly recommend both books, and I am happy that such stories do exist)

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