Song Of The Day: 01/01/17 Sunday Renewal/First Day 2017

Hey J360 Legion

Happy New Year and welcome to 2017.

Time to ignite the fire within we’ve got to push through the winter season again and have to start anew.  So let’s not redo 2016’s mistakes and go forward into the future with the help of an awesome track from an outstanding composer.  Starting today, we’re bringing in the best features we can for J360 Productions and now it’s time to be back in business.  Right now you’re going to need some strong music from one of the forebears from the music scene.  It’s a bit different from the synth sounds presented but variety is important and all music is connected but let the message show through the sound of this great artist.

Today’s track  is called  “Move on Up” from Curtis Mayfield.

Let the message help you unlock your potential, break your fears, and move on up.  Don’t just focus on your elevation for the new year alone but for the rest of your life.

The time to shine has come Legion.

Song Of The Day: 11/27/16 Sunday Chillout

Hey J360 Legion

It’s time for another Song of the Day, and we’re going to be all about chilling out for Sunday.  Now unlike the other days of the week, it can be a mix bag of different genres and artists for the role of Today’s chill out song to help get us started for today’s challenges, and tomorrow’s adventures.   We’ve got a lot on our agenda to handle as people working, striving, and motivated throughout our lives and remaining on task.   So Sunday should function as a day of preparedness and to reacquire the focus you may have lost along the way.  I know the holiday kinda had me out of spades for a  bit what with turkey-itus, and taking a little time off to focus on my studies.  Sunday’s song should be all about re-finding that focus and keeping your objective clear.

Today’s track is called “Closer” by Frankmusik, and remixed by another synthwave artist called Kalax.

If you love the sounds of Frankmusik, feel free to follow his Soundcloud here.

If you love Kalax’s sounds, feel free to follow his Soundcloud here.

Even if things seem a bit off-balance, and off-kilter for you, never doubt yourself or forget the importance of your goals.  Pull yourself up from the ground and keep fighting for what you believe is right, and make yourself come “closer” to your goals.   It’ll be surreal, and sublime what you can accomplish through your patience, daily strives, and remaning on top of yourself.  Never stop for anyone, especially if you’re making a difference in your own or others lives. You never know who you may be an inspiration to, and if you’re highly invested in your journey, people will follow you.

Song Of The Day: 10/30/16 Sunday EP Special

Hey J360 Legion

Today is a special day, because I am now officially in the 30 range now.

Strangely, I’m not feeling any older but I do feel wiser and I’m ready to handle the next chapters within my life. Similar to how all of you are in pursuing your goals, we’ve much to do in one lifetime and the best thing to get going is listening to music that inspires and motivates us to the best of our abilities.  Today isn’t about chilling out, it’s about taking action and the song for today is going help us gain strength so we can take on the grind for tomorrow.

Today’s track isn’t just one track, you’re going to listen to an entire EP called “Unfinished Business” from a synthwave artist called Neon Nox with featured help from PowerNerd, and Rebecka Stragefors.  This EP is notable for helping me get through some tough tasks  throughout the month and it deserves to be shared for you all to hear.  It could possibly weave the same magic for you all as it has for me.


  1. Checkpoint feat. Rebecka Stragefors 00:00
  2. Turbulence 05:24
  3. Twisted Getaway feat. Power nerd 09:32
  4. Dead End 15:32

(Video and track listing  is shared courtesy of New Retro Wave.)

If you love the sounds of Neon Nox, Rebecka Stragefors, and PowerNerd feel free to check out the links below.

Neon Nox’s Soundcloud

PowerNerd’s Soundcloud

(Ms. Stragefors doesn’t have a Soundcloud link yet but when she does, I’ll add her to this list or include her in another SOTD article.)

I hope you all will have a spectacular day as I will, take it easy and keep embracing the grind and push yourselves to greatness.  There’s nowhere else to go from here but up.


Song Of The Day for 10/23/16 Sunday Chillout 

Hey J360 Legion

It’s that time again, before we get to the football games, and other daily Sunday rituals, let’s listen to an epic song of the day.

We’ve have a lot of important things coming this week regarding a new NBA Season, A dose of two PowerPlay Episodes, a trip through the J360 Monster Fest, and of course the upcoming weekly grind.  I know all of you out there have goals for your week as well and that’s why Sunday’s song is important for the momentum, something cool in tone yet fiery enough to keep your focus.

Today’s track is called “Can’t Get Enough (Save the Princess! Remix)” by Thrill Mode.

If you love the sounds of Thrill mode, feel free to check out his soundcloud here.

Always keep pushing yourself, and come back for more. Your grind should always be embraced but your momentum should never stop as you keep striving to be a better person every day.

Keep striving no matter what.

Song Of The Day: 10/02/16 Sunday Chillout

Hey J360 Legion

Enjoying your weekend? Good.

We’ve got an excellent song of the day for this morning, and staying true to the aspect of keeping things calm until we have to go back to the grind tomorrow.  Today’s song is a very relaxing piece that can inspire you into thinking of a different future and endless possibilities.

Perhaps the rhythm can prepare your mindset for important duties to come?

Today’s track is called GalacticOrs by two Synthwave artists called K.A.R.R.

If you’d like to hear more of K.A.R.R.’s work, please check out their soundcloud here.


Song of the Day: 09/25/16 Sunday Chillout

Hey J360 Legion

We’ve got a new Song of the Day, and since it’s Sunday it’s all about chilling out and relaxing the day away.  This is the perfect day to just ease down and recharge because Monday is about the grind, so just drift through the synthwave galaxy as the right song plays through your radio.

Today’s track comes from an artist known as Flamingosis and it’s called “If Only.”

(Video is shared courtesy of Electronic Gems)

Stay cool Legion.

Song Of The Day: 09/04/16 Sunday Chillout

Hey J360 Legion!

Today’s a pretty relaxing day as a matter fact the sun and clouds are forming a beautiful sunrise outside and it fits well with the track.

This is another hit single from Home (Who created Resonance), and it’s called Way, Shape, and Form.  A nice example of calm and cool Synthwave,  the feels from this track is what today should be about.

It’s almost like cruising through space and time at a easy pace while thinking of deep thoughts at the same time.

Major shout outs to Electronic Gems for sharing this music, and Home for creating it.

Song of the Day: 08/21/16 Sunday Shakedown

You ever feel like you’re being run ragged working day and night to get things done? That’s life but it has a charm to it.

We have to embrace the grind so we can achieve those results. While it seems barbaric and rigorous we have to put the time in so we can show it through our work.

No one knew how hard it was to create something any better than today’s artist, I think he would be the 2nd person that comes to mind with the title of hardest working man in show biz (James Brown will always be #1).

That artist is the legendary Michael Jackson, and today’s song is “Working Day and Night” from the Off the Wall Album.

RIP MJ, you live on through your work and in our hearts.