The J360 PowerPlay#44: Back To Tails (Sonic Adventure)

Welcome back to The J360 PowerPlay for Episode#44, this time J-Man is battling through the finale of the Tails episode in Sonic Adventure. He will also battle through more of Sonic’s story as well.

He will also discuss various things that have been happening in J360 Productions, and some new insights on more projects.

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The J360 PowerPlay#32: Sequel Time (Onimusha 2)

This time J-Man steps into Onimusha 2, which follows Jubei Yagyu on his quest for vengeance against Nobunaga Oda for destroying his village. On the Quest we will meet four various characters who will shape the story especially after we give them stuff.

It’s a bit of a fetch quest episode but a pretty good start nonetheless as the J360 Powerplay continues.

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The J360 PowerPlay Promo!

The promo for the J360 PowerPlay series, an entertaining video game series featuring J-Man from J360 Productions battling through multiple different games that he hasn’t beaten or that he lost the game saves to.  It will feature various lets plays, hilarious memories, and more gaming insight while at the same providing a new step into a different medium for J360 TV.

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