The J-Man Show#287: Who Wanted This?

This week J-Man discusses the need for independent media, and how the mainstream media purposely destroys good shows for stupid projects like “Velma.” He will also talk about why you need to embrace independent thought about all aspects of life and really question things. He will also talk about why lack of support can ruin businesses and how success is scary for people.

If there’s time left he will also explain something nifty about J360 Jams.

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The J-Man Show#36 has landed!

The J-Man Show#36: Contemplative Indignation

Synopsis: While re-recording Episode 36 for the Double Special, J looks into an incident from Instagram live and begins to think about Society’s first world problems. He begins to look at how hypersensitive people can be when it comes to nice compliments, and sees how a certain 3rd wave movement while intended for good is causing a lot of problems.

Is feminism dividing us in a time when the world needs more healing? Why are so many people angry? and is there an endgame to all of this infighting happening within our citizens?

Find out in Episode 36, and this is the conclusion to the J-Man Double Special.

Production Notes: This is a black label episode, and does discuss topics considered mature and political in its nature.