Songs Of The Night: 03/01/18 Two for Thursday

It’s time for the Two for Thursday special J360 Legion.

We’re going to look into a different source for this entry tonight. This time from the galaxy called Bandcamp where plenty of our old friends and new ones are steadily creating new music. The vibes are pulsating with deep motion and resonance that will echo long after you read this article I bet.

Our first track tonight is called “Voyager” by Key Puncher, coming from his latest album S/T.

Our 2nd track is called “Nostalgia” by.Predator Technique, hot off of his Neon Sunglasses album.

As it often is with our music feature, this is only a taste of the musician’s best as both composers have a multitude of music in their discography. If you love the vibes and sounds from both tonight feel free to check out more from their pages via the list below.

  1. Key Puncher
  2. Predator Technique


Song Of The Night: 01/22/17 Sunday Chillout

Hey J360 Legion

Are you all feeling ok? I know the events recently were bitter pills to swallow but stay up, and  positive.  The future is still bright we’ve just gotta fight through our limitations. Don’t let the political aspects bother you, there’s plenty to enjoy about life that makes it enriching.  We’re going to get away from it all for a little while and chill out to a song I found on the playlist.

Tonight’s track is called “Neon Waves” by SNTHWVRS.

If you enjoyed the sounds of SNTHWVRS, please check out his Soundcloud here.

Never stop living happily despite what storms come your way. Use today to keep that spark burning bright inside of you.

Song Of The Day: 01/16/17 Monday Motivation  

Hey J360 Legion

Just when you thought I wasn’t going to haunt your mornings anymore, well you were wrong!

I’m back on the AM Shift (for now) so it’s time to make the grooves come to life again and bring that inspiration and motivation back to full circle.  It’s Monday again so you know the drill, no complaints (Unless you’re a Dallas fan) and it’s time to keep moving forward so that we can achieve our dreams in this epic quest we call “life”.  So no moping around and doing the Garfield thing by hating Monday.   Let’s try to be friends with it by listening to a Song Of The Day instead.

Today’s track is called “Prime Time” by Tape Loader and Phatt Rok Ski.

Wooo…love this track, it’s just right for a new mindset, and getting efforts into play. If you love the sounds of Tape Loader and Phatt Rok Ski, feel free to follow their Soundcloud below.

Tape Loader

Phatt Rok Ski (He doesn’t have a Soundcloud yet, so if anyone knows where he is, please let me know so I can link him.)

Let’s breakdance and get through this Monday while handling our business and get things together.  Whether it’s bringing unity in the nation or causing the people to flow to our many unique vibes and grooves through the powerful messages we have to say.  Let’s do what we gotta do to make things better for us, the people we love, and why not everybody that wants to make the change.  It’s up to us to “Make The World a Better Place” than officials out there who want to keep us down.

So let’s make things happen J360 Legion!

Song Of The Day: 12/10/16 Electro-Swingin’ Saturday 

Hey J360 Legion

It’s time to bring out that big band swing, and unleash that ragtime. You know it’s all about that electro riff with that Satchmo rhythm. Matter a fact since  we’re on that weekend high, let’s see if there’s something on the playlist tonight get you all rocking the day away. Let’s make this place jazzy and snazzy!

Today’s track is called “Clap Your Hands” (Wolfgang Lohr Remix) by Parov Stelar and remixed by Wolfgang Lohr.

If you love the sounds of Wolfgang Lohr and Parov Stelar, feel free to check out their Soundcloud pages via the links below.

Wolfgang Lohr

Parov Stelar

Now since it’s still the holiday season out there, stay safe, and handle it well. I have a bit more shopping and building to do but so far it’s one interesting sea to travel through but just like you Legion, I’m always on an adventure too.   So just make it an enjoyable one and remember to keep pushing for better just like the artists shared on this feature.  If you’re out there working remember to keep your good cheer and self-respect but don’t go crazy from the Christmas Carols.

Song Of The Day: 12/03/16 Electro-Swingin Saturday 

Hey J360 Legion

Another weekend has arrived, so what are the big plans, a bit of adventure?some extra sleep? Or handling the rough terrain known as “Holiday Shopping.” For some of you, it may be all three, and more.  So since it is Electro-Swingin Saturday, I’ll present some grooves that will lighten your mood, and ignite your spirit.

Check out this great hit created by a dynamic duo on the Electro-Swing circuit.

Today’s track is called “Swing It” by Sound Nomaden feat. MSP

If you love the rhythm and remixes from both Sound Nomaden and MSP, check out their Soundcloud links below.

Sound Nomaden:


Regardless of what you’re to endure today. Don’t give into pressure, and allow yourself to keep moving forward. It is the season for you to enjoy yourself as well as give to others. If the week didn’t go well and you need this day to relax or download, keep in mind of the music you heard today. Don’t stay at Rock bottom or allow yourself to stay down. It’s your Saturday as well as mines, get out there and live your life.

Song Of The Day: 11/30/16 Wild Wednesday 

Hey J360 Legion

It’s is finally here, the 30th of November, and starting tomorrow it will be December. Where we will all battle though the grind to buy stuff that we may not use at all in our lifetime.  That was a small joke but that’s all it is, the holidays are a special time of the year and as long as you take it day by day, you’ll be fine. Never get too carried away in the hustle and bustle that follows it, always remain humble and safe in your endeavors. Plus you may need to listen a special song of the day to stay out of crazy thoughts.  Time to think of yourselves as heroes of your destinies and deep down that isn’t far from the truth.  Since today is Wildcard Wednesday I’ll pick something random from the line-up in tone but accurate in terms of today’s theme which is heroism.

Today’s track is called “Heroes” by Retro Thunder

Doesn’t the vibe invigorate your spirit and renew your mindset for the journey ahead?

If you love the sounds of Retro Thunder, feel free to follow his Soundcloud here.

It’s time to take control of your destiny, Legion.  Keep making those results and never bow down to excuses or lackluster ways to get by.  The motivation must burn and remain strong in you every day regardless of what events are out there, and how difficult the path becomes. We must each face different obstacles and conditions but in the end you are enough to handle everything that comes your way.   Don’t give into the chaos, stay firm and strong willed amongst it, and if possible you can let it empower you as you strive.   You are all heroes (unsung or renown) in your lives and possibly to other people so keep leading by your example. You never know when your time to shine will be and it will show at the most random moments and what can be more random than the holiday season?

Keep fighting the good fight.

Song Of The Day: 11/26/16 Electro-Swingin Saturday 

Hey J360 Legion

It’s that most wonderful time of the year, and I hope you’re all feeling that year end cheer. I’m currently looking over to see what swingin’ tracks to present to you today. It will be something that will keep the spirit alive, and make you groove.

Today’s track is called “The Jazz Show” by Raphael Robatto, a fusion of Jazz and Swing with doses of Electro feels.

(Video shared courtesy by Swing-Whale.)

An experimental sound eh? This man is pretty good at his tastes but since he doesn’t have a Soundcloud or an Facebook page, I cannot direct you to him but I can point you in the right direction of where to listen to more Electro-swing.

Check out Swing Whale’s YouTube channel here.

Check out Funky Panda’s YouTube Channel here.

I hope you all have an awesome day, and that you’re enjoying your weekend entirely and going on more adventures to broaden your horizons and making your ambitions come to life.   Keep pushing forward, no matter what.

Song Of The Day for 10/23/16 Sunday Chillout 

Hey J360 Legion

It’s that time again, before we get to the football games, and other daily Sunday rituals, let’s listen to an epic song of the day.

We’ve have a lot of important things coming this week regarding a new NBA Season, A dose of two PowerPlay Episodes, a trip through the J360 Monster Fest, and of course the upcoming weekly grind.  I know all of you out there have goals for your week as well and that’s why Sunday’s song is important for the momentum, something cool in tone yet fiery enough to keep your focus.

Today’s track is called “Can’t Get Enough (Save the Princess! Remix)” by Thrill Mode.

If you love the sounds of Thrill mode, feel free to check out his soundcloud here.

Always keep pushing yourself, and come back for more. Your grind should always be embraced but your momentum should never stop as you keep striving to be a better person every day.

Keep striving no matter what.

Song Of The Day: 10/16/16 Sunday Chillout

Hey J360 Legion

It’s Sunday, and before we go cruising to our destinations, and/or preparing for game time. How about listening to an epic song of the day from us?

It’s all about the down beats this morning, so that means it is time for some cool grooves, deep thoughts, and steady vibes.

Today’s track is called Foreign Exchange by GlobulDub.

Video shared courtesy of Electronic Gems.

If you love the sounds from GlobalDub, feel free to check out his soundcloud here.

The weekly grind starts tomorrow but don’t worry as long as we’re willing to push through the struggle, everything will be fine.


Song Of The Day: 10/15/16 Soothing Saturday 

Hey J360 Legion

Another weekend has landed, and we’re going to listen to some soothing sounds to start the morning just right. Perhaps something jazzy or smooth but nonetheless groovy, and you can bet on that one.

Matter a fact, why not have an atmospheric track that could make you feel as though you’re going on a trip to some place fantastic with excitement and adventure on the horizon?

I think we may have the right tempo for you today.

Today’s track is called Mass Transit by =Guest= and is shared courtesy of Electronic Gems.

If you love the sounds from =Guest= check out his soundcloud here.

While it is Saturday don’t waste it sleeping in or lazing about, get up and go out into the world and venture just like today’s track.

See you on the next run.