J360 Jams#32: Monstrous Mixtape

This time the Jam Fam is venturing through the dark side of the universe and bringing in the 2021 Monster Fest.  Celebrating the best of horror, along with some dark synth artists making their jams debut to J-Man hatching some hijinks to bring about the tricks as the entire show treats you to an excellent night of music.

If you love whomever you’re hearing tonight, please click the link to check out their music, buy the merch if possible and keep the journey going full circle.

By the way one of our own is actually in a bit of trouble, if you’re able to help him and his family get through this rough time, check out his go-fund me link here.

Summer of MoonsHazy Days
Summer Of MoonsCity Nights
LazerMortisAutonetic Highway
LazerMortisBelow The Sunrise
RaptorvaniaFaded Nightmares
TenebranNight Run
Resin SunCelebs want to ill you
Resin SunCredit Rating
Rose ThalerEndless Disorder
Rose ThalerMy Sweet Darkness
Night RazorAlien Pigboy
Night RazorRecontrol
WarlockDisco Nebula
WarlockWoodbridge 1980
ZXSP ft. Corrupted MachinesConspiracy
Final ShiftThe Corrupted Advance
Final ShiftDeath’s Very Emissary
NanoverseStreets of Desolation
NanoverseOrder Out of Chaos
Iyes KeenHalo
Iyes KeenSaint Maud
Helsinki ProjectThe Equalizer
Helsinki ProjectMetatron
EtherdriveNo Fate
Rayne ReznorDaemonz
Rayne ReznorScary Love
Galsia SignalBe Alone Tonight
Galsia SignalWhatever it takes
WarpSektorDeth Maschine
WarpSektorSwallowin’ Souls
Precog ZeroOne Night On Santa Cecilia’s Carnival
Precog ZeroSouth Atlantic Autobahn
Driver 86 Ft. Olivia ZulkeLike Crazy
The Last Days of NovemberLast Time
Denial WaitsMy Dark Road
Denial WaitsEntwined
Cosmic TitanSaturn
Cosmic TitanLast City On Earth
Drugs On WarNightmare
Drugs On WarSmash The Mirror

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The J360 Hangouts#13: Hangin with Resin Sun (Uncut)

Continuing the Hangouts Double Special, this time J-Man is teaming up with the great pioneers of Rivetwave known as ResinSun. This duo composed of Cass and Will are creating unique music filled with industrial sounds and deep vibes along with making excellent artwork. These two are also strong members within the Jam Fam from J360 Jams. Come sit back and listen to some epic music and hearing awesome stories from an incredible band tonight on J360 Hangouts.

Resin Sun’s Track listing

City Of Flies

Sinking So Fast


Fade Into You (Mazzy Star Cover)

ResinSun Sites


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Song Of The Day: 01/17/17 Turbo Tuesday 

Hey J360 Legion

We managed to start off Monday quite well but for some of you didn’t quite make the moves you wanted and a lot of you are probably going back to school or work today may need that extra boost.   So what we’re going to do is first consider this your new Monday, and call it Turbo Tuesday to bring in a track with the maximum overdrive you need in order to get through the obstacles or challenges ahead.

Now you all know of the legendary group Metallica, and if you’ve been paying attention to the Synthwave scene (this feature in particular) you all know about the synth rock group, Dance with the Dead right?

Well somehow in this universe and at this time, they’ve both managed to mix into an epic remix and it is as cool as it sounds, you should all experience the greatness of this song as it functions as the overdrive track for this morning

Today’s track is called “Master of Puppets” by Metallica and remixed by Dance with the Dead.

If you love the mixing abilities and sounds from Dance with the Dead, feel free to check out their Soundcloud at this link.   This song is beautifully done originally by Metallica and with the rearrangements by DWTD, it’s just beyond biblical now.   Well since we have a busy day ahead of us, it’s time to don our armor and go into the battlefield again ladies and gentlemen.  So let’s handle it and do what must be done as we take charge of our lives ahead in achieving our goals and dreams.


Song Of The Day: 11/04/16 Friday Remixes 

Hey J360 Legion

It’s Friday so it’s time to bring out the remixes.

Never forget that Friday still counts as a grind day. It’s an important one to finish everything on top so you can make the most of the night. If you do have business at night just think of yourself as Batman or Joe from Shinobi, and you have a mission to handle just don’t forget to suit up. Make time for everything and get it done, don’t worry about the small stuff just handle it all and remember your dream.  The dreams are why we’re all about the grind, and never fear failure just keep fighting for success because it is around the corner you just have to fight to get there.

Speaking of a mission, let’s bring on an awesome remix for the day.

Today’s track is a rock remix of “Idaten” from Shinobi 3 arranged by Boroda-Kun.

If you love the sounds from Boroda-Kun check out his Soundcloud here.

You’re going to get a second one today from our old friend the Audio Sprite, and his remix is a rendition of the Ice Cap Zone from Sonic 3.

If you love the sounds of the Audio Sprite, check out his Soundcloud here.

Great remixes for today I’d say, and these guys put a lot of their efforts into the art they wish to create, and so should you all in doing your daily tasks.  Don’t think of them as just inefficient or mundane, you do matter in everything you do and while the job can get a bit boring in places remember the results you’re making as you go through it.  You’re making strides and opening new doors for yourself every time you go into into action so never fear the grind, just keep embracing it and pushing through the focus.  Let your adventure challenge, grow and shape you into something better than you were years ago.

Songs Of The Day: 09/02/16 Censorship Friday Double Trouble


Hey J360 Legion!

I’m sure you all have heard about the latest YouTube news regarding the new Terms of Services. Remember how vague they were?

Well now they’re worse, and have more vague stipulations with punishments including demonetizing , flagging down videos, and banning/deleting channels. While even using terms to tie it all together like “Advertiser Friendly.”  In some way or another YouTube is clobbering Freedom of Speech,Freedom of Self-Expression, and Fair Use at the same time.

If you need more information about these rules, check out this link courtesy of Heatstreet.com.

While YouTube hasn’t been a friendly website at times, there’s still no reason for Iron gripped Censorship due to different point of views, creators relaying information,  and/or using fair use to support their opinions. I’d at least hope the people would share credit and links for where they got the original sources. YouTube was once a platform that allowed you to express yourself, and gain plenty with a profitable income or extra money. For some reason, things started to get messy in 2015 and is now coming to a head in the latter part of 2016.

The site isn’t dead yet however can be awesome again but all creatives need to unite, and speak against these vague rules. It could be a long shot but sometimes that’s all you need to get things done. Remember if you let these things get an inch over you, they’ll take a mile and the opposition usually wants more even if they win so don’t allow yourself to be railroaded.

However we will need inspirational songs to get us there first, and there’s plenty from the Pink Floyd catalogue to help with this.  So it’s a Double Feature Friday this week, and major shout outs to Pink Floyd for being forward thinking, and yes we’re using YouTube links for that extra ounce of snark (haha).

Pig (three different ones) by Pink Floyd

Welcome to the Machine by Pink Floyd

Song of the Day: 08/24/16 Wild Wednesday

That’s right! It’s Wild Wednesday here at the J360 House, and let this song be a reminder that you’re always on an adventure whether you’re going to work, or handling your business.  Your journey and attempts yields great results, you’re doing all of this to get to bigger and better things even if it doesn’t seem like it.

Today’s song comes from the legendary rock band Steppenwolf, and it’s called Born to be Wild!

Song of the Day: 08/19/16 Friday FTW!

We’ve finally made it to Friday, and in the end another weekend awaits, but for those of who have to keep embracing the grind it’s just another battle ahead.

We’re going to need a good song to keep us going strong through the battlefield and this comes from a great rock band called Europe.


Let’s go handle the business ahead and pull out a win!


Song of the Day: 08/17/16 Wednesday Wake-up!

The time has come for another adventure, and we’re halfway through the week.
Now comes the time to think of how much do you want to succeed.

Do you want half of those rewards or do you want them all?

Today’s Song of the Day comes from Queen with their hit single “I want it all.”

Time to become legends!

Song of the Day: 8/14/16 Heatwave Edition

You’re probably walking or working outside right now thinking…

“Damn, it’s hot out here.”

Well you’re only half right because today’s track is going to make that rising heat singe the hair off your butts. This song is a 1968 classic from the legendary psychedelic recording artist, Arthur Brown and it’s called “FIRE!”

Find some aloe and water quick because you’re going to need it, the temps won’t be letting up anytime soon.