Song Of The Night: 06/05/18 Turbo Tuesday

Hey J360 Legion, I hope you’ve all been doing well embracing the grind and getting things done. Lots of wild stuff has been happening so far but the thing is to never let it get you down.  We have goals ahead and problems to solve from random slices of life and in the end we have the power to handle them.

So if you struck out on a previous day or night, just shake it off and get back in the game.

We’ve got another excellent song to hear for this entry from one of the best Synthwave composers.

Tonight’s song is called “End Of The Night” by Robert Parker featuring Doubleboy.

Brilliant track eh? Would you believe it’s only the title track of a new album Mr Parker has created for New Retro Wave Records?

If you want to check out the Album take a look at the NRW Records page here.

If you would like to follow Robert Parker’s journey then check out his Bandcamp.

As you can hear Mr.Parker keeps making hits and has no signs of slowing down.  Neither should you, let your adventures begin with a sense of purpose and push yourself to achieving things you never thought you could.

Song Of The Day: 02/13/17 Monday Motivation 

Hey J360 Legion

Monday has arrived, and it is time to get back to the grind. Let’s make everything count as you won’t get anywhere by complaining about anything. The adventure continues every time this day comes into our lives, and we need to appreciate it. Plus the right music will never let you down as it will provide that additional strength you will need to make it. So it’s time to see what hot tracks are burning up the J360 playlist this morning.

Today’s track is called “Power” by Robert Parker.

Let’s go handle the business today, and make no excuses as you do.

If you love the sounds of Robert Parker, check out his Soundcloud here.

Let the power rise inside of you, and use it to handle your tasks today. Don’t worry about yesterday or be concerned about tomorrow. Live today to the fullest, and make your progression a reality.

Songs Of The Day: 02/09/17 Two For Thursday

Hey J360 Legion

It’s that time for a Double Trouble special, now that I’m actually getting The J-Man Show Episode 11 together at this current rate, it should be ready by Friday at 12pm.   A Little Unorthodox but it’s still pretty smooth sailing from here on out, and I’ve also planned Episode 12 to follow back on its original day of Wednesday.  So everything will be set to rock again, and I even have the PowerPlay’s format restored to differentiate it from J360 Live.   So are you all enjoying the large snow drift out there? I know I am because in the aftermath I’ll be shoving it (Yay -_-).  Regardless we’ve got to embrace the grind for another day and the best way to start it off is by listening some music for that extra kick. Before Old Man Winter kicks the crap out of the J360 Driveway, there are two excellent songs on the J360 Playlist today to share with you all.

We’re almost to the weekend and a great song to represent that is “Almost There” from Night Runner.

Our 2nd Track is called “On The Run” by Robert Parker, the second single from his new album “Awakening” coming soon on Feb 17.

If you love the sounds of both composers, feel free to check out their Soundcloud pages provided via the links below.

  1. Night Runner
  2. Robert Parker

Today’s all about being on the run, and getting things done that should be how you go through life. Just handling your tasks and being helpful as you can while also providing an example that the Younger Generation could aspire to be like.  At least through your artwork, music, and presentations if you’re about the creative life as we all are.   Nothing can stop us especially with the potential and power that we all possess inside.  Keep striving and moving forward in your lives despite what it seems like political wise or hearsay during your daily grind.  Just live each day to the fullest and make it all count for you like the composers featured here do and you’ll make some excellent results.