The J360 MiniBytes#31: A Legend Passes

Due to an unfortunate accident, Kobe Bryant and his child are no longer with us. However the mainstream media decides to fail in their accuracy by bringing up one awful occurrence in the man’s life, and another uses a racial slur in her report.

J-Man has come to pay his respects and get to the bottom of all of this in the minibytes format.

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RIP Gene Wilder: 1933-2016

We at J360 Productions would like to say RIP to an iconic actor and comedy genius.


Good bye Mr.Wilder, you will be missed and your legacy will continue to inspire all creatives across the globe to pursue our dreams and create magic of our own.

Song of the Day: 08/21/16 Sunday Shakedown

You ever feel like you’re being run ragged working day and night to get things done? That’s life but it has a charm to it.

We have to embrace the grind so we can achieve those results. While it seems barbaric and rigorous we have to put the time in so we can show it through our work.

No one knew how hard it was to create something any better than today’s artist, I think he would be the 2nd person that comes to mind with the title of hardest working man in show biz (James Brown will always be #1).

That artist is the legendary Michael Jackson, and today’s song is “Working Day and Night” from the Off the Wall Album.

RIP MJ, you live on through your work and in our hearts.