The J360 Monster Fest 2022 Ratings#4

Monster Fest Rating: Wishmaster

Ah yes Wishmaster, a 1994 horror classic at least to me. This movie dealt with wishes, souls, and an evil monster known as the Djinn. Unlike a traditional genie, he’s very much malevolent spirit who wants to bring his buddies into our dimension by using our deepest most desires to do so.

This movie was underrated in its time, it also featuring cameos by plenty of horror icons too. It also seemed like everyone was having a great time making the film too.

I enjoyed seeing the carnage, struggles, and effects in the film. I actually cared enough to see how the main character would survive the Djinn’s cruel game. The way things were arranged and how charismatic the Djinn was made this easily a 5 bloody knuckles rating.

2021 Monster Fest Movie Rating: Abbott and Costello Meet The Invisible Man

Continuing on the Monster Fest, I decided to look into the Abbott and Costello Comedies for a revisiting.  I enjoyed when they met Frankenstein and I loved how they saw the invisible man (pun) at the end of the movie.  As to make room for this particular film, however it’s not what you would be expecting so I guess “expect the unexpected” plays a big role in viewing this film.  

This film is different from its predecessor for the right reasons, and it revolves around them dealing with one universal monster: The Invisible Man.  The invisible man has always been different people (There was an invisible woman) at one point too and in this case it’s a framed boxer trying to clear his name after being suspected of killing his fight manager for refusing to take a dive.

Unfortunately in the test of trying to clear his name he recruits newly graduated private investigators: Abbott and Costello leading to a unique comedy of errors from beginning to end.  The classic gags take place along with the one-liners and scene stealing moments from the comedy duo to the point where it takes away from the Invisible Man plot but it’s still relevant in other ways. Such as it being a race against the clock before the invisible man’s newfound freedom could drive him insane (just like the original).

I would tell you that everything works out but it’s up for you to see that it does because this movie is actually pretty good on its own and if it’s not scary enough for you well…move on to the next feature but if you want something light with a bit of horror.  This one shouldn’t “disappear” from your list.