The J360 MiniBytes#168: 10:00 AM Check In

This week J-Man is checking in at 10:00am, and discussing things that have happened since last time since there wasn’t any J360 content last week.

Plus he fell asleep last night so you gotta figure it’s 10:00 somewhere.

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J360 Jams#54: Monster Fest Mode (Monster Fest 2022)

It’s finally Monster Fest season and J-Man and the JamFam are riding their way down the River Styx and bringing some awesome monstrous music with them.  It’s going to be a wicked night of grand adventures, hilarity and more. 

Not too mention some insight what is coming for JamsTV#4.

If you like who you’re hearing tonight, feel free to click the artist’s names to find their discography and to see what they’re working on next.  Keep the Support alive and keep everyone in business because more money equals more magic.

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Final ShiftThe Corrupted Advance
Final Shift Death’s Very Emissary
Iyes KeenMoloch
Iyes KeenIf It Kills Me
Nakatomi Freefall ft. Claudia BlackstarDevil’s Night
Claudia BlackstarMirage
Neon SweatsuitTransformers!
Neon Sweatsuit Laser Beam Fever Dream
Celina Frontline
Celina A Hero Born
Firkenstein Vandalized Memory
FirkensteinI Wanna Eat Your Brains
The RezonatorShadow Bender
The RezonatorVampiric Drifter
Maestro EternalBurn
Maestro EternalAll The Devils are here
Spaceforce ft. CybognUnreleased Song
SpaceforceBeautiful Escape
Dark83 & Celestial Molliwop Mystic
Dark83 & Celestial Molliwop Detached
Turbo Hamster Endless Night
Turbo HamsterFigments
TenebranNight Run
Raptorvania Nowhere Left To Run
Precog Zero Shadows Over Miskatonic County
Precog ZeroBefore Nightfall in Haddonfield
Turbo ViceHollow
Turbo ViceDerelict
WalmindNo Words Could Tell
WalmindTime Is Over
SunesisBroken Wings

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The J-Man Show#87: Stalkers In The Night Pt.1

Since the Valentine Weekend is over J and Stacey Jayne from the Panophobia Podcast reunite to discuss the psychology and issues of people who ruin the game for everyone. They’re looking into Stalkers, Why people choose to do such a thing, how it’s so easy for anyone to get into and how it can affect not only your love life but your professional life as well.

This is part 1 of a special two-part episode which will conclude on tomorrow’s episode.

To read up on stalkers and how you could protect yourself check out these links below.

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IG: @PanophobiaPodcast

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The J-Man Show#57: Slices of Life

Hello J360 Legion, I’m back with another Episode this time discussing the ignorance in modern society. While I talk about the Star Wars Boycott for a bit (and how its a waste of time). It becomes more of a deeper darker episode where I discuss why hardships are essential from time to time. Sometimes life’s moments occurs in things called Slices and often time it depends on what slice you’re going through that either breaks or shapes you. I also talk about how negligence and some of the awful vices I saw while building J360 Productions to now as I’m maintaining it.

The moral is “Take care of your problems, handle your business, and keep your mindset together.”

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