The J360 Hangouts#1: Dynamic Duo!! J-Man and Moosifer (UNCUT)

Disclaimer: The Following is an uncut show which means plenty of cursing, swearing, and color ways of expression so if you can’ take it, this isn’t the show for you!


In this revival of the J360 Radio Live Uncut series, J is actually sociable and hanging out with a long time friend Moosifer!

Come listen to their wild takes on various things like OnlyFans, and more.

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J360 Jams#12: Three Hour Galaxy Tour

Welcome to a 3 Hour Galaxy Tour!

This week J-Man leads you all on a powerful galaxy tour that spans the everlasting universe, we’ll be listening to different themes all while riding out into a uncertain future filled with lost, love, fortune and advancement.
This episode has close to 3 hours of musical content made from some of the finest musicians across the world.

Please support Indie Music and if you love what you’re hearing tonight please check out each artist’s bandcamp page by clicking their names below.


1)The Rush Michael Kross
2)Darker OneMichael Kross
3)Battle Of YoungZero Call
4)Tech Addiction Zero Call
5)Strange Love2D Cat
6)I Remember2D Cat
7)Starscream (Star Madman Remix)Sunwarper, Cpektir, Star Madman
8)MemoryStar Madman
9)Sky On Fire Meteor
10)Lucid DreamMeteor
11)Faded NightmaresRaptorvania
13)RetraceThread Mill
14)Lights OffThread Mill
18)The Prisma
19)Say SomethingLavallette
20)Wasted LoveLavallette
21)WavesWashed Inc.
22)UndertowWashed Inc.
23)Love HurtsChasing Neptune
24)Red FireChasing Neptune
25)Beyond The GridMoonmourner
26)And to New HorizonsMoonmourner
27)Movin’ On Cybogn
28)Storms Are Coming Cybogn and SpaceForce
29)Space TouristSpaceForce
30)Zero Gravity SpaceForce
31)The AbyssDark83
32)Tear Me Apart Dark83
33)Dark Energy The One
34)Quarantine ChroniclesThe One
35)Lucky BreakMaestro Eternal
36)Atari NightsMaestro Eternal
37)Painted HologramsCzarina
39)Forged in Neon Elevate The Sky
40)Dream Accelerator Elevate The Sky
42)Cannon LawSAZER
43)Hero Of The Future One Ticket To The Moon
44)This is The EndOne Ticket To The Moon

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The J-Man Show#171: Anthology Kick (Monster Fest Eve)

Since it’s the eve before the Monster Fest starts J discusses some anthologies that has been on his list lately, and how he celebrated International Podcast Day. He will also discuss his thoughts on the industry, and look into a few episode scenarios.

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The J360 MiniBytes#52: COVID-19 Strikes Back

This week J discusses the rise of Covid-19, due to human stupidity and selfishness. He will also take time to discuss his excitement for Star Wars Squadrons, the latest on J360 Jams, and if he’ll ever see movies in public again?

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The J360 MiniBytes#41: Rations Day

Today is Rations Day or the day when J goes to run his errands and buy his groceries and he tells about his experiences, along with describing a horrible day that actually gave him pause.

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The J360 MiniBytes#40: This is a Lock down?

This week J discusses returning to the dayjob, how Delaware’s lockdown doesn’t change much,and how he’s handling the Olympic cancellation.

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The J-Man Show#139: A Mentoring Episode

This week J looks into what makes “perfect” podcasting and why you shouldn’t listen to that advice. He’ll drop some insight on why you should focus on doing your own style and He will also talk about how there are some good video game movies out there.

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The J360 MiniBytes#32: Clown Shoes (Explicit)

This week J discusses the idiocracy about the impeachment, Super Bowl Halftime Backlash, and hypersensitivity in the workplace.

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The J-Man Show#127: Ain’t Afraid of No COPPA

This week the J-Man looks into the fear surrounding COPPA, and YouTube. He will try to unravel what could go wrong but also bring about what you could do to fight it all so you won’t gain any penalty fees. He will also look into the rise of Black Fridays, and Thanksgiving.

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The J-Man Show#126: 3rd Anniversary Season!

The J-Man Show is back and in celebrating 3 years of production, J discusses Disney Plus, The Impeachment Hearing, and tying up some loose ends.

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