Song Of The Night: 07/10/18 Turbo Tuesday

Hey J360 Legion

Time to continue moving forward on our pathway by listening to more great music that independent creatives have to offer.   I found someone new to provide tonight’s entertainment using the playlist to focus on some outrun vibes.  This composer doesn’t stick to one genre or subsection in the synthwave music and maintains his unique sound as he builds his craft.   So this is the perfect time to lock into how far he’s moving with his journey and in hopes it will continue to grow and may inspire you other creatives out there.

Tonight’s track is called “Turn left” by Inexdra.

Since this is his debut on the Song of The Night feature, it’s best to submit two tracks from him so that you may get a feel for his skill set.

The next track is called “Parable.”

Great tracks eh? If you want to hear more music from Inexdra, feel free to listen and support his journey via Soundcloud here.

Song Of The Night: 07/08/18 Sunday Night Chillout

After so much maintenance, it’s finally time to cruise the online gateways of great music again.  To hear some of the best sound and adventures the world has to offer and give them all a chance at a wonderful spotlight.   Song Of The Night (Day) is back J360 Legion and we have a lot of great music to look forward to.

Tonight’s song is called “Still There” by Starforce, an awesome Synthwave duo known.  Exploring music is much like going on a space expedition, and these two have worked on hard on their craft in their sector of the galaxy.

So let’s help their dreams continue by listening to their latest track.

Keeping in tone with the chillout session on Sundays, Starforce managed to knock it out of the park however it’s only the beginning of songs these two have created. So if you want to hear more from StarForce feel free to check out their bandcamp here.

Song Of The Night: 05/22/18 Turbo Tuesday

Hey J360 Legion, enjoying the memorial week so far?

I hope all of you are out there pushing for your goals to become completed because there’s no time like the present to get things done.  Minor set backs can be a pain (and we do have them periodically) but you should never stop trying to make moves to handle your business. There’s nothing like using each day you have to get things done and in the end that is best goal to have.   Unfortunately a lot of people think that waiting until tomorrow or the weekend is the appropriate time to finish their tasks.  However like Apollo Creed told Rocky Balboa in the 3rd movie there is no tomorrow.

Tonight’s entry is good presentation on the words “No Tomorrow” and it is a single from a new composer called “Mike Spawn.”

Never wait on any other days to achieve anything because think of all the great time you have and save when it’s all over. Not too mention preparing for the next adventure ahead.

If you’d like to hear more of Mike Spawn’s songs and support his journey. Please check out his Bandcamp link provided here.


Song Of The Night: 03/02/18 Friday Night Fever

Happy Friday Evening, J360 Legion.

Picking up from where we left off from the Thursday special there are more artists we found via the interwebs.

Plenty of great music just waiting to set the tone for tonight’s activities, and we’re going to revisit an old friend that made his appearance in a Friday Night entry as a matter of fact. He’s known as Space Invader and he’s still burning up the charts with his intergalactic outrun waves.

However we can only use one track as the rest of the iternary is entirely up to you.

So let’s get the fever started!

Tonight’s song is called “Street Traffic” by SpaceInvader..

Actually I’m going to retract the previous statement, we still need more music to set the tone so here comes another hit from Space Invader called “Escape from Reality.”

If you want to hear more of Space Invader, feel free to check out your page here.

So as you’re cruising out there beyond the neon lights and partaking in the evening’s activities don’t forget to keep those vibes set and achieve your goals.


Songs Of The Night: 03/01/18 Two for Thursday

It’s time for the Two for Thursday special J360 Legion.

We’re going to look into a different source for this entry tonight. This time from the galaxy called Bandcamp where plenty of our old friends and new ones are steadily creating new music. The vibes are pulsating with deep motion and resonance that will echo long after you read this article I bet.

Our first track tonight is called “Voyager” by Key Puncher, coming from his latest album S/T.

Our 2nd track is called “Nostalgia” by.Predator Technique, hot off of his Neon Sunglasses album.

As it often is with our music feature, this is only a taste of the musician’s best as both composers have a multitude of music in their discography. If you love the vibes and sounds from both tonight feel free to check out more from their pages via the list below.

  1. Key Puncher
  2. Predator Technique


Song Of The Night: 07/29/17 Saturday Night Swingin’ 

Hey J360 Legion

How goes the night shift? Well its going pretty well just working on getting the final batch of J-Man Episodes to the new YouTube channel.  The process is going well so far and I’m working on the programming schedule again too. While it’s been a lot of work for J360 Productions.  It’s all paying off by presenting something fresh kinda like how some of us embrace the grind in order to grant ourselves the ability to do the things we love the most.   So while it’s been a lot of effort, I can’t wait to see where the new direction will take all of us.

I’ve also been listening to best music ever created across the interwebs, and you’re in for a treat tonight.

Since Saturday night is all about swingin’ it’s time for you all to get into the groove as well.

Tonight’s song is called “Sequential Movement” by SpaceInvader .

Feel the pulse and momentum rising through you as this music pumps through your speakers or earbuds.   The Adventure continues and shout outs to Space Invader for producing this content for all of us tonight.

If you love the sounds of Space Invader, feel free to check out his Soundcloud here.

Let this track be the theme of your night, get out there and party up people.

Song Of The Night: 05/20/17 Saturday Night Swingin 

Hey J360 Legion

What’s going on tonight? Seeing Aliens, Playing games, or chilling at home? Then again why not all three after all the night is young. Now is the time to go for your nocturnal adventures and the best way is by listening to the right music for inspiration. Since I’m going to be working the night away you all will need the right vibe.

Tonight’s song is called “Outrun the Murder” by Den Turner

The resonance from this song is amazing, and you gotta wonder how long the composer has been fine-tuning this track?

If you love the sounds of Den Turner,  please check out more of their work on Soundcloud here.

Now to start putting the finishing touches on another J360 project. I’ll be back with another selection tomorrow night.

Song Of The Night: 02/20/17 Monday Night Motivation 

Hey J360 Legion

There have been some delays in the Song of The Day Feature but it doesn’t matter because we always have Song of The Night.

Let’s make it count tonight, while some of you have already met the grind today.  The night however is a different story plenty occurs during this time and there is a certain charm. Tonight can serve as a motivational time just as much as the day can. I know some of you are training in the gym, writing screenplays, and/or resting right now.  It’s still Monday and this day should be all about motivation no matter what time it is.  So let’s take advantage of what time we do have and make something happen right now.  It could be any sort of insignificant thing that will serve a platform to build from.

So let’s see what the J360 playlist has for all of us.

Tonight’s song is called by “Oslo” by MoTER.

If you love the sounds of MoTER, feel free to check out his Soundcloud here.

I’m currently in the process of adding more focus to the sci-fi story I’ve had in the works for quite some time.  I’m also working on reviving another J360 Series while I’m at it and as the music plays, I’m embracing the grind.  The best I can do is to keep carving out the best story that I can and having no more delays in the way.  The worst story or creation you can ever make is none at all so you should all remember that as you pursue your path.   The right music can aid in creating direction to your drive.  It all starts with the right mind set and the ability to be proactive in anything that you decide to do.  Day or Night, you have all the time in the world and it is up to you on how you use it so stay motivated instead of neutral.


Song Of The Day: 02/03/17 Fantastic Friday Remixes

Hey J360 Legion

Today’s a new day to work on the grind until it is the super weekend, and we’ve much to endure so that we can get to that setting.  It’s going to take motivation and dedication to get the job done. Keep in mind that Friday includes the grind but it’s also the perfect time to make a fantastic finish to the work week or a beginning if you’re a weekend worker.  Nothing to be ashamed of, and just like the pervious days we’re going to start it off with an excellent song.  So it’s time to fire up the J360 Playlist and bring in something awesome for you all to hear.  Since today is the remix day, we’re going to see what some of our friends have been up to with different renditions of great hits.

Today’s song is called “Runaway” by Late Night Alumni remixed by Kalax.

If you love the sounds of Kalax, feel free to check out his Soundcloud page here.

To listen to the original track, check out Late Night Alumni’s page here.

Sometimes you just have to break out of convention to make your life more exciting, and you’re in a time when things are risky but you have to embrace the risk and move forward on your journeys ahead.   Make it count with the grind today so you can runaway and take advantage of new opportunities.  All of us can achieve greatness when we pull ourselves out of a rut, and it’s all about how you’re able to seize the day.   So don’t just make the Friday night party count but also the work day and show how incredible your potential is.


Song Of The Day: 01/31/17 Turbo Tuesday 

Hey J360 Legion

It’s Tuesday so that means another chance to make moves if you didn’t already, and we can make this day count just the same like yesterday.  Sometimes it takes another day to come along to awaken the drive within you and that’s what this feature is all about especially as you see the sun peeking in with the right music playing.  I’ve found a great overdrive hit to keep the momentum rolling well into next week (Super-effective) although the vibe varies amongst people, this hit should unite all machinations into moving forward.  So don’t even attempt to look back or away from this SOTD.

Today’s Song is called “Escape into the Infinity” by Formless Voyager.

Fascinating track, and if you love the sounds from Formless Voyager, check out his tracks on his Soundcloud here.

It’s time to get moving and handle the tasks at hand, don’t let your mind wander anywhere else than taking chances, embracing the grind and moving forward to the life you wish to lead. This is the 2nd chance, the Turbocharged day to help you get your foot in the door and to defeat any challenges in front of you.  Let’s make this day count.