J360 Jams#19: Cosmic Storm

This week J360 Jams is shifting through Dreams and Nightmares through a process called the Cosmic Storm. We’ll be listening to over 40 different from tracks from 20 great artists and having one awesome adventure. However will we climb through this storm with our dreams intact or will our Nightmares define our fates? Come Listen!


To find out more about the artist and locate their music, please click their name as it will lead to their their direct link for your enjoyment. Please support the artists by purchasing their tracks, merch and more because more money = more magic.

Neon SweatsuitTime Zone
Neon Sweatsuit Sweaty Pants Sweaty Dance
FirkensteinNeural Interference
FirkensteinMore Oiled than Diesel Train
Elevate The Sky Ft. Oceanside85Moving In The Shadows
Oceanside85 ft. Black NebulaI’ve Been Waiting For You
Survey ChannelAqualanes
Survey Channel Fexion Customs
WholefoodDungeon Crawler
WholefoodChocolate Hostage
Acid ArcadeRemember
Acid ArcadeParadise
Maestro EternalCurio
Maestro EternalEquuleus
ItsTheDreamChaserConstellation Scavengers
ItsTheDreamChaserLove Throughout The Great Void Above
Star MadmanOnce Upon Your Dream
Star MadmanWisdom
SpaceForceSpaceForce Anthem
SpaceForceRecord Of A Spaceborn
Synthwave JunkieGalactic Loop
Synthwave Junkie Cosmic
TopherThank God It’s Mittwoch!
Blake CarpenterHeads up
Blake CarpenterBefore Doomsday
EtherdriveThe Paradise We Lost
Chorus1986Another Day in Paradise
Chorus1986Gemini (Feat. Tarot Blood)
Dark83The Abyss
Dark83Dark Replicant
Dimi KayeShadow Run
Dimi KayeSunset Riders
CpektirYou don’t care to hear until you listen
CpektirYou’re alone while everyone makes babies
Future HolotapePurple Acid Factory
Future HolotapeCloak and Dagger
Final ShiftUprising
Final ShiftThe Corrupted Advance
Luck DragonHot Wires
Luck Dragon You Cruise You Lose
MoonmournerWar Machine
MoonmournerThe Witch’s Lair
ATC /Celestial Molliwop The Expedition (Celestial Molliwop Remix)
Celestial Molliwop Boiblixatiom 319

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J360 Jams#4: Bring On The Night!

Welcome back to J360 Jams#4, where it’s all about the night life and the vibes that each song gives detailing how things go. From going clubbing to driving around, and causing mischief or just living it up until the sun rises.

Things are bound to get interesting especially with what’s happening with the playlist today.

If you love what you’re hearing tonight please support the original artist’s work by checking out their bandcamp pages and purchasing their songs.


1)The Calm Before The StormDimi Kaye
2)Pedal To The MetalDimi Kaye
3)A Light In The DarkRobert Parker, Double Day
4)LazerstepRobert Parker
5)This is The NightOceanside 85, Sellorekt/la Dreams
6)I’ve Been Waiting for YouOceanside85, Nebula Black
7)Scream To The MoonFuture Holotape
8)The DiscotechFuture Holotape
9)Of Steel and StoneMeteor
10)Our Dark SideMeteor
11)Active AggressionStraplocked
12)Get AwayStraplocked
13)Phantom Turboslash
14)Power ControlTurboslash
15)Endless ExpanseDreddbeat (Toys In The Attic)
16)Where Giants SleepDreddbeat (Toys in the Attic)

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Song Of The Night 09/18/18 Turbo Tuesday

Hey J360 Legion

We’re going to do something a little different tonight, I’m letting our indie musicians chill out a bit to create something awesome while presenting something inspirational to ignite something in you all.

Sometimes when things get tough we need a “fight song” to keep pushing us forward and since I’ve been listening to some great stuff from other forms of media such as Video Games.  It’s time for that Turbo Tuesday motivation to kick in so we can get some work done!

Tonight’s song is made by legendary creator Mick Gordon (composer of the 2016 DOOM Soundtrack) feat. Omega Sparx and it’s one of the baddest tracks from the Killer Instinct soundtrack for TJ Combo called “Back to Rise!”

This song has hype written all over it, and just by listening to the greatness I’m ready to get some much needed projects out of the way.

If you love the sounds of Mick Gordon, feel free to check out his YouTube Channel here and show your support.  If you want to see what Omega Sparx is up to you can check out his page here.


Song Of The Night 09/03/18 Monday Night Motivation

Hey J360 Legion

How’s Monday going for you all? I hope well as we’ve got a lot to look into as we’re moving through the grind week.

I want you all to remember as we go through this scenerio time and again that in order to achieve all that you want in life. You do have to put some effort into your passion and goals.  We’ve got plenty to strive for and if you feel as though words aren’t enough we can always listen to the sweet sounds provided to us from our friends on the indie music scene.

The grind can be overbearing and annoying at times but sometimes you just have to keep pushing like it’s the end of days just to make realization out of your goals.  Ironically I know of something that can get you pushing for your goals made by a great composer known as Johnny Rehab, and we’re going to listen to his song “Woken.”

Since this is Johnny’s debut on our page, I would like to call for an encore and that means we’re going to listen to another track.

This song is the title track from his latest album “End of Days.”

I think Johnny Rehab has a strong foundation in the Music scene don’t you?

If you agree, feel free to show him some support and love on his bandcamp page here.

We’ve got more to look into as the week rolls out so don’t let the Monday blues get you down J360 Legion.

Stay up and follow along for the next level awaits.


Song Of The Night: 07/22/18 Sunday Night Chillout 

Hey J360 Legion

Welcome to another Sunday evening, since we have a busy week ahead of us for the workday grind. You’re in for a real treat tonight as a I found another new composer to make his debut on this feature.  Using the J360 Playlist we’re crusing into the galaxy of Fractal Man and hearing two of his greatest tracks (so far).

The first track is called “Opening Of The Gate.”

I love the lovecraftian vibes in this song, it kinda makes you think the ancient ones were coming back into this realm to do some serious damage after some unwitting fool opened the celestial gates.

However for something more soothing for the theme of tonight’s feature is the next song called “Sunrise, Sunset.”

Indeed a lot of us have important things to do in our lifetime but sometimes just to sit back and listen to some sweet sounds is enough payment for our trying times.  Fractal Man’s work is an instant classic and he has plenty more tracks to listen to if you enjoyed these two songs.

If you would like to check out more of Fractal Man’s work  and show your support, feel free to look here.

Song Of The Night: 07/16/18 Monday Night Motivation

Hey J360 Legion

I know some of you have been pushing yourselves to handling goals and tasks you have for yourselves today.   No one in this group ever complains about Monday being such a burden, you must accept it as a day to start anew and try to climb up every mountain or rocky road that is in your way.   It’s a day that we all have to endure so remember that even if you were to be tired of everything, you’re not going through Monday alone.

Sometimes the best song can make the world of difference, so let’s just take a chance regardless of the time of day or night.

Tonight’s song is called “Nobody Lives Forever” by Max Overdrive 1986.

True to form that none of us will live forever, so we have to push ourselves forward to do the best we can in achieving as much as possible in one life.  Let each day be a gift to you and utilize them to finish the things you started (Like a novel, a script, a song, and a movie).  It all requires effort on the part of you and whomever else follows you just like the band who created this song did.

If you love the sounds and rhythm represented by Max Overdrive and would like to hear more, feel free to check out their page here.

Song Of The Night: 07/14/18 Saturday Night Jam

Hey J360 Legion

Sorry about the blank post earlier I got swamped with some tasks but that’s why I always have a replacement handy.  We’re going to make tonight’s entry a Song of The Night feature and the J360 Playlist has provided an excellent one to hear tonight.

Tonight’s song is called “Flare” by Jasper De Ceuster

Since it is Mr. De Ceuster’s debut on this feature, let’s enjoy another song of his called “Dusk.”

Two very calming song to get through the events of the night, and a very inspirational song for those who need to hear something deep. Mr. De Ceuster also has a very detailed discography on Bandcamp as well if you’d like to hear more. Please show your support to his dream and check out his page here.

Enjoy your evening J360 Legion and we’ll be back with another entry tomorrow.

Song Of The Night: 07/10/18 Turbo Tuesday

Hey J360 Legion

Time to continue moving forward on our pathway by listening to more great music that independent creatives have to offer.   I found someone new to provide tonight’s entertainment using the playlist to focus on some outrun vibes.  This composer doesn’t stick to one genre or subsection in the synthwave music and maintains his unique sound as he builds his craft.   So this is the perfect time to lock into how far he’s moving with his journey and in hopes it will continue to grow and may inspire you other creatives out there.

Tonight’s track is called “Turn left” by Inexdra.

Since this is his debut on the Song of The Night feature, it’s best to submit two tracks from him so that you may get a feel for his skill set.

The next track is called “Parable.”

Great tracks eh? If you want to hear more music from Inexdra, feel free to listen and support his journey via Soundcloud here.

Song Of The Night: 06/04/18 Monday Night Motivation

Hey J360 Legion

Time to focus on another grind week, and the best time to get started is right now in the present.   Since I’m still on the Night Shift in terms of content delivery I managed to locate some new songs for us to hear for the entire week.

You should have motivation to get you started but the disciplince to maintain your course.   So while it feels tough to stop and go from Sunday to Monday especially witht he mindset of the majority having negative connotations for Monday.   It’s the perfect time to break from the chain and listen to a song to get you pumped or inspire you for the next level.

Considering how limitless the potential in all of you are, and the strength of the content presented.  The next level might just reveal itself to you in the song we have in the line up this evening.

Tonight’s track is called “Echoes from Space” by Stranger Voices.

It would be an injustice to enjoy one song from this upcoming talent, so let’s listen to a bonus track called “The Impact.” Which is what you should also strive for to making yourself known or to push yourself into a better lifestyle if you aren’t content.

Two excellent tracks and it turns out that he has more in his line-up to enjoy.

If you like the vibes from Stranger Voices so far, feel free to support his journey by checking out his music page here.