Song Of The Day: 01/16/17 Monday Motivation  

Hey J360 Legion

Just when you thought I wasn’t going to haunt your mornings anymore, well you were wrong!

I’m back on the AM Shift (for now) so it’s time to make the grooves come to life again and bring that inspiration and motivation back to full circle.  It’s Monday again so you know the drill, no complaints (Unless you’re a Dallas fan) and it’s time to keep moving forward so that we can achieve our dreams in this epic quest we call “life”.  So no moping around and doing the Garfield thing by hating Monday.   Let’s try to be friends with it by listening to a Song Of The Day instead.

Today’s track is called “Prime Time” by Tape Loader and Phatt Rok Ski.

Wooo…love this track, it’s just right for a new mindset, and getting efforts into play. If you love the sounds of Tape Loader and Phatt Rok Ski, feel free to follow their Soundcloud below.

Tape Loader

Phatt Rok Ski (He doesn’t have a Soundcloud yet, so if anyone knows where he is, please let me know so I can link him.)

Let’s breakdance and get through this Monday while handling our business and get things together.  Whether it’s bringing unity in the nation or causing the people to flow to our many unique vibes and grooves through the powerful messages we have to say.  Let’s do what we gotta do to make things better for us, the people we love, and why not everybody that wants to make the change.  It’s up to us to “Make The World a Better Place” than officials out there who want to keep us down.

So let’s make things happen J360 Legion!

Song Of The Day: 11/27/16 Sunday Chillout

Hey J360 Legion

It’s time for another Song of the Day, and we’re going to be all about chilling out for Sunday.  Now unlike the other days of the week, it can be a mix bag of different genres and artists for the role of Today’s chill out song to help get us started for today’s challenges, and tomorrow’s adventures.   We’ve got a lot on our agenda to handle as people working, striving, and motivated throughout our lives and remaining on task.   So Sunday should function as a day of preparedness and to reacquire the focus you may have lost along the way.  I know the holiday kinda had me out of spades for a  bit what with turkey-itus, and taking a little time off to focus on my studies.  Sunday’s song should be all about re-finding that focus and keeping your objective clear.

Today’s track is called “Closer” by Frankmusik, and remixed by another synthwave artist called Kalax.

If you love the sounds of Frankmusik, feel free to follow his Soundcloud here.

If you love Kalax’s sounds, feel free to follow his Soundcloud here.

Even if things seem a bit off-balance, and off-kilter for you, never doubt yourself or forget the importance of your goals.  Pull yourself up from the ground and keep fighting for what you believe is right, and make yourself come “closer” to your goals.   It’ll be surreal, and sublime what you can accomplish through your patience, daily strives, and remaning on top of yourself.  Never stop for anyone, especially if you’re making a difference in your own or others lives. You never know who you may be an inspiration to, and if you’re highly invested in your journey, people will follow you.

Song Of The Day: 11/07/16 Monday Motivation

Hey J360 Legion

Let’s do it big, we have another weekly grind  and we need to face it head on. We’ve got nothing to lose as the adventure begin anew but first let’s start the day right with an awesome song. We’ve got a world to build, stories to make, and plenty of hurdles to leap over in order to make things come true.  We should hear something to ignite that engine, to get things rolling to where we can go and I think the music for today should do us justice. I took a good look at the playlist and found something amazing on the line-up.

Today’s track is called  “Pedal to the Metal.” by Lazerhawk

(Video is shared courtesy of NewRetroWave)

If you love the sounds of Lazerhawk, feel free to check out his Soundcloud here.

Don’t have a case of the “Mondays”, make Monday into a different party day as it’s all about taking control and putting time into your grind.  Let today be all about the journey, a time to start anew and fight for your place in the world. Strap on the gloves because it’s time for another bout, and remember there are no quitters in J360 Productions or its Legion.  Let’s handle it and let your determination become your motivation and have it guide you to success.


Song Of The Day: 10/17/16 Back to the Grind/Motivation Monday

Hey J360 Legion

Welcome back to the Weekly grind but don’t feel bad about Monday, this is the start of a new rise, and a new grind to embrace. You should be able to coast through it just fine with help from a Song of the Day. Now since you had some cool tunes to hear over the weekend, you’ll need something to slowly brew yet quickly pulse like the morning coffee flowing through your veins.

Today’s track is called “Bounce is Back” by Skylar Spence (Formerly Saint Pepsi).

(Video shared courtesy of Electronic Gems)

If you enjoyed the sounds of Skylar Spence, feel free to check out his soundcloud here.

Let this song inspire you and use this day to make a difference.

It’s time to get started on handling some new business this week.

Song of the Day: 08/09/16

It’s Tuesday and it’s the best time to make another impact on the industry because you already used Monday as a great starting point right? (I hope you did).

Muhammad Ali.jpg

Today’s Song Of The Day is in honor of The Greatest himself, and we should all train and aspire to be as great as him as we go through our day to day challenges.

Let’s go be heroes today so we can be legends tomorrow.