Song Of The Night 06/09/2021 (Jammaversary Mode!): Martyrday by Etherdrive

Happy Jammaversary!! J360 Legion!!

Come gather around for a flashy hot track that’s been released today from an old friend of mines called Etherdrive. Welcome to the world of Martyrday.

Filled with a catchy arrangement and smooth guitar solos, you do not want to miss out on this one. From what I can tell Etherdrive has plenty of awesome things coming together from his side of the lab and it’s always an enjoyment to hear when he has something new for us.

Ever since I heard met Etherdrive from Threadmill’s recommendation and heard his debut on Jams. This young man has proven time and time again that he’s a musical genius and that this is only the beginning of great things from him.

Keep up the good work brother and don’t forget Jam Fam Forever!!

If you like what you’re hearing tonight, please check out Etherdrive’s bandcamp link below and show your support.

Etherdrive Links

Bandcamp: Https://

Social Media (J360 Productions)

Twitter: @j360productions


J’s Playlist: Anniversary Edition! 11/17/17

A Playlist compiled with some of the finest tracks in the Synthwave/Retrowave Movement created by brilliant musicians that help inspire me to create content for J360 Productions. Some of these songs were featured on the Song of the day/night articles via the J360 Website.

I would like to thank each every single artist presented in this listing as you all are more inspirational then you know and you’ve helped me out many a time through your art. For those that didn’t make the list I plan on doing this annually so no worries.

For those out there in the J360 Legion, feel free to show each musician love and support by visiting their pages and listening to more of their awesome work.

It’s been an amazing year producing the J-Man Show, and I plan on going for another round as long as you all keep making excellent music. Let’s do this!

Song Of The Night: 09/06/17 Wildcard Wednesday 

Keeping the train moving along as we make it through the 4-day grind week, Legion.

I have great news for you all, the J360 Radio shows are ok to start production again. The J-Man Show is coming back tomorrow night and The Cyclone is returning later this week too. So we’ve won a victory against this black out.  I know things have been a bit quiet but the best thing we can do is start again and I want to thank all of you for being patient.

Since it’s Wildcard Wednesday I’ve set the J360 Playlist to random in order to find the best track to represent today’s vibes and I think we managed to stumble upon a great one.

The track tonight  is called “Changing” by Self Eldin Hamed.

It never hurts to go to some old school house music, and chill out to the club vibes for a little bit.  The best part of Wild Wednesdays are when you find new artists creating stellar compositions like this one.  This is only the tip of the iceberg from Mr. Hamed so if you love what you’re hearing, feel free to check out his page here.

Song Of The Day: 11/16/16 Wild Wednesday 

Hey J360 Legion

We’re just creeping through this week aren’t we?

We sped past September and October but November really wants us to take in the sights. It’s all good, I’m planning on making the most out of this day by getting some more photographs and doing a bit of editing from the radio show yesterday.

I hope you are all making more efforts as well. If you need some added help well here comes your song of the day. Now you may noticed I started off this article  with randomness. It’s due to the theme of the day, the grind week is almost over so you should be a little wild. A random song for a wildcard day, and the beats from this track will make for something awesome to listen to, and I think it may cause give you that boost you’ll need to handle your grind.  We’re taking a break from Synthwave and going onto another form of electro music, we’re back to the dance clubs listening to some mixing and scratching with  plenty of bass.

Today track is called “Lighta” (Frazah Remix) by Kaishi and mastered by Articulate Sound.

If you love the sounds of Kaishi, check out her Soundcloud here.

Sometimes the best thing you can do in order to keep pushing on your grind, is to make it exciting  by thinking of random things.  For example I tend to think of my grind as a nightclub pulsating with beats for me to dance too.  Listening to my friend’s mixes here just adds to the fun and keeps me going strong as I clock in and knock it all out.   You should try to turn your grind into the best adventure you can. It will be tough and can be tedious but never be buried by it, always keep embracing and pushing for the best you can be.

Song Of The Day: 11/11/16 Friday Remixes 

Hey J360 Legion

Happy Veteran’s Day to all of those who served and their families.

Thanks for everything!

We’ve got much to do today because remember Friday includes the grind but don’t let that stop you from working on your self improvement.   Besides we got a good Song Of The Day locked in to get us started in our motivation. As I was looking through the playlist, I wondered who could make the cut this week?

It’ll have to be someone witty, sharp, knows his material, and can find a way to evolve that sound to unbelievable proportions…

Hmmm… who could it be?

(I got the perfect arrangement for you all, I just wanted to build a little suspense for the morning.)

We’re going to the future this time!

This song is called “Open House” by Robo Drop

If you love the sounds of Robo Drop, feel free to check out his Soundcloud here.

The man is a master of his craft eh? Such an original style and the beat’s enough for me to handle my goals with ease today.   Let it get you marching in stride as you handle your grind today, ladies and gentlemen.  Remember no embracing in the hate try to rise from all of the problems that have happened around you recently.  You still have an important life to live with bigger decisions ahead, never forget that you do matter.


Songs of the Day: 09/29/16 Two for Thursday 

Hey J360 Legion

How are you all doing this fine day, the weekend is almost in our grasps we just have to get through the fourth day of the week.  For some Thursday is a bit of a voided day, and there are others that don’t know how to categorize it.  For us at J360 Productions however we attempt to keep it interesting as a way to change things up.

For example, why go for just one song of the day when you can have two?

So consider this little experiment: Two for Thursday!

Where you get to listen to two tracks shared by us, and courtesy of the great composers who made them.

Today we’ll be listening to two fine examples of Electro-Swing and Synthwave.

First up we have “That’s Right” from Swingrowers, remixed by Jamie Berry.

If you like the sounds from Swingrowers check out more of their work via this link, and  Jamie Berry’s soundcloud.

From the Synthwave selection we have “Hot Pursuit” by Epsen Kraft.

If you’ve enjoyed Epsen Kraft’s work, feel free to check out his link as well.

Don’t let your Thursday go to waste, keep pushing yourself further, live for every day you have and make it epic.