Song Of The Night: 07/26/17 Wildcard Wednesday 

Hey J360 Legion

It’s Wednesday Night, the vibes are calling and it’s time to answer the message.

I hope all of you are out there pursuing your goals as you embrace the grind. I’m over here keeping things steady on the night shift tonight by putting together something special for you Cyclone Fans tomorrow and making sure our properties are coming to the new YouTube channel.

If you aren’t feeling at your best as fatigue can get the better of us then it’s time for you to feel anew by listening to amazing music.  You’re in for a treat because a good associate of ours has created a powerful track to build the excitement you need.

Tonight’s track is a new single called “Forever War” by Meteor.

The Universe is ever expansive and we get out of it by what we build inside of it.

Let the vibes from this track inspire you to do great things and if you love the sounds of Meteor, feel free to check out more of his music here.

It will always take a lot of your will in order to make things process and work in your favor, so don’t let fatigue get to you.

Rest up and start fresh tomorrow

Songs Of The Night: 07/20/17 Two for Thursday 

Hey J360 Legion

Ready to go for doubles, we have two hit songs to share with all of you tonight, and the vibe is calling for some excellent music to be spread through the airwaves.   We’re also going to introduce you to the sounds of a new musician and show you what an old friend of ours has been up to with his latest album.

I managed to stumble upon our first composer after uploading the latest J-Man Episode. So far it looks like he has one EP on his page but plenty of singles added to his discography and by the way his music sounds, he’s no amateur to the synth riffs.   He is known as Gyan Rosling and this track comes from his EP known as Decadence.

The first track is called “Influx” By Gyan Rosling.

We must all keep our ears open for what Mr. Rosling will create next because the entire EP is pretty good.

Next up is a man whose discography has been featured frequently on our Song Of The Day entries.  The man known as Meteor and he’s created a new album called “Inner Demon.”  Which the title alone serves perfectly for tonight’s vibe but since we can only listen to one track we’ll listen to the vibes of an action soundtrack.

The 2nd track is called “Shoot em up.” by Meteor.

Wonderful riffs and great hits from Meteor again, if you ever get a chance take a good listen to his “Inner Demon” Album.  It won’t disappoint you at all.

If you would like to hear more from both composers, feel free to check out their webpages below.

  1. Gyan Rosling
  2. Meteor

I’ve much more to work on but now that I’ve heard these excellent tracks, I think I’m able to comb through the rest of the grind.

Until next time Legion, laters.

Songs Of The Night: 06/03/17 Saturday Night Swingin’

Hey J360 Legion

It’s Saturday Night, and before the PowerPlay lands tonight what’s say we set the mood with sone happening grooves?

I know there wasn’t an entry this Friday but you’re in luck cause tonight is a double special too.  Plenty of excellent content to hear tonight with a bit of Dark Synthwave.

Our first track tonight is “Murder at the Arcade” from Vulta ft Tablation.

If you’d like to hear more content from Vulta, his latest album Sigils is available now for listening.

Our 2nd track is “Our Dark Side” from Meteor.

This track is hot off of his latest album “Inner Demon” which you should all look into sometime as it’s perfect to help you through the long nights.

Please show love to the artists of the evening, their Soundcloud pages are provided in the list below.

  1. Vulta
  2. Tablation
  3. Meteor

Great tracks to prepare for the night and since it’s about 9pm, it’s almost showtime so for some of you that aren’t going out tonight see you on the PowerPlay.