Project Conference#6: Interview with Marina Anselmo

Uniting the Tribe is getting better all the time. Let’s go for Episode 6 as J-Man meets up with and interviews the wonderful Marina Anselmo. We will learn about her story and the creation of her album called Dew. Lots of stories to be told as each composition enriches the spirit, and soothes the heart. Let’s get to know more about Marina Anselmo, listen to her music, and find out what she’ll create next.



J.M.Brady as himself

Marina Anselmo as Herself

Music Videos or Tracks

Arp – Marina Anselmo

silentMarch – Marina Anselmo

coitus – Marina Anselmo

dew – Marina Anselmo

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Song Of The Night 01/08/23

Yo! J360 Legion

It’s time for night vibes and after the success of Jams#60, someone needs a special encore to help bring about some magic for the night. Since this is the next Song Of The Night entry we’re going to give a spotlight to someone special.

Today’s track is called “Sonnetfalls” by Marina Anselmo. 

This track is hot off of Marina Anselmo’s album called “Dew.” Each song hits a particular vibe in the soul, and it is definitely a high recommendation from J360 Radio.

Song Of The Day will exist throughout the week whereas Song Of The Night will exist throughout the weekend and both are exclusive to the J360 Productions website.

If you like Marina Anselmo’s vibes, check out her page here

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