The J-Man Show#189: Love Wins? But it’s a Battlefield

This week J handles a romantic based episode discussing how Love does win but it can require a bit of work, and it’s a great comedy of errors. However sometimes people need to understand how to laugh at it and about it while trying to pursue it. Plenty of snarkiness and smart-aleck behavior this time but hey, it’s a J-Man Special. He will even bust up some stereotypes and discuss how outside forces or even social media can influence our behaviors on love, lust, and insanity.

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The J-Man Show#138: V-Day’s Revenge

Oh snap Valentine’s Day is upon us, and it’s gained weekend status (sorta). No worries tho J will help you through it all by discussing a few things you could do, and improve your dating life a bit.

Keep in mind, J runs on NFG, and results vary!

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The J-Man Show#11: J’s Valentine Adventure (Explicit)

After reading numerous E-Cards and memes shaming Valentine’s Day. J decides to tackle the dating atmosphere, and describe why you shouldn’t hate Valentine’s Day due to your lackluster point of views. He also takes a look at multiple different archetypes in the dating game, and provides hope for those who are having a hard time in the game of love.

Production Notes: you may hear the sounds of a heater in the background but it’s still a good episode.

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Songs Of The Day: 11/03/16 Two for Thursday

Hey J360 Legion

It’s time for a double impact of music, bring on Two for Thursdays!

We’ve got two excellent pieces to share to you all today and as we all know the weekend is just around the horizon this is perfect for all of you who need that extra boost in tackling your grind. I think we’ll need something that has the right rhythm, deep bass, high synth, or something really adventurous to get your motivational high.  The Adventure will always continue for you until stop wearing your armor or hang up your sword. I’m in always in the middle of an adventure similar to Mad Max or Blade Runner depending on my mood but that’s how I look at the world sometimes (haha).

Speaking of high adventure, let’s bring the music.

Our first track comes from Magic Sword and it’s called “Only Way In.”

If you love the sounds of Magic Sword, feel free to check out his Soundcloud here.

The pursuit of love can be an adventure as well and this next track is so smooth, it has to be heard today.

The 2nd track is called “Rabbit in the Headlights” from Michael Oakley

(Video shared courtesy of New Retro Wave)

If you love the sounds of Michael Oakley, feel free to check out his Facebook Page here.

Let these songs guide you into pursuing an action that you know must be done.Let your actions dictate who you are and bring in results. Idleness and fear won’t bring the lifestyle or dreams you wish to pursue, allow yourself to learn from the ropes, and pull yourself up.  This is your adventure make sure it’s a well written one and take it one step at a time but proactive about it every step of the way.